Tsunami Tuesday Eve, Plus: Finch Wants To Arrest Cop OT

Here we go, the eve of Tsunami Tuesday, and city Democrats are enduring phone calls, mailings, door knocking and last minute appeals for votes. Must make Republicans and unaffiliated voters happy. Well, wait until the general election!

Meanwhile, the state’s largest city has some hot primaries on tap for Tuesday. I’ll be out in the field primary day trying to cause as much trouble as possible, and I’ll post results as quickly as I can.

A quick recap of the races:

Democratic endorsed candidate for Congress Jim Himes faces a challenge from his Greenwich neighbor Lee Whitnum. Himes should have no problem posting a nice win on his way to the big show in November against Republican Congressman Chris Shays of Bridgeport. Whitnum has no money, no message and no organization.

Most of the races for Connecticut’s General Assembly are not as certain. Democrats Anthony Musto and Marilyn Moore are slugging it out in Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe for the right to face Republican State Senator Rob Russo in November.

State Rep. Bob Keeley, the longest serving legislator in Bridgeport’s history, has his hands full with the blonde banshee from Black Rock Auden Grogins.

On the East Side, State Rep. Andres Ayala is trying to hold off the woman he defeated two years ago, Lydia Martinez.

In the South End, and parts of the East Side and West Side, there’s a three-way race between Democratic endorsed Ezequiel Santiago and José “Chico” Rivera and Sylvester Salcedo.

State Rep. Chris Caruso is being challenged by City Councilman Carlos Silva.

Time Out For OT

Connecticut Post reporter Bill Cummings on Sunday valiantly chronicled the chronic overtime problem in the Bridgeport Police Department that raises serious questions about runaway spending and parties involved: a mayor that wants to reel in spending, a police chief that hasn’t, a police board that must weigh in, supervisors receiving 50 and 60K in overtime, union leadership balking at unpaid furloughs to close the budget gap.

Twenty years ago, overtime in the police department was a concern, but understandable given a manpower strength of just 350 members. Today, the department is at full budgeted strength, with more than 400 officers, but not at authorized strength, an arbitrary number set by management and the police board. Someone’s not watching the store, and it appears a showdown is looming between Mayor Bill Finch and police management.

The city appears on the precipice of a major financial meltdown unless spending and union concessions are achieved. Twenty years ago Bridgeport Mayor Tom Bucci announced major financial fallout that required state assistance to erase a $55 million fund balance deficit. The tough medicine resulted in a state oversight board with legal authority to make sure city budgets were in balance. A few years later Republican Mayor Mary Moran placed the city into bankruptcy court, a petition rejected by a federal judge.

The city found some relief with the election of Joe Ganim in 1991: budgets were balanced, taxes stabilized for many years, with the financial review board eliminated in 1995.

Now, once again, the city’s on a financial cliffhanger, and the last thing Finch wants is a pain-in-the-ass review board to oversee finances. Stay tuned.

News release from Jim Himes:

Members of 25,000-strong CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 endorse Himes for his stands on working families’ issues

BRIDGEPORT, CT – This weekend, members of the 25,000-strong CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 endorsed Jim Himes for Representative in the 4th Congressional District, citing his pledge to support quality public services for Connecticut residents and his positions on issues of importance to working families.

“I am very proud to have earned the support of the members of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 and to be standing with them in our fight to bring real change for the families of our district,” said Himes. “Whether it’s rising gas and food prices, the health care crisis, or the unstable housing market, working class families in our district are truly struggling just to stay afloat. Their members know that I will fight for working families every day in Congress on the issues that matter to them.”

“We endorse politicians who support the things we believe in; good paying jobs, decent health care and retirement, quality public services, and improving the lives of working families,” said Cathy Osten, a correctional lieutenant working for the Connecticut Department of Correction. “Jim Himes has committed to make these issues his priorities as the 4th District’s Representative in Congress.”

“A political endorsement is a decision we do not take lightly,” Osten, the Co-Chair of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001’s Legislative Action Committee continued. “Our members support candidates who have pledged to be held accountable to us once elected.”

CSEA/SEIU Local 2001’s endorsement today follows the Connecticut AFL-CIO’s endorsement of Jim Himes in June.

About CSEA/SEIU Local 2001:

CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 represents 25,000 active and retired public sector workers across Connecticut. Visit www.seiu2001.org online for more information about the union’s efforts to lead for deliver quality, reliable, and cost-effective public services to Connecticut taxpayers.



  1. 126th: Caruso by 30 points. 1150 votes total.
    128th: Tied at the polls, Ayala 2:1 on the ABs. No idea for turnout.
    129th: Keeley 850-Grogins 650.
    130th: Santiago 45 Rivera 35 Salcedo 20. No idea on turnout. Heard Sylvester wasn’t doing his doors.
    Musto/Moore: 5200 votes, Moore by 100.

