Watch: ‘Beacon Of The Future’ – Officials Announce $10 Million State Grant To Complete Demo Of Blighted Remington

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and State Comptroller Sean Scanlon who signed off on a $10 million state check, joined Mayor Joe Ganim to start the last demolition phase of the blighted former Remington Arms plant on the East Side that development officials say will take approximately 10 months to complete in advance of positioning the land for mixed-use development.

The demolition work will be done by Manafort Brothers that also handled the first $5 million phase of the razing. Environmental remediation of the former arms and munitions plant will be done by DuPont, former property owner, according to city development chief Tom Gill.

State Rep. Chris Rosario, leader of the city’s nine-member state legislative delegation, was instrumental in shepherding the state support.



  1. Every time I ride by that place I get a whiff of not gun powder, but that of Dinardo Power.

    How does Dupont transfers the deed to real estate and agrees to covers the contamination remediation cost?

      1. Not really Lennie Dinardo/s are persons. The City took that property from an LLC with liens attached. All other Dinardo LlCs survived tax foreclosures. No good land without a train station across the street.

    1. The wake for the John Gomes campaign will be held today February 27 2024 from 6am to 8pm at multiple locations throughout the city. The widow Jeff Ko-Nut requests in lieu of cash donations that you cast your vote for Joe Ganim.

  2. The oracle of Black Rock has spoken!… (Maybe a hint about the future from a source on the “other side” who would be ecstatic about a major reconfiguration of Connecticut politics resulting from a tsunami emanating form a Bridgeport, Gomes win temblor?!…)

    Indeed, there is strong evidence that a deposit has not been made on that $10 million demolition check (they don’t want to reduce Bridgeport’s affordable housing stock while there’s still pressure for cheap Bridgeport labor for Gold Coast tax-base and lifestyle-maintenance chores…), and, apparently, the Las Vegas handicappers are revising their odds on the election tomorrow — in Gomes’ favor — so, The Connecticut Oligrachy BS Bridgeport Charity Foundation is scaling way back on their (empty) promises to Bridgeport… SEE BELOW … ( Sour note on new music venue — and they’ll be kicking that soccer ball down the road for a few more decades…)

    Jimfox says:
    February 26, 2024 at 3:59 pm
    All this Xmas horse shit will end on Thursday !


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