1. America in black and white, remember last summer during the Black Lives Matter protest law enforsement officiers had no problem beating and arrestnig BLM supporters but this sedition terrorist are being allowed to hang around and they are not being arrested, only in America bought to you by 45.

      1. Lennie, you mean Ron’s black and blue finger nails? His hammer just keeps missing the nail. What’s with exaggerations in describing the protesters as terrorists and the event as a coup? I saw trespassing mostly. Lots of them showing and lifting their hands. Where was the molotov cocktails, exploting devices, rock throwing galore, and the good old spray painting. No looting of the fine art and portraits? Where was the NRA members with their assault weapons? Trespassing and causing a disturbance in no good reason to shoot anyone. How many people have scaled the White House Fence and not get shot?

        1. You are a blind fool.
          Where were the Molotov Cocktails?????
          They were found loaded in a van outside the Capitol
          Bombs were also found
          4 are dead.

          It was an insurrection, a failed coup instigated by that piece of Shit Trump.
          It is time to imprison Trump, the mob who stormed the Capitol and start Sedition trials,

          AND, the DEFUND the Capitol Police who stood by and let these white supremacist, thugs storm the place.

          Let’t Deport Ted Crioz to the country of his birth, he’s no American.

          1. What should one expect when on the videos one can see that security was insufficient. Sadly a woman who served her country was shot and killed. I believed the other 3 died due to respiratory issues. It could be the tear gas used. Who was it that said he was coming to take gun owner’s AR-15/assault rifles?

  2. Really comrade? They Do? I don’t see much destruction so far. Has America in black and white remembered Chaz Zone? Where police abandoned their station on the orders of city hall. Allow protesters to occupy city blocks for over a month, and didn’t let the police in where people were beaten, raped, and murders. or the other destruction carried out in the name of BLM by Antifa. SMH


    1. Reports say 3 died due to medical reasons and one woman shot by a “guard” but oddly enough the “news” has not given out any info on that.

      1. Rich ,
        You are a veteran of employment in serving the public while bearing a weapon, at least police, but perhaps military also? Would it surprise you to learn (upon investigation) that whatever hierarchy is responsible for peace and safety (military, police, state or civil-land use) in the face of the exercise of civil right of protest or complaint it leaves standing orders to keep the peace, or perhaps on special occasions, special orders, equipment and manpower to face what experienced leaders know about groups coming to an area.

        I am not the only one to point out that the anticipated response for Black Lives Matter gatherings received the preparation of those leaders. In that fashion, not only did those leaders let down citizens wholesale relative to protection but their names need to be shared, for those who purposely “underprepared” for yesterday and then also became part of the “Incitement Team”, responding to encouragement of elected representatives and officials. At the end of the inquiries and investigations, let us look at the consequences.

        And if it takes another 13 days to put a name, address, and phone number with the videos, don’t worry, because after January 20, pardons are likely to be in a much more limited availability. Time will tell.

  3. WAKE UP AMERICA, Jan. 6, 2021 is the offical start of Americans coming out showing what they believe what America should be. No one will be held accountable for this act of sedition of terrorist and insurrection mob and thugs of the U.S. Capital building. There will be no demand to do anything to those thugs but there was no problem on June 2, 2020 with the stark contrast in police response to Capitol riot vs. Black Lives Matter protests. America in black and white and nothing is going to change.


    1. Go back to sleep. There are plenty of video footage of most perpetrators. They will be identified and charged. There are rules prohibiting the posession of firearms in the building. Some footage shows people with firearms drawn. Let’s hope they look into who these people are. Security, law enforcement, members of Congress?

  4. LOL. Please, comrade, that photo guarding a monument was because monuments were being destroyed. However, you are correct, nothing is going to change. Hypocrisy and manipulation are not going anywhere.

    Now, if you want to a make valid racial black and white point, what took place yesterday was white privilege. Paging JML. 🙂

    They should have never been allowed to breach a Congress. To be fair the aftermath is nothing like what had taken place at BLM “mostly peaceful” protest by Antifa, who are mostly white. But can you IMAGINE? If what took place yesterday was with all black people, not the black lives matter white people, but black people? It wouldn’t have happened. That’s is what’s called white privilege. In fact, I even saw a video where the cops let the protesters in.