    The 128th and the 22nd will be the ones to watch. Keeley isn’t in the danger readers here seem to think he’s in. When the story of the primary is written, it will be that the feeble primary campaign the DTC mounted against Caruso delivered the Senate nomination to Moore against the DiNardo-anointed candidate. D’oh!

  2. It is I who is Potentate of the Order of the Philistine and only I who may award such designation. Marlys’ impotent attempt at usurping my authority has earned the designation for this week. Furthermore for Marlys’ penance I command that Marlys find 5 people who would otherwise not vote and get them to the polls tomorrow.

  3. Grogins Gate

    The Bridgeport Kid is a paid campaign operative for Grogins. His real name surfaced on the most recent finance report listing him as a computer consultant aka “Paid Blogger”.

    Every post should have had the disclaimer: “Paid For And Approved By Auden Grogins.”

    The Bridgeport Kid is now “The Great Imposter!!”

  4. Repost from last night – with spelling correction – thanks Lennie.

    My wife and I just got back in town and went to a really good combined Caruso/Moore event tonight (last night)over at the Sportiva club on Park Ave. Good crowd and lots of energy. The pasta wasn’t bad either. Chris will win easily and Marilyn just might pull it off too.

    On returning home I found a Grogins robocall on my machine. The message basically attacked Keeley for being the machine candidate of the evil Mario Testa.

    Attacks like this are why I love politics. Here’s a person, who prior to this primary has been a long-time endorsed party regular – an insider if you will. Now, all of a sudden she is the crusading outsider coming in to clean up Bpt. What makes this even better is that very reliable sources tell me that the day after Testa was elected Town Chair Grogins was on the phone asking people if they thought Testa was going to support her. I also hear she was upset when she was told that Testa’s support would not be forthcoming.

    Now, none of this really surprises me and I’m not even being all that critical of Grogins. But it is fun to watch the absurd lengths people sometimes go to to win.

    …and now according to Grin Ripper we have “paid bloggers!!!”

  5. Gee, maybe if the Mayor and city council had some guts they would tell the State this city is going to have casino gaming, like it or not, with 10% coming to the city. That would end the deficit forever!!!

  6. I have some additional info on Grogins too. One of her political consultants is the same person who concocted Finch’s $600 dollar tax break, without telling people you’d need to pass a law in Hartford to allow the City to do it. So whatever gimmick Grogins is proposing is probably a lie. Some said Finch needed to promise that in order to win, I say If you can’t win without lying don’t win, at least you have your integrity.

  7. Thank you “charlie”!! You’re the only one who responded to the critical issue of the day. – The police and overtime!!
    Overtime by the police run their salaries up beyond an average of $100,000 per year per cop. That amounts to an outlay of $40,000,000.00 per year PLUS medical, pension, etc. – Pretty good for a bankrupt city, I’d say.
    Yes, the Mayor had better do something about this and in a hurry. And from what I’m hearing most of these cops live outside of the city.
    Every day is Christmas in the Park City.

  8. I thought the Moore campaign came about because Stafstrom said he would never allow someone outside of Bridgeport to have that Senate seat. Like he is the god of the whole city of Trumbull and half of Monroe. He isn’t even the leader of the half of Bridgeport that is in the 22nd. All of you who are saying we need to elect someone from Bridgeport, like the person who lives there is the best indication of how you will be represented. That’s nonsensical, ability, experience, and effort matter more. A person who after elected must respond to the needs of all their voters or they won’t get re-elected. I want the winner to beat Russo. Moore will never win against Russo. You need someone who has as good or better credentials than Russo. Musto is the only one who is up to that challenge.

  9. We should hire Cecil Young to handle all of the city’s security at the arena. Give him a bullhorn and just watch as the people either A.) Throw up on themselves or B). Run up the ramp on I-95 and run into the oncoming traffic.

    I heard a rumor that the Rivera and Santiago after-parties will be held at the same locations. I can’t wait for the fists to start flying.

  10. If The Bridgeport Kid is “The Great Imposter!”

    Would this make Grogins “The Great Impostor!!’?

    One of her big platforms in yesterday’s profile in the Post was how Grogins is a small business owner and she will work to bring small businesses to Bridgeport.

    Grogins could start by bringing her own law practice to Bridgeport.

    And if I read one more time about her being a Fourth Generation Bridgeporter I’m going to barf. Next she’ll be proclaiming that her family came over on the Mayflower.
    Probably would be appropriate for her because, after all, she is a political Mayflower Madam pimping off the voters.

  11. Regarding Bait and Switch tactics employed by Grogins campaign. Yes this is similar to Finch and once again disingenuous to taxpayers. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    Hey Kid! I’m very disappointed in you. I thought you were bigger than stooping to their level.

  12. It must be nice to be a cop.
    Does the money scam ever end in Bridgeport???
    Next thing Slick Sal DiNardo and Joe Celli will be taking the police entrance test.

  13. Police OT
    Tom Kelly, the only math you need to know is that Bill Finch has been mayor for over 8 months and it appears he is only finding out about the OT problem now. The man at the top is Bill Finch not the chief. Quit complaining about Nor-would; the chief is going to do what the mayor lets him do.

