Union Contract Sparks Court Battle

The legal fight over a scuttled union contract is playing out in Superior Court with charges and counter charges between City Council President Tom McCarthy and Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon. More on this from the CT Post:

But there is some speculation among union members that his departure has to do with serious allegations he leveled against City Council President Thomas McCarthy’s involvement in the matter.

After taking office Dec. 1 Ganim, and his advisers claimed Finch left them with a $20 million budget hole. They have blamed a portion of that on a contract with the supervisors quietly implemented under Finch.

The five-year deal was actually tabled by the City Council on Oct. 19 and Nov. 2, in large part because, by statute, Finch and around 60 non-union municipal employees would receive retroactive raises along with the supervisors …

So the supervisors took the city to court. Anastasi may have to take the stand over charges Bohannon made about McCarthy’s involvement in passing the contract. As of late last year, McCarthy was also Finch’s deputy director of labor relations and one of the non-union staffers who received a retroactive raise.

In a recent legal brief, Bohannon wrote, “The evidence will show that McCarthy and (Senior Labor Relations Director Thomas) Austin acted to satisfy their own personal financial interests.” Bohannon claimed that McCarthy and Austin violated the city charter by obtaining outside legal opinions about the consequences of the council’s tabling of the supervisors’ pact.

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  1. Gotta love this!!!
    If anything, McCarthy is making a strong case as to why you should not have city employees on the City Council.
    Keep up the good work, fellas.


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