1. Checked out the video and it’s springtime for sure. It’s the right time for UB to be Happy. And the folks on the video are putting their all into showing how much in synch they are with HAPPY.

    On Monday the women’s gymnastics group will get happy at the City Council meeting in Tom McCarthy’s “happy time” ceremony about good news in the City.

    The real question is where will the Mayor be? He is not going to be present when the public uses their five-minute slices of public speaking time. But will he avoid the perennial gymnastic greats? Will he be happy? Time will tell.

  2. UB is one of the largest assets of this city, and our IDIOT mayor could give two sh*ts about the place. Let your childish grudges go.
    On a brighter note, it’s great to see how far UB has come since the mid ’90s.


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