Victim, Perpetrator Or Both? School Board Chair Jessica Martinez Struggles With The Truth And Police

Photo of Board of Education Chair Jessica Martinez holding what appears to be a crack pipe. She says it was not crack but marijuana. She said the photo was taken by her “ex” Orlando Baez.

Board of Education Chair Jessica Martinez’s surreal world continues. She’s now the subject of a local police criminal probe into the stabbing of her “ex” boyfriend, reluctant witness Orlando Baez–that police consider a victim–whose family is urging he press criminal charges.

Law enforcement officials are reluctant to issue a warrant for her arrest without his cooperation. “She stabbed him,” said one law enforcement source, “but he won’t cooperate.”

There is a history of toxicity between Martinez and Baez, in more ways than one including Martinez’s alleged substance abuse that she denies. She claims she’s a victim.

In a September 2018 Facebook post  Martinez wrote “We need better leaders to step up who lead with integrity, whom our children and upcoming leaders could mirror.”

A month after that Facebook post Martinez was involved in a confrontation with Baez that led to her January 2019 arrest for felony assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Baez is facing serious charges from the confrontation.

Last summer with State Senator Dennis Bradley providing her legal counsel, Martinez entered a guilty plea to reduced misdemeanor charges that also included violating the conditions of her prior release in a domestic violence case. Martinez’s plea also included agreeing to a 20-week domestic violence program. As a result of completing the program her record relating to those charges were cleared last week.

Still, that did not stop Martinez from continuing with the relationship, including co-habitation with Baez at 50 Milne Street in The Hollow where Martinez faces eviction for non-payment of rent.

Just days after her court appearance clearing the prior charges, another altercation occurred with Baez in Martinez’s apartment in The Hollow, according to police that included a trail of blood from Baez’s arm and hand. Martinez denies she was involved

A bleeding Baez walked from The Hollow address a few blocks from City Hall to the South End home of a relative on Cottage Street. Baez’s family was alerted to the news. An ambulance was called.

Police statement:

At approximately 0930hrs on Saturday morning, January 11, 2020 the Bridgeport Emergency Communications Center received a call from an individual who indicating that a family member arrived at their Cottage Street residence with an apparent stab wound. BPD and medics were dispatched to the address. When officers arrived they found an individual with a right arm and hand stab wound. AMR was on scene treating the wounded individual who was then taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. This individual has not been cooperative with officers. The whereabouts of the stabbing along with any alleged assailant and motive are still under investigation at this time.

Martinez lied to the police about what happened, according to a Facebook comment by Julio Baez, the brother of Orlando. “Shes been lying to everyone i have prove (sic) over text messages.”

Orlando Baez, who police and family members say is a victim, is reluctant to cooperate with the investigation. Martinez, meanwhile, has been urging Orlando Baez’s family members to cover for her. They won’t.

Observers, and even some friends, of Martinez frame her as sympathy-seeking, attention junkie when things don’t go her way. It’s a recurring theme for Martinez to play the victim citing her son and “my dying father” whose hospital-room images a maudlin Martinez has posted numerous times on her Facebook page.

She even cited her father as a reason in court records for missing a court date. A judge issued a judgment against her for non-payment of rent for her 50 Milne Street apartment. A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for Friday.

Julio Baez wrote on his Facebook page: “Jessica is a violent individual when she doesn’t have her drugs of choice. When Miss Martinez doesn’t get her quick fix she gets hostile and extremely violent.”

He added “This is all a cover up to protect her identity with the school board.”

In response to several questions posed to Martinez via text, including a picture of her holding what appears to be a crack pipe that was circulated on Facebook, she responded to OIB:

“As far as the alleged crack pipe that was me smoking weed 2 years ago. I have never smoked crack in my life, that is a joke and an insult … I don’t understand how my name is even involved.”

She said the picture was taken by Orlando Baez in a hotel room two years ago, contradicting a text message she recently sent to a source that was shared with OIB, declaring it was many months ago and not two years ago. Orlando Baez took the picture, according to a source, to show she had a drug habit.

OIB asked Martinez “What benefit do you provide students as school board chair considering the multiple issues in your life?”

Martinez did not respond.



  1. The drug use explains a lot.

    She will send me nasty emails and text messages out of nowhere. I have called the police and filed three separate police reports since 2016 against her. They have repeatedly warned her to stop harassing me.

    She was appointed Chair of the BBOE on December 9, 2019 and posted comments about her criminal issues and her position as a Charter School Lobbyist on OIB that night.

    The next morning I was walking out of my home at 8:50 AM for a 9:00 AM appointment across town. She started ringing my phone incessantly. I knew if I picked up it would make me even later for my appointment, therefore I did not answer.

