‘The Smell…The Mold’ – Watch: School Leader Spotlights Need To Transform Antiquated Buildings

OIB friend Steve Krauchick, the intrepid host of Doing It Local, shadowed Director of Facilities Jorge Garcia and school chief Carmela Levy-David as she makes her case for closure of six city schools and implement modern amenities.

From Krauchick:

Targeting Outdated Structures

The focus is on the aging Bridgeport Learning Center (BLC), built in 1895. Garcia and Levy-David address the urgent need for change in a historic space intended for 400 students, now housing only 47, presenting challenges with outdated facilities and disruptive environments.

Strategic School Closures

The plan involves closing six underperforming schools, including BLC, Edison Elementary, Hall Elementary, Dunbar Elementary, Cross Elementary, and Bryant. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to repurpose Dunbar and Cross for specialized instruction, promising a more modern and adaptive learning experience.

Environmental Upgrades

Acknowledging the impact of climate change, the district is committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities with consistent temperatures for optimal year-round learning.

Parental Concerns

Understanding parental concerns about the transition, the district is actively working on solutions. This includes allocating space in nearby facilities, providing transportation for students over a mile away, and ensuring smaller student-teacher ratios for a more personalized educational journey.

Community Engagement

Bridgeport residents, it’s time to unite for our students. This ambitious initiative aims to provide not just an upgrade but a complete transformation, ensuring modernized education and optimal learning environments.


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