Welcome To The Jungle: OIB 10th Anniversary Party, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, May 23

Take a ride on the carousel.

Okay, time to mark your calendars, Wednesday, May 23, 5-7 pm for the OIB 10th anniversary party at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. The theme? “Welcome To The Jungle.” What else could it be for a political site?  This is a wild political season so time to get our wild on at the zoo. Poise your safari attire!

The zoo’s genial Director Gregg Dancho is opening up the exquisite Carousel building for us. We’ll provide food and refreshments, rides on the operational carousel, a few friendly critters and the best political gossip on the planet. Ya just never know who’ll show up at an OIB party, especially this one right after the respective state party conventions for governor and other state constitutional offices.

When you arrive at the zoo gate tell them you’re there for the OIB party and head on over to the Carousel building next to the tiger exhibit. You’re welcome to come sooner and take in the zoo grounds, keep in mind most of the animals are pulled in for the evening between 3:30 and 4 pm. Inside the Carousel you’ll appreciate the preserved Pleasure Beach carousel horses that ring the building.

So grab your neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives. Head over to the zoo and help celebrate 10 years of OIB.



  1. Just slip out the back, Jack, make a new plan, Stan
    Don’t need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me
    Hop on the bus, Gus, don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free…

  2. (rubbing my hands) The Zoo is my natural habitat. I might be the wildest one there. Never to be outdone, I will have my squadron of drones circling overhead, lest some blogger “escape their cage or slip their leash”.
    It’ll be like Halloween to me.

  3. Better order a couple platters of finger sandwiches to satisfy the glutonous urges of any DTC members that may attend. Don’t forget the brownies.

  4. Great idea for this year’s OIB party! Looking forward to this! (Too bad there won’t be any real elephants or mules to provide cover for the candidates in attendance… The snakes and peacocks will have to do…)

  5. Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day
    You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play
    If you hunger for what you see you’ll take it eventually
    You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me…


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