Unofficial Results: Dems Win School Board Seats

Democrats Andre Baker, Dave Hennessey and Howard Gardner have easily won school board seats, according to unofficial tallies. Unofficial returns also show Working Families Party candidate Sauda Baraka and Republican Joe Larcheveque, leading for two minority-party slots.



  1. Looks like Dems and Sauda Baraka and Joe Larcheveque. Still loss of control for Finch and Joe brings an independent and thoughtful voice. The Board of Ed is brand new. May that be a blessing for the city after these last awful two or three years.

  2. Yes Mojo–Moales will be the first to fall. Then if the Supremes rule in Vallas’ favor, they will move on him. The head of Working Families said that in the post–removing Vallas is top priority. I am happy Joe got elected, I liked what he had to say. And he was the only one who consistently presented a forward-looking agenda. Sauda is looking for payback and the three Dems are now being portrayed as WFP flunkies. I mean, the CT Post tonight says the board is now controlled by WFP, even though they only have two elected members. Which is basically saying the three new Dems are with them on everything.
    I would like to see real independence from all. And remember, Moales is being portrayed as the current symbol of the dysfunction, but the board was a mess before he came on board. That is what led to the failed takeover. Another positive is the subtraction of Pereira. She does not know compromise.
    It will be interesting because as someone else mentioned, you fire Vallas … what do you do with his programs … and the fact he did bring in some nice grant money. Some of those programs, the students and parents seem to like. It will be interesting.


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