  14. Tom Kelly you are correct about the inflated pensions. This is going on in other unions as well. Such as the big L union that keeps getting discussed here. Top Officials work out deals for their friends to get into acting positions that are non union and they are allowed to keep paying union dues for bigger pensions. The new treasurer is doing this and so is a secretary in the mayors office, and there are many more. The Mayor has to sign off on these positions so I am sure he knows what is going on.

  15. Police OT II
    Unplug the Segways. Tie the horses to their hitching posts. Let the air out of the mountain bikes. And let’s get back to basics.
    You can be sure that all of these extras end up costing more OT even if it is because these officers are not available for regular duty. And you can be sure that the mounted police run up the OT whenever they are brought out for show at parades and arena events.
    Shut down all of the extras until we can afford them again.

  16. Police OT III
    Fabrizi sold the taxpayers out with all of the contracts he was handing out trying to get the unions to support him if he ran again.
    City Council President Tom McCarthy says that Deputy Labor Relations Director Tom McCarthy has got to do a better job with these contract negotiations.
    And Mayor Finch goes out and hires an outside legal firm to do Larry Osborne and Tom McCarthy’s jobs.
    Finch added new non-union positions to the budget to control this but the job is not getting done because too many city employees have it Eze playing politics.
    Is someone really surprised that the workers are running City Hall??? We know for sure it is not Finch and his administration. This outrageous OT is simply a by-product of the inept Fabrizi-Finch administration.

  17. THE MAYOR BILL FINCH Fan Club continues to add new members although not many are part of Bridgeport’s Finest (ahem). His stance concerning an upcoming police contract is in the best interest of Park City taxpayers. The BPD can thank their union for today’s generous wages and blame the current situation for their loss-of-leverage. The Mayor understands this and is making the tough choices to produce a balanced budget and he’s not afraid to ask all parties to pitch in.

  18. The mayor is as clueless about union negotiations as apparently the Labor Relations office is. The mayor cuts out half of the members of 1199 during the budget process and then has to rescind the lay-offs due to language in an existing grant contract with the state of Connecticut. He then promises to cut the jobs by the end of the year. He then has the outside law firm approach the nurses union about contract concessions. He has already promised to layoff half of their members.
    He is fighting the police union in the courts over the arbitration ruling against the city of Bridgeport for the NET squad. He then threatens the union about the overtime at the same time he is asking them to give up concessions. At budget time he vowed not to cut anything from the police department. Something has to give here.
    He is running off at the mouth because he can not or will not make the tough decisions about the city’s budget problems.

  19. MESSAGE to all OIB Bloggers —

    Repeat After Me:

    Mayor Finch, I hope you score a hole-in-one at tomorrow’s charity golf event.

    Now stand on a mountain top and YELL the same thing…

    Mayor Finch, I hope you score a hole-in-one at tomorrow’s charity golf event.

    (whew!) I hope you feel better

  20. Reading Between The Lines Part I – Or, Oh how the mighty have fallen
    I received a piece of lit from the Musty fella.
    It seems like he is extremely proud of the endorsement he received form John Fabrizi – Former Mayor – City of Bridgeport. So proud that he is listed number 19 out of 23 endorsements. Fabrizi’s name follows such luminaries as Irene Simalchik Former Secretary of the Trumbull DTC, Tom Christiano, State Rep Trumbull and Tom Mulligan former City Councilman and last democrat to lose this seat. He is listed ahead of How-weird Austin, first term city councilman in Bridgeport. Way to go John. It shows you how much clout the Trumbull and Monroe Democrats think you have in this city!!!

  21. There is more sniper fire on this blog than in Kabul and Gaza put together. At least after tomorrow a good portion of the “candied-dates” (dried fruit in some cases) can go back to just being leeches off the public.

    police OT…I love the police, they deserve all our money and respect (you don’t want to get pulled over, do you?)

    Maybe money can’t buy me love but it buys protection.

  22. Ahem . . .

    The Bridgeport Kid has been busy with other tasks today. All I’ve done for her campaign is data entry. Whatever I write here is born of my own research. I don’t spin the facts to suit the candidate’s sagging electoral fortunes. (Stand up, Mr. Kelly.) A paid blogger . . . Grin Reaper, you must be smoking crack. That is the most delusional thing I’ve ever seen on the blog.

  23. AND I am not imposing anything. Up Yours Bridgeport is the “Great Imposter” for ever claiming that he truly gives a damn about anyone in this city.

    I just got back from Stratford, took the Coastal Link up there. Part of the bus route goes up Stratford Avenue. What did I see there? Plenty of convenience stores advertising St. Ides, Newport cigarettes, and “we accept WIC/EBT.” What else? Three or four liquor stores in less than a mile, a pool hall, a few restuarants selling really healthy fare like fried foods and pizza. And let’s not forget the churches offering salvation. The folks that live in that neighborhood could really give a shit about Bridgeport’s legislative delegation in Hartford, because said