Watch: ‘Nourishing Bridgeport’–City Announces $10 Million For Workforce Development, Second Chance Programs

Flush with federal pandemic money, Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday at the University of Bridgeport announced initial grants covered by the American Rescue Plan including more than $10 million for workforce development and second chance initiatives.

Mayoral staffers Tom Gaudett and Constance Vickers have led the city’s effort to organize groups of committee members to review various applications to disseminate funds to needy organizations including money to address food insecurity in the city.

These are the first of grants to be announced in the coming weeks.



  1. As in all things Bridgeport, I’m sure that the millions will be put to really good use!!
    Lennie you should keep a running log on all the goodness the millions will provide, and to whom, how, and why!!! 😝

    1. That’s right…….for thee not me!!!!
      That’s ok, I’m vaxed and I got Covid anyway. It was like a mild head cold. Yeah yeah sure I know….. If I wasn’t vaxed then it would have been much worse or fatal.
      Que sera sera.

  2. Another source of taxpayer funds to be used for more ‘workforce development’. The only jobs created will be the various agencies with no solid record of accomplishment but with well-paid executive directors.

    Sadly, this reflects how low UB has sunk to be involved in such a charade.

  3. Good News for Ernie Newton: already has a Director of Workforce development — they work in the same building.
    Because they’re armed with a multi-million dollar grant, my expectations are high.
    Here’s why: the better their expertise, the more Bridgeport has to gain!

  4. It’s official. the ink has dried.
    Another Manhattan millionaire has moved to Bridgeport.
    Two years ago, wealthy apartments owners looked out their window and declared Central Park as the world’s best (free) backyard. No more – now it’s a germ farm.
    What does Bridgeport offer that Manhattan doesn’t ?
    Answer: a backyard and easy access to I-95 that connects the two.
    This isn’t a magic wand. It’s an economic stimulus result that required no funding and benefits Bridgeport.

  5. “Audit: Governor improperly used COVID funds for salaries”
    Associated Press DAVID PITT
    November 16, 2021, 5:19 AM

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A state audit report on government spending released Monday accused Iowa’s Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds of using nearly $450,000 in federal coronavirus relief funds to pay salaries for 21 staff members for three months last year and concealing the spending by passing it through the state Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    State Auditor Rob Sand said a review of the state’s payroll system shows the money was used to pay the Republican governor’s office staff, but it’s unclear why she had to take federal money to pay the salaries.

    “What is not clear, is why these salaries were not included in the governor’s budget set prior to the fiscal year and prior to the pandemic,” he said in the audit report. “Based on this information, we conclude that the budget shortfall was not a result of the pandemic.”

    Sand said he had asked Reynolds’ office twice for documentation to support the spending and was told the governor’s staff members during March, April, May and June of 2020 were fully focused on responding to COVID-19 and protecting Iowa but never provided proof of the expenditure on the COVID response.


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