Turkey, Politics, Gossip, New Mayor On Thanksgiving Table

Wow, it’s not like you’re short of political gossip on Thanksgiving weekend, right? Bill Finch’s political feathers have been plucked by Joe Ganim in a historic return as mayor. There’s not a lot of love between Finch and Ganim even though Ganim provided Finch gainful employment on several occasions in the 1990s. So it goes in the strange world of city politics as Ganim prepares to resume office.

If you’re thinking about attending Ganim’s inaugural that will include oath of office for mayor, City Council, city clerk, town clerk, city sheriffs and school board, ceremonies will take place Tuesday 6 p.m. outdoors on the grounds of McLevy Green at the corner of State and Main. Parking will likely be tight so consider Downtown paid lots on John Street, Middle Street and State Street. Or arrive early and park on side streets. If weather does not cooperate the 1,400-seat Klein Memorial Auditorium on Fairfield Avenue will host the inauguration.

According to the City Charter Ganim technically becomes mayor “at 12:01 a.m., local time, on the first day of December.”



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all readers. I hope your favorite meal is available today and you are joined with family and friends to celebrate the day.
    Most of us have much to be thankful for, whether we recognize it or not each morning we wake. As much as anything else, it is an opportunity to seek out and perform work that gives meaning to life for us and to those around us.
    I am aware of the transitions that are ongoing because I read the papers, but also because I write on OIB. Imagine begin contacted by folks from the suburbs where Anne Kelly-Lenz applied for a finance position. When Googled my name was discovered as an OIB contributor I am told and received a phone call. It is an interesting turnaround for me in that Anne Kelly-Lenz did not wish to answer questions I had ready for her. Now I have an opportunity to answer questions about her work and direct attention to the financial reports and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for which she is credited but which fell short of accuracy and honesty by their content and/or format. Is this the second time in a row a Finance Director gets picked up by the suburbs from Bridgeport? Wonder how that works out in terms of Open, Accountable, Transparent and Honest? Time will tell.

  2. The article speaks glowingly of high ratings from peers and supervisors. I always felt she was competent. She worked in an environment controlled by the Finch administration. She limited access to information as directed and displayed resentment to anyone, such as JML, who inquired. The flow of information to council members was carefully controlled. I hope she enjoys the environment in Wilton and working with intelligent, enlightened people.


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