Watch: Cringeworthy Laughter – Ganim & Gomes Sing I Got You Babe, Followed By Rock Em Sock Em Robots, At Toy Drive

This could drive a person to drink or to a shrink.

Once allies, now mayoral foes, Joe Ganim and John Gomes, at the urging of WPLR’s Chaz and AJ’s toy drive, regaled the crowd to the tune of Sonny & Cher’s I Got You Babe. If Cher needs a hysterical laugh this certainly is it.

Ganim and Gomes were gifted with the game Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Ganim won via absentee ballots.

No word if Gomes will appeal.



  1. One way to get media attention wiithout campaign expense, certainly.
    But are either of them ready for “prime time”, musically?
    Assume that Lennie will report on the result wise for the gifted kids of Bridgeport?
    The opponents are announced…..the punches come in flurries…..a “block” becomes loose…..applause!!

    It’s entertainment folks. Not a source for practical info on what Mayoral candidates will do, and toys do break and become forgotten, but in Bridgeport the schools have so much ability to get better. Why not attend to that, at least for a moment? Be an informed voter when in January for the Democratic Primary, in February for the Mayoral election and also in March, look for the date, for Democratic Town Committee voting. Time will tell.


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