Weekend Read: The Trump Federal Indictment Re Classified Records

My former boss will try to leverage all his legal recourse to delay a trial in anticipation of winning the presidency once again. Then, controlling the Justice Department, he can order it gone with a wave of a hand.

He can’t do that regarding state charges, one already in play for hush-money business rigging and possibly another from Georgia for alleged manipulation of the 2020 election results.

How will this play out in the presidential primary process in 2024? Trump’s loyal base will likely harden on his behalf as he casts himself a victim of government harassment. Leading primary opponents at some point will argue who is best positioned to win a general election hoping to pry lose enough support with Trump mired in legal woes.

The surreality continues.

See excerpt from indictment, full charges here




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  1. Lots of lies while President. And so it goes as time tells.
    Lots of boxes, with paper that have facts about lives, and plans, and positions, that even in 2016 seemed worthy of safety, security, and protection.
    So many boxes that you would likely need a librarian to organize, at a minimum, and a strong valet, to place them where you instruct. Does this man have the back of anyone else who work for the people of the US in varied employment?
    Perhaps if he had enunciated the values of the Founders and the policy which governed his actions as President, and the beliefs of so many of his party? But he did not. His mode was attack. Still is. Ignominy and shame? Read the words. His words will handcuff his defense for certain. Time will tell.


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