Watch: Ganim Campaign Rally, LG Susan Bysiewicz ‘Partnerships Are Important’

Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz rallied Mayor Joe Ganim supporters to turn out Tuesday for the special generation election.

LG Susan Bysiewicz with Ganim at Saturday rally.

“The voters of Bridgeport have been extremely clear… that the Democratic standard bearer is Mayor Joe Ganim…here in Bridgeport the mayor has balanced budgets, he’s cut the mill rate, he’s increased the bond rating and he has put Bridgeport on a fiscally responsible path…Partnerships are important…the governor and I and the state of Connecticut have made record investments across Bridgeport…we’ve  invested in cleaning up brownfields, we have invested in renovating Bassick High School, we’ve invested in investing in the tech high school that’s here (Bullard-Havens), we’ve invested in building more affordable housing in Bridgeport and we’ve done that in partnership with Mayor Ganim.”




  1. It’s interesting, to consider the fact that the Democrat Party, or should I say Port’s political inside politics, has thrown the D under the bus 🚍 in an effort to take out G2, regardless of the progress the Port has seen, across the board.

    What was done to Wanda, who IMO was thrown under the bus 🚍 for the W, speaks volumes. Considering her actions were on behave of Gomes’s/side, that came up short. As a means to strengthen their hand in General, ar a redo.

    If that’s how they treat their own, you can assume they don’t 2 give shits about the Port, per se.

    Do Y’all Port Pols even try to cover up your crime, put some effort into it. ?🤣

    I mean I am not telling you to start creating code names but at the very least let’s not rendezvous at your headquarters in the middle of the street with the person you are not supposed to “coordinate” with, and the person not show up with a billboard with is picture and name on his back window. 🤣 some people. Please

    Though, be careful Gemeem in that sea of big daddy’s money.

  2. Wow!! Sue B! Why, she could be our next AG! Another has-been Connecticut Pol circling the wagons with other spent careers, trying to ride out their careers to a lucrative finish, with some sheen… I’m sure that she thinks that this will make her Governor Ganim’s next AG!

  3. “The voters of Bridgeport…” though the ones who manage to show up and their vote totals as a percentage of registered City potential voters is a gross misstatement. Getting 20% of 70,000 potential ballots or less as has happened in Bridgeport may create a victor, BUT NOT A MANDATE for attention and action. I ask that some attention be focused on the impoverished record of the electoral civil right in this City by the candidate and Council and review process for a City Charter review process. Please.

    From my comments to the CC last Tuesday evening. Quote from President Lincoln. Questions from Time Will tell.

    In 1864 at the lowest point of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln said: “We cannot have free government without elections;” Lest we forget, secession and separation of the States into warring parties in his first term with 620,000 casualties known to all caused some to question the Union. Since that time, rights around voting have been extended to people of color and to women as well as to naturalized immigrants like my father.
    If you believe Lincoln’s words and act as believers, why are 75 to 80% of registered voters in Bridgeport absent from the polls? Is our local government authentically free when it provides such a minimal mandate from the governed? Where is your City Council systematic effort as those responsible today to answer these questions with democratic action? Do you believe that the words of these famous Americans are of value and ring true today? What say you in response to the Founders? Time will tell.

    1. JML, why are 75 to 80% of registered voters in Bridgeport absent from the polls? Because they are free to do so.

      Perhaps, you are looking to where is your City Council’s systematic effort as those responsible today to answer these questions with democratic action. But teh democratic for free election. Abraham Lincoln words are famous “We cannot have free government without elections;” but the that free government didn’t come by means of an election.

    2. LIncoln visited Bridgeport before he became president. I think some of our Politicians have forgot his words. “Government of the people , by the people and for the people,” not for the politicians. Eighty percent of registered voters do not participate , of the twenty percent that do control who governs for the 100%.

      1. We have to define “control”, The 80% control their vote by not voting. Perhaps they are satisfied we the current government. I mean, If 80% are Democrats and the Democrats control every city hall elected office, and for the most part are guaranteed to win with the occasional exception of like Gomes who is using a Third Party for a second and fourth bite of the apple. Party-wise, Port’s election are forgone conclusion The Democrat Party remains in control regardless of what politicians is at the helm. NO?

        PS politicians are people, like corporations. 🤣

        We like to say the minority has a voice A more honest, accurate statement Republicans have to % have to sit by and let the Democrats control the government.

        If any of you truly believe the minority should have a voice in city government then like the BOE mandate, half the CC should be Republican one in each district. But Y’all have had that. 🙂

        So how fair is Port’s government to those who Identify as republicans? JS

        1. What if, is right? but at the end of the day, it is going to be a Democrat and it doesn’t really change the variable fir the people. They will get a mayor., a democratic mayor. NO

    1. People who were in City Hall, like Lennie who took the picture of me with the Operating Budget OB boot and the Balance Sheet BS boot know the origin of the props and have seen them again this year.

      But, why is Joe McLaine regurgitating his unique Red Rubber Panty Award? Perhaps somebody can explain his thinking to others. I know that McLaine does not like questions, or rather he does not like answering them. Is there perversity of some nature involved here? Time will tell.

      1. BTW, John, it was nice of you to PIVOT away from your constant regurgitating of “white supremacy”

        I have a question that only you can answer. What is your thinking behind your pivoting away from your use of “White Supremacy” What changed your thinking?