    In my departure in this highly hypocritical point of view debate. I say hypocritical because if you flip the protesters from so called Trump supporter and BLM in anyone of the protests and the aftermath that had been taken place you will get a complete reaction and response in your POV. And my friends are scale hypocrisy. So justice and equality are really nowhere to be found. JS

    To my Democratic friends, If the needed implementation of structural policies into America’s unjust racial system, you control all their branches, nothing stands in your way. So America should be fit in the coming year, Right? I mean because Joe, Harris, Chuck, and Nancy, are going to fix it, no debate,e no comprise, right people? The hard part is already done, It is the bedrock of America.

    However, it might not be as easier said as done. It did take one of the bloodiest wars, the Civil War just to put it down on paper. So I highly doubt defunding the police and cancel rent, private property is feasible by just a vote. So aim lower. Mostly because you are dealing with one’s philosophy more than the practicalities.

    P.S I came to a conclusion in the era of Trump, just pawns in a chess game being moved around a checkerboard, symbolized on the side of either black or white, where race has another to do it, and the truth is layered and layered behind one’s philosophy’s POV. So best of luck with your defunding police, and cancel rent, I am sure you can imagine it. if you try.


  5. Ezra Klein on Twitter:
    “I want to be careful in how I say this because obviously you can’t just break into the Capitol and desecrate offices and hit police officers with pipes. People should be arrested. But I don’t think they should be our focus.
    These people were lied to, over and over, by officials at the highest levels of the American government, people with power and, presumably, knowledge. They trusted the President, and Republican members of Congress, to tell them the truth, and they believed what they were told.
    And what they were told was that a crime of astonishing proportions had been committed. Power over the US government itself had been stolen, in broad daylight. And the thieves were just going to get away with it. Electoral politics had failed.
    They were told this by the President. By the House minority leader. By more than a dozen senators. By more than a hundred US representatives. By anchors on Fox News. By nationally syndicated radio hosts.
    And then the President asked them to show up and fight for their country.
    I’m not here to release anyone from personal accountability for their actions. But the real villains here are the people in power who lied to those who trusted them, putting them and the country in danger, for personal and political gain.
    The worst consequences should be for them — and all who enabled them — not for their marks. If we’re going to hold those who invaded the Capitol accountable, and we should, then we need to hold those who convinced them to invade the Capitol accountable.
    My fear is that the opposite will play out. We will hold the weak accountable, because we can, but the strong will get away with it. The weak are subject to laws, the strong protected by politics. That’s not good enough. I’m not saying I have the answer here. But we need one.”

    1. Good morning Jennifer and Happy New Year, Ezra Klein sounds like what happen at the Nuremberg trials in 1946 where Nazi leaders said that they were just following orders of Adolf Hitler.

      1. Happy New Year to you Ron! I understand your point – I read the article hold the mob to the highest punishment- and even more so the elected officials who had no shame in promoting these absolutely falsehoods.

    2. Please, who were lied to. Jen, you know politics, So you know the game. Politicians do nothing but lie and bullshit the people. For the most part, most of them were grown-ups acting like children, who know better. However, a Police office was killed. So clearly some of their behavior goes beyond partly line and childish behavior. They were no different the those Antifa who caused much destruction and attaching Police in those BLM marches. It’s inexcusable for this government to allow its walls to be breached. Because it only takes one to derange maniac like the one in Tennessee to level the building, or a well determine group.

      That being said, the only carrots I will give is can you imagine if those were Anitfia roaming the halls of Congress, who are kids who don’t better? There wouldn’t be a statue standing, a painting not destroyed, or a wall painted.




      You are just selling the same bullshit, lie narrative that being played out on the media, depending on what side you on. Sorry, For christ-shakes Trump held a rally, The R’s mustered up this siege. I do find it odd the Left didn’t muster up Antifa, to counter this “protest” like the others. Meaning, they “Rs” not only “lie” but incited and mobilized the “protest’ the allowed Congress to be breached, because like all the other Trump “protest” in DC the lefts Antifa was the and abundance of cops. yet not this time. Let just call the deaths and minor destruction collateral damage. This conspiracy theory is more to the truth then the lies and bullshit being played out. JUST MY OPINION. bam I am out of here.

  6. Hello Jennifer, Happy New Year my dear. I haven’t seen you post in a very long time. We’re sending ya boy back to Indiana because I know you Hoosiers miss him. Take pictures of the welcome back home party for us. Take care Dear.

    1. Hello Donald – happy new year! I don’t check in often enough. If history repeats, Pence will not return, much like Dan Quail. The VP’s brother is the Congressman from our district, hope he’s soundly defeated and never returns. Take care!


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