    She became so enraged that I did not take her call that she sent me 18 text messages with in 4 minutes.

    They were as follows:

    1) LOL
    2) Too scares to pick up
    3) Scared**
    4) Good morning to you
    5) It is a beautiful morning this morning
    6) And you can believe I am Chair !!! Yes, exactly I am Chair !!!
    7) Get over it
    8) Your lies and attacks mean nothing
    9) Fyi, I was arrested twice not three times
    10) And by the way
    11) Case dismissed, charges clear, protective order no longer in existence!! ( her charges were still pending)
    12) I thought you were smarter and more hard working than that to post old news
    15) GET OVER IT
    17) ( Heart emoji and throwing a kiss emoji)
    18) Move along to your next victim SATAN

    Is there anyone that considers this normal behavior?

  2. Later that day I had time to return her calls and barrage of text messages.

    I called her calmly and explained I was returning her call.

    She started telling me why was I posting old news and that I had been arrested, too. I said “right, Jessica, however I rejected every plea deal offered and took it to trial where I was found not guilty on all charges. You plead guilty in order to enter the Domestic Violence Program in hopes of having your charges dropped.”

    She responded that her case was over and she HAD to plead guilty because Attorney Dennis Bradley was in session and did not have the time to defend her. I said that is because you are not paying him and don’t have the ability to hire a real criminal defense attorney. I also stated I personally checked and ALL her charges were still pending.

    She lost that debate on all fronts. So what does she say next?

    “Do you pay taxes?” I retorted you were caught driving a vehicle that was uninsured, misuse of plates and unregistered. If your car is not registered you are not paying taxes on it.

    Next she stated ” well, you have a Sugar Daddy” that is dying. ” My boyfriend was in the car and appeared quite surprised that he was dying.

    Next she stated ” Eric Alicea told me that you were on food stamps and that you used them to buy food for his kids.” I responded “no one cares what someone that has been accused of stealing from a church has to say.”

    Finally she stated “you stole your boyfriend from his wife.” I responded with “aren’t you married and engaged in an extramarital affair with Orlando?”

    She became so enraged she growled loudly into the phone and hung up the phone on me.

    This is NOT normal behavior.

  3. Just for clarification, whether Jessica Martinez is smoking a “crack pipe” or not is not debatable. It IS a crack pipe. Whether there is crack or marijuana in the crack pipe is what Jessica is debating. However, I have NEVER heard of someone smoking marijuana in a glass stem/crack pipe.

    1. Bob,

      Are you alleging that I possess or use a crack pipe? That is an incredible allegation you will NEVER be able to substantiate.

      Put your answer on the record right here, right now.

      But, you better know I am going to use your statement in an official capacity.

  4. In the past 12 months here in Bridgeport there have been two elected women who have been victims domestic violence case. Hopefully these women receive the help that they need.

    Facts About Domestic Violence:

    1-Most domestic violence incidents are never reported.
    2-One in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.
    3-Women ages 20 to 24 are at the greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.
    4-Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women – more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.
    5-Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten.
    6-Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.

    Domestic Violence and Its Impact On Children:
    *Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes.
    *A 2005 Michigan study found that children exposed to domestic violence at home are more likely to have health problems. This includes becoming sick more often, having frequent headaches or stomachaches, and being more tired & lethargic.
    *Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults.

    Domestic Violence and Its Impact On Our Community:
    *According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, domestic violence is the third leading cause of homelessness among families.
    *Survivors of domestic violence face high rates of depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, flashbacks, and other emotional distress.

  5. Chairman of the BOE and a city councilperson arguing over whose arrest was worse.Meanwhile our city and our children’s education continue to decay.Makes you pretty confident that there really is no hope for our once great city.

    1. Harvey,

      Please remember that I refused every deal offered, took it to trial and was found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

      In other words I was falsely arrested.

      I won and the City/BPD lost, and now they will have to deal with the consequences.

      1. Maria,I know how your case ended up,and when they arrested you,I knew it was a BS charge and it would go nowhere…But what I’m saying is this,I don’t think you understand how this all reads to the average Bpt resident.

        1. Of course I do.

          Harvey, everyone knows that I am not intimidated by Testa, Ganim, the DTC, Chief Perez or anyone else out there.

          I was targeted by the powers that be because I have repeatedly stood up to these people.

          If you allow the BPD to be used as the enforcement arm of the corrupt DTC once, it will definitely escalate.

          They need to be held accountable, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

          And, by BPD I am referring to a few high level officers, not the rank and file.

          Unfortunately, there are many dedicated BPD officers that are being placed in positions they do not want to be placed in.

          It takes alot of internal courage to tell a commanding officer “I simply can’t do that.”

          Not everyone possesses that kind of fortitude.

          It doesn’t take courage to follow the many. Real courage is being willing to stand alone.

