Watch: Gomes Is In Against Ganim, Let The Games Begin For 2023 Mayoral Cycle

John Gomes prepares paperwork to enter mayoral race.

Backed by some aggrieved former supporters of Mayor Joe Ganim, John Gomes on Thursday officially entered a challenge of his former boss filing the paperwork for a chief executive run with a bit of chutzpah, a phalanx of about 75 placard-wielding supporters crammed into the Town Clerk’s Office, a quiet government office unaccustomed to a campaign environment.

Former Ganim supporters John Ricci and Raul Laffitte hoist campaign signs inside Town Clerk’s Office.

They carried John Gomes for mayor signs with some shouting “agent of change” and “mayor for all people” a tagline similar to that of Ganim in 2015 during his mayoral comeback.

See Gomes campaign site here.

A few months ago Gomes’s government position, assistant chief administrative officer, was eliminated, the second time he was dismissed by a mayoral administration.

In Ganim, Gomes is trying to take out a well-financed politician he supported in 2015 and again for reelection in 2019. Ganim has amassed more than $200,000 in his campaign treasury.

Prior to signing the paperwork, Gomes told OIB outside City Hall “I am humbled with no agenda but the city.”

Gomes kisses granddaughter in lobby of City Hall.

Former Ganim supporters such as ex director of Public Facilities John Ricci and retired Board of Education transportation chief Raul Laffitte certainly have an agenda to knock off Ganim next year. This is not unusual in city politics where personality battles mount a new horse. They’re affiliated with the political action committee Bridgeport Now and a pot of independent-expenditure money that will be utilized in the 2023 mayoral cycle.

Multi-linguist Gomes arrived in Bridgeport as a young immigrant from the Cape Verde Islands. He owned the popular Red Rooster Deli on North Avenue.

Gomes supporters await the candidate in City Hall lobby.

He served as assistant chief administrative officer during the mayoral administration of Bill Finch. Gomes was let go by Finch after an altercation Gomes had with a city police officer at a Cape Verdean social club.

He ran for mayor in 2011 often citing the political sacred cows who received special treatment. Marilyn Moore, prior to her election to the state senate, served as his short-lived campaign manager. They butted heads and Moore fled to run for city clerk on the mayoral ticket of Mary-Jane Foster.

Money- and support-challenged, Gomes threw in with Foster who lost to Finch in a Democratic primary.

In 2015, Gomes signed on with team Ganim who defeated Finch in a primary. Gomes was among Ganim’s earliest fleet of appointments, naming him acting chief administrative officer. He was deemed the “hatchet man” for cutting municipal positions of the new administration.

Those early days were contentious with a number of internal disputes between campaign hands hired by Ganim and Gomes.

Gomes lasted more than six years, much longer than political operatives predicted. Gomes along the way was dropped to an assistant CAO role. Gomes was unhappy and he wasn’t bashful telling insiders he’d likely run for mayor.

The knock on Gomes by political insiders is temperament. Can he keep it together to build the necessary pieces to build a lasting organized opposition?

Gomes is the second candidate gunning for Ganim. Can he raise the money to compete? He also must signature his way onto the ballot to qualify for a September primary.

Lamond Daniels who served as director of Neighborhood Initiatives during the mayoral administration of Bill Finch is exploring a run.

Will Marilyn Moore get in?

Is State Senator Marilyn Moore next to get in? She scared Ganim in 2019 primary when he was weakened after a peculiar run for governor in 2018.

One thing is for certain, the more in the race generally better for Ganim with splitting of the anti-vote.

Ganim’s in a stronger position than four years ago with a number of development initiatives completed or teed up, led by the 6,000-seat amphitheater as a regional showcase. Taxes stayed level this year and will again in an election year.

Still, he’s not a lock for reelection in the capricious swirl of Bridgeport politics.

Key also is how new Chief Roderick Porter handles the Police Department following several controversies in recent years.



  1. On day one, John Gomes turned the mundane act of election paperwork into a genuine campaign event — complete with placards, baby kissing, cheering crowds and PACs.
    Bridgeport is ripe for change and Ganim is so status quo.

  2. Please, John wasn’t even in for Ganim in 2015. Like most in that headquarters. Just look at his demeanor when reality set in that G2 won. 🤣

    Yet ironically G2 gave him a job for like 6 years until “he” eliminated his position in restructuring, which now creates a perception of a valid challenger against G2. John is a Manchurian Candidate and those insiders behind his run are actually in support of G2.

    You know what cracks me up about this video? G2 says “you can’t believe anything these politicians say” 🤣

    On the other hand, you have Moore who gave G2 quite a match, who in my perspective is a lot weaker this time around. You add that with a prompted-up Latino candidate, John. You can assume Moore is going to be even weaker by John taking the anti-G2 Latino support from her, considering the Black and Latino divide that was seemingly created by Garcia and Porter in the police chief appointment.

    If you think about it, G2/ ”supporter” has been training for this match for quite some time. First, by reestablishing an Assistant Chief position and giving it to Garcia, knowing full well AJ was going down, and the help of Black organizations created a black and Latino divide, dividing the votes/sentiment. G2 has been traning. 🙂

    My prediction, if Moore gets in and it’s just Gomes, her, and G2, G2 prevails. Gomes and Moore would divide the vote. Though Moore has more of a shot than John regardless of the spectacle announcement at city hall. 🙂

    Chris Rosario is the unknown variable. If he gets the nod and enters the race he would drown out John for Latino support and would be strong enough to garner black and BlackRock, white support. Moore would be a factor though. If Chris runs and Moore doesn’t G2 will have a hard fight and very much could lose. If Moore runs, G2 odds increase substantially, but less than just a Moore and Gomes run and whoever else enters.

    If neither Moore nor Chris runs and just the Latino-ish John and black Lamond or any other less person runs, G2 wins hands down.

    Waiting for the big dogs, Moore or Chris.

    All things considered, ironically what puts G2 in this precious reelection campaigning is his witness 🤡. Regardless of the strives, the Port has made under G2’s 7 years and it sense of direction/vision. “For the most part”.

    As well as on the minority front, playing in the game on a high level. You have a black police chief, fire chief, Administrative officer, Superintendents, and a lot more minority officers. The list goes on in. Under any other circumstances, G2 shouldn’t even be having a challenger. 😎

    But the game is the game and G2 is white and holds the top seat. But you never know the rig until rigged and the rig is revealed. ie election night. I am sure G@, john, and everyone in G@ headquarters can attest too, Finch too. 😮

    At any rate, peace out, I am out of here. I have my own battles. It was a pleasure, enlightening, as well as educational. @bestelsclassever 🤣

    I depart with the prophet Eminem.

  3. Looking at Gomes spectacle called an announcement at city hall. Does anyone find it “rid” I mean orchestrated, considering it is on the same day Porter is being sworn in as Chief of Police?

    Looking at the overall aspects of things and how they developed. Even if Moore and Chris get in, G2 is mostly going to win. Gomes might have put a dent in a Chris run. Not many blacks at his announcement. I don’t think his Latino vote/support alone going to do it. But I don’t think he is in it to win it anyway like he was in G2 headquarters for Joe to win it 🙂

    Not ever sure if Chris will get the nod or even get in. He would be the most likely one to beat G2. IMO With Gomes’s grand entrance, he might have to wait 4 more years.

    Moore would be seconded but considering she lost to G2 already, and G2 is in a more positive position, particularly in the black community, probably in whites Blackrock too. G2 would prevail IMO.

    I think the Port’s maestro has already taken the stage. but for the looks of it, It’s going to be a hella a performance. 🤣


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