Waterfront Master Plan On City Council Agenda

The Office of Planning and Economic Development is scheduled to present its waterfront master plan to the City Council Monday night, according to the City Council agenda here.

Also on the agenda that will be referred to committee is a “Communication from Mayor re: Proposed Five-Year Capital Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2022, referred to Budget & Appropriations Committee.”

Two speakers are signed up to address “Sanctuary City” and former State Rep. Bob Keeley, who’s making noise about building coalitions for City Council challenges this election cycle, is signed up to speak about Keeley “101.” Keeley-speak from the mischievous ex-legislator can be an acquired taste, but titillating.

Mayor Joe Ganim the first week of April will submit his proposed spending plan to the City Council for the budget year starting July 1. It will be referred to the Budget and Appropriations committee where a majority of the review work is done.



  1. Some significant items on the agenda.
    The waterfront master plan is one residents have had input to. It has been addressed before back when I was on the city council along with the establishment of the port authority. The intent was to restrict development along the harbor and shore to waterborne-related uses, not retail store operations, for example.

    The two people speaking on ‘sanctuary cities’ gave their address as 850 State Street, which is a storefront now used by ‘Make The Road CT’ one of the groups organizing protest rallies. Transparency? I also checked the Sec of State business filings and find no record of a ‘Make The Road CT.’

  2. Here we go again, the waterfront subject is on the table again.

    Unless there is going to be a serious discussion on dredging, don’t bother. Unless there is dredging Bridgeport can’t say it has a deep-water port. Nothing is going to happen until the harbor is at the proper depth.

    Say the dredging gets done, what is the next phase?

    I looked up the land records for 850 State Street.

    It is owned by someone who lives in Southport. It is called State Street LLC.

  3. Thank you all for your condolences for my loss in this forum and via email. It means a lot to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate your concerns. Thanks again.


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