          1. Maria, you said, “everyone knows that I am not intimidated by Testa, Ganim, the DTC, Chief Perez or anyone else out there.”
            “I was targeted by the powers that be because I have repeatedly stood up to these people.
            If you allow the BPD to be used as the enforcement arm of the corrupt DTC once, it will definitely escalate.”
            “They need to be held accountable, and that is exactly what I intend to do.”
            Maria, you have done absolutely nothing to change the power that Testa, Ganim, the DTC, Chief Perez or anyone else out there has. The facts are you did nothing during the past Democrat primary to change the same group that she said who have targeted you, instead your action during that time helped keep Mario and Ganim in power for the next 4 years. Today, you still have no plan, there’s nothing in anything you write that talks about “we” or “us” or “team” it’s all “I,” it’s always about you Maria. The other 18 City Council members have seen that you are not a team player.

    2. Harvey Weintraub, what you said is sad but true. Just look at all of the comments that Maria Pereira has post on this, with Maria it’s not business but it’s personal. Maria acts like she’s Harvey Levin of TMZ, Maria should have her own podcast instead of being a City Council member. There is NO WAY that the other 18 council members trust her or work with her.

    1. Jim,

      Some people have the ability to take the most complicated issue(s) and boil it down into one easy to understand concise statement.

      There are over 300 comments on this OIB story on facebook and one person was able to cover several complex issues by posting the following:

      ” We have a convicted felon as our Mayor, an imposter as our Superintendent, and a Crack Head as our Chair of the Board of Education.”

      I don’t think there is a need to add anything else.

      1. So true, Harvey.

        Absolute evidence to support your assertions is who in their right mind would nominate Chris Taylor, Jessica Martinez and Albert Benejan for the Board of Education if they wanted the “best?”

        We have a non-resident career criminal/mobster, a charter $chool advocate who uses drugs, is violent, and is committing voter/elections fraud, and someone that is completely illiterate.

        It has never been about who is “best” to serve. It’s about who will do as they are told. Who can we nominate that we can control?

        That is the only thing that really matters to Mario Testa, Joe Ganim, and the powers that be.

  6. I thought substance abuse is a disease. Attacking Martinez is like attacking someone with cancer or battling depression. I know, it seems like a choice to have a substance abuse disease. But you wouldn’t stay to someone who has cancer, well you choose to smoke cigarettes. Well, unless you have a lack of compassion for another individual. Speaking of lack of compassion, Maria. You attacked Ernie about his pass disease and said you will take all the required drugs prescribed to you. which you and Ernie actually peed in a cup. While Jessica’s disease explains a lot for her actions. What possessed you to challenge Ernie to a peeing contest over a post on OIB? By the way, are you currently taking any prescribed drugs?

    Are any of those prescribe drugs for your psyche. I understand the need for competition, sides, challengers. but your extreme behavior seems to go beyond what is Normal Behavior. Just in this thread alone, you treated the Troll with litigation because of a post he made and you interpreted in how you “NORMALLY BEHAVE”

    Went you were supporting Joe you stalked and took pictures of Finches kids. (I believe) You sent an undercover delivery guy to another board member’s place. That is not normal behavior, well maybe the FBI. Adams. What say you. Dr. Phil, Maury? 🙂

    I know you like facts. her some facts. You claimed you have called the police and filed three separate police reports since 2016 against Jessica, and when she, Jessica, was appointed Chair of the BBOE on December 9, 2019, you posted comments about her criminal issues and her position as a Charter School Lobbyist on OIB that night. In tune with your disparaging comments, Jessica called you and claim you didn’t pick it up because you would have been late for an appointment. So Jessica sent a barrage of texts. You call her later that day. You are a smart woman. Why either did you A. go the police to file a complaint and report on Jessica harassing you, or call her back when she was “Harassing You” after you posted those comments about her? Clear those complaints and reports were just a waste and abuse of the police department.

    I know since Jessica was voted to the board you and her have an official duty to work together but you are not on the board and are a council member, you have repeatedly stated the city has to know to say of board affairs. And what was that conversation about, comparing your criminal records, food stamps, sugar daddies? Not reality official business in any capacity. Just think about that when you go file your next complaint and report with the police department.

    P.S you can use this statement in its full capacity. I’m so poor if you and your lawyers try to suit me they will just be practicing. 🙂 full disclosure, I was high at the time I wrote these and not of sane mind.

    She called you Satan. Satan like slow you roll Martinez, I don’t mess with kids, putting them in the middle of the political campaign, she really hate charter schools. So many names.

  7. *** What some people project is not always whom they are; some Bpt. government political members (past & present) have at times proven that! No one should be surprised when, where & whom alcoholism, drugs & mental illness touches in America! ***


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