What … Little Bobby Keeley’s Not Invited To Little League Event?

Nothing like a Memorial Day weekend for a mayor to cut ribbons, salute the little league, meet the peeps and point out neighborhood progress. Such will be the case Saturday morning at Ellsworth Field in Black Rock where several city officials will join Mayor Bill Finch. Former State Rep. Bob Keeley, knocked off in a Democratic primary in 2008 by Auden Grogins, the Blonde Banshee from Black Rock, helped land the dough to improve Ellsworth Field. He’s not invited to the Saturday dedication? To the victors go the spoils. Oh well. From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Finch, Little League Officials to Celebrate ElIsworth Field Improvements 

WHAT: Ellsworth Field, which serves as the home of Black Rock Little League, recently received nearly $600,000 worth of renovations including an improved concession area with bathrooms, a playground, a new splash pad and security lights.

To celebrate these new improvements, Mayor Bill Finch will join Sarsfield Ford, President of Black Rock Little League, and other community leaders in a ribbon cutting ceremony to be held on Saturday, May 28 at 10 a.m.

In addition to the ribbon cutting, the ceremony will also recognize those who helped on the project including: State Rep. Auden Grogins, City Council members Susan Brannelly and Martin McCarthy, members of the Black Rock Community Council, Black Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ), and Concrete Creations, the contractor on the project.

Black Rock’s Junior Softball Team which won the 2010 District II and Section I championships and were State Runner-ups will be honored at the event, as well as the NCAA Tournament-bound Sacred Heart baseball team.

The project cost $589,109.07, with $500,000 of that total paid for by a grant to the City from the state of Connecticut.

WHERE: Ellsworth Field (Intersection of Ellsworth and Brewster Streets) , Bridgeport, CT

WHEN: 10 a.m., Saturday, May 28, 2011



  1. Bob Keeley set down three lines of prose in 2006-07 CT bonding process relative to improvements at Ellsworth Field (with no mention of Little League) and brought $500,000 of money to the City. No real specifications. No general plans, just suggestions as to lighting, etc. …
    So the Little League now has indoor plumbing for its season, storage for equipment, and a snack bar I guess. And according to these numbers, the project could not be accomplished within the $500,000 from the State? Incredible how decision making occurs. Tennis anyone? Shoot some hoops? Bocce? The neighbors have not been 100% behind the effort.
    Blessings on the baseball and softball activities for youth. When they grow up, they will need to be strong to repay the Federal, State and City debt that occurs when you can execute your own ideas and concepts with other people’s money, without their specific knowledge or approval. By the way Tim Geithner let us know we have hit the Federal debt ceiling, so even the Feds have found another closet to store deferred bills like pensions, etc. that cannot be paid today with revenues. And you ask … when will it end?

  2. BEACON2–this is another example of a “feel good” moment for BPT we will be paying for 20 years from now. The next mayor needs to be focused on growth, not illusions of normalcy. We don’t need ribbon cutting & tree planting for BPT. This is equivalent to throwing confetti at a funeral.


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