Under Weight Of Indictments, Trump’s Connecticut Dough Craters

The largest chunk of money filling Donald Trump’s personal PAC is wired to enormous legal fees, including the latest charge by the state of Georgia accusing him of leading a criminal enterprise to overturn Joe Biden’s win in that state. Donors from Connecticut represent a mighty windfall for national candidates, but in Trump’s case they are now wary of their investment.

CT Post reporter Ken Dixon shares more:

Once a reliable ATM for Donald Trump, cash from Connecticut is drying up under the heat of the indictments piling up against the embattled former president of the United States.

During the volatile 2020 election cycle, Republicans in Southwestern Connecticut alone contributed nearly $16 million to Trump’s failed election bid.

But in the first half of 2023, Trump’s Make America Great Again PAC and the Save America leadership PAC, collected just $18,124 in 35 individual contributions from just 10 mostly retired residents in towns including Greenwich, Newtown, Stamford and Avon, according to the latest campaign-finance reports made to the Federal Election Commission.

That campaign filing, for the first six months of the year, did not cover the period of both the federal indictment in Washington earlier this month, and the late-Monday bombshell charges in Atlanta against Trump and 18 alleged co-conspirators including his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor.

On Monday night, Trump and 18 others were charged in state court in Georgia with operating a “criminal enterprise” to keep the former president in power after his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said “the defendants engaged in a criminal racketeering enterprise to overturn Georgia’s presidential election result.”

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  1. Lennie,
    You address the several indictments of former President Trump for significant alleged illegal actions while acting as a “royal” President rather than publicly serving as such. And you carry the story further with the campaign contributions facing decreases in the light of the indictments and with the reporting that many of the campaign contributions are being used by Trump for defense attornies to keep him from jail, if he fails to plead and find mercy, or if he continues to battle on for personal power, influence, and fame to face one or more ultimate court judgements that fail to support his case.

    But what about the “non-elective” branch of government, the Supreme Court of the US. These nine individuals clearly enjoy a special space in our governance with lifetime appointments guaranteed. Yet somehow, at some point in the past, they were not tasked with reporting significant gifts of cash, resources, entertainment, travel publicly? Why do you think this happened? Does it provide an appearance of interest conflict? If lower courts have to care, why are so many folks quiet on this subject? How do our leaders act to restore some level of evidence and witness publicly to build authority for these nine judges, for the power in the rule of law over which they sit as final judges, and to restore public trust in legal professionals? Time will tell.

  2. Guess nobody on OIB is finding fault today with the temperament, responses, activities, and absent democratic impulse of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump., or supporting his behavior either?
    There is a reason for the indictments he is facing for his failure to lead the country within normal boundaries for four years in such fashion while talking lies most of the time so that trust was surrendered by many folks.

    So I tried to reach you with another narrative from some solid reading done lately about how a few folks on the far right, with billions to invest, have taken aim at the Federal courts, the state houses, potential voting majorities on the left, and more and are relentelssly executing this long term strategy to ill effect for those who are unaware, unprepared, and too busy. The Supreme Court is too ultimate a target to ignore, but one that needs a constant spotlight on it, to assure that conflicts of interest do not interrupt the path of justice.

    Keep the attention on the courts. They need to call illegal behavior, when it is raised accurately and with evidence, to study an review as appropriate, and file consequences as punisment to the perpetrator and warning to the future tempted. Do you think this is a problem or not? Time will tell.


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