Watch: City Salutes Courageous Cops

Mayor Joe Ganim, Police Chief AJ Perez and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal paid tribute on Sunday to police officers in action who turned an automobile upright and rescued a woman from a burning vehicle as well as officers who saved a man from jumping off the Washington Avenue Bridge. Tribute begins at about 28:00 in video above.



  1. Pursuing a career in police work locally is part of a mindset to help the public remain safe. It is a necessary, honorable and respectable vocation for young men and women to enter. Like other professions it offers many opportunities to gain more training and education beyond the basics of a training academy and the continuing education mandated every three years. It also requires a mindset to use your skills, experience and wisdom, perhaps, at times when training leaves you not specifically prepared. The public calls that courage.

    I, too, add my voice in praise of these recent noteworthy events. Also, I wish to thank those officers who in the pursuit of their daily tasks perform otherwise noteworthy events but are never credited in public. It happens. It is worthy. You know about it and so does the one you help. Thank you.

    There still are too many occasions, it appears, where those in charge have failed to avail themselves of wider wisdom as they have come to make critical decisions, on staffing, of public information, and of handling other police activity so as to benefit all citizens, fairly, equally and consistently. Time will tell.


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