Unofficial City Primary Results

Bridgeport resident David Walker’s bid to win the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor appears to have come up short in a close contest with party-endorsed Penny Bacchiochi and Heather Somers. The race is too close to call between the latter two with Walker just behind them, according to unofficial statewide tallies. The winner of the LG race will be part of a general election ticket with Tom Foley against Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman.

Unofficial Bridgeport tallies reported by Registrar’s Office:

State Senate, Marilyn Moore 1415, Anthony Musto 797 (does not include Trumbull and Monroe)

State Senate, Andres Ayala 2316, Scott Hughes 1012 (does not include Stratford)

State House, Andre Baker 697, Ernie Newton 430

State House, Chris Rosario 467, Dennis Bradley 204, Christina Ayala 136, Teresa Davidson 106

Governor, John McKinney 325, Tom Foley 214

LT Governor, David Walker 260, Heather Somers 170, Penny Bacchiochi 104


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  1. Seems like our registrar of voters made a error when reporting Democrat numbers from the 129-1 which is St. Ann’s precinct, 343 people voted at St. Ann’s in the Democratic primary and 22 by AB, which is 365 total. She put 251 total voters for St. Ann’s precinct which is wrong. Seems she is prone to mistakes, check out the report they sent to the sec of state precinct by precinct. Was shocked to see 141 Republicans voted at St. Ann’s, thought that number would be lower. Lennie do you have the results of how Walker performed at St. Ann’s? For some strange reason this link here only has Democrats precinct by precinct:


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