        We are all friends here on OIB, please share. Is there any logic behind it? 🤣

      2. JML, “perversity”? OIB policy doesn’t prohibit readers and posters having a fetish.

        You like Red Boots; McLaine likes Red Rubber Panties. I like topless with Red Rubber Panty and Red Boots.

        1. Joel you and I may like to see a woman in Red Rubber Panties however we don’t show up at public meetings waving them. JML a grown man owns a pair of red rubber boots I don’t know or care how he acquired them but I think you will agree that they probably came in a set with the Red Rubber Panties more than likely purchased from one of those porno web sites. Plus his obsession with perversion, is he just looking for someone that he can relate to.

    1. Not everyone is eloquent. It doesn’t make their thoughts or concerns any less important. Concentrate more on what people are saying and less on how it is said.

      1. You’re right. “Mother f-ers” and calling yourself a “bad b-“ is totally appropriate for a rally with miserable attendance. And “they had her daughter arrested.” She got herself arrested.

        1. Thank you for the time you took to comment. Your opinion is important regardless of the language used. I believe that it is important for people to express themselves as this woman did. Did you notice that she uses her real name. Again thank you.

          1. I’m not at all saying she doesn’t have the right to express her opinion. Obviously everyone does; but at some point you would want “public officials” to at least try and set an example for the citizens they represent, instead of further embarrassing us. She’s also welcome to support who she likes, there is no criticism of that from either. But trying to portray her and Wanda as victims is laughable.

            The reason I got this handle is because I’ve been on the blog since before you were forced to use your name. Btw, isn’t your real name Edward?

          2. My full name for legal purposes includes Edward the name I have been known by my entire life is Joe. Would you like to disclose your name to all Lake Forest Guy. I know it but it would be your choice to disclose it. Unless you feel it is best not disclosed. Your choice.

          3. I have to say again the Enaida Martinez has more balls than some male councilmembers. Let’s take Councilmember Jorge Cruz for example. About a year and a half ago. Jorge Cruz was constantly blowing smoke out his ass on his Facebook page. I replied to his comment and as usual, he would switch to private messages and insist on discussing my opinions in private. When he started losing the conversation he blocked me and starded sendind me text messages. Jorge Cruz views OIB and posters as full of shit assholes. I blocked him an never again answered his calls. Last week, again he sent me messages after I ignored several of his calls. Apparently , Jorge Cruz too has has his Red Rubber Panty bunched up his culito. I replied to his text by first pointing out that he gas been acting like someone who has relapsed and he should consider seeking counseling and treatment. You can imagine how far up his culo the Red Rubber Panty went after that. I think Eneida Martinez should donate at least one ball to Councilmen Jorge Cruz.

        2. Btw Lake Forest Guy Eneida Martinez demeanor is what it is evidently the people who elected her accept her as she is. If you don’t like it you are certainly entitled to voice your opinion. But calling her a piece of garbage was wrong in hindsight I think you would agree.

          1. I agree with you on this. However, I’m not calling her garbage for expressing her opinion and her poor choice of words. It’s her continued actions and pretending that she’s a “victim”, for not condemning her daughter’s actions that’s were caught on video and posted to this site, and for not having integrity by pleading the fifth on the stand of the ballot stuffing trial which eroded all her credibility in many people’s eyes. I’m not mentioning the death at her nightclub in this list but it will be interesting to see how that plays out in court.

          2. You calling her garbage and the uses of that term is a self-reflection. I am sure you could have used a more “Eloquent” term to express her political public decorum.

            However, I do agree with your sentiment regarding political officials. She uses/views the democratic process as a game, but what game?


          3. Ok we agreed on something. You don’t want to disclose your name. You know that I know who you are but don’t worry your secret identity is safe with me you’re really not a bad person. Just choose your words a little bit better.

    2. Joe, it was as eloquent as yours. JS

      On a different take, I found it interesting that Tom didn’t introduce Martinez or Ford to speak While I stand by my assumption, in this election cycle “game” Wanda’s actions were on behave of Gomes/team. Martinez was more perplexed at times though she was leaning on “her mayor” pretty hard before Keystone. Even to the point of standing behind Maria P to attack G2

      That being said her, calling out Streets is interesting, correlating herself and Wanda with him. Considering she was not asked to speak or Streets, I “real” assumption perhaps she not on G2 team in election cycle game. Things that make you go HMMM!

      I even, and have questioned the Gen Now backer Aidee,

      But what is undeniable apparent is teh progress the Port has made, as a city under G2. To the point that Mario, who was a linchpin is that all wrong with the Port and failure/corruption has razed his place and moved it out of the Port. JS

  4. If you don’t like my realness, you don’t have to listen to them. Free COUNTRY! My garbage has better jewels in them than yours. Now have a nice night, and have a nice dream of Eneida Martinez!!!!

  5. Joe McLaine that part right there. No matter what the attacks are Joseph P. Ganim will WIN on Tuesday February 27th…it’s sad how people throw stones, but can’t open the closet to any rooms of their home without a dumpster full of skeltons exiting out. I am an open book, so I speak truth. If you can’t naturally be yourself, then you are not authentic. Checkers game stays on the clearance racks. Chess game is always a pricey one. Count me in on the CHESS BOARD…

    1. Eneida you have been elected by the people of your district you have their approval. People from different backgrounds tend to express themselves differently it’s what they say not so much how they say it that matters. Some people simply have a need to make themselves feel superior to others and should just be ignored. You and Ernie serve your district well. You are working hard on the Ganim campaign and he will win. It is only the truly ignorant that will vote for Gomes a clearly unqualified candidate morally and professionally.


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