1. Only three school board members showed up last night. John Weldon,Sybll Allen, and myself. Only John Weldon and myself spoke. I believe Joseph Sokolovic indicated he had been I’ll for a few days.

    Our Vice-Chair/Finance Chair Jessica Martinez did not attend, Hernan Illingworth has not attended a single public hearing, Joseph Lombard did not attend. Lamar Kennedy did not attend. Chris Taylor has not attended a single board meeting.since April 8, 2019 and has not attended a single Public Hearing. Lamar Kennedy did not attend last night’s public hearing.

    I am so tired of elected officials not fulfilling their most basic responsibility which is showing up.

    If our students had the same attendance as some of our school board members they would receive an automatic failing grade.

    1. Maria I really feel for you. You are like a battering ram for what you believe in-And whether others agree with you or your style, or not, no one in the entire city is as tenacious as you are for fighting for what you believe is right.
      No one in the city fights for ANY cause the way you do.
      And yet nobody else seems to care or do anything about anything.
      Whether it’s voter fraud, corruption, residency violations, mismanagement in general, or appointed and elected members not showing up, life in Bridgeport goes on without a whimper.
      That’s why….as we all know, Bridgeport is the way it is and is viewed by others: a corrupt city that outsiders will stay away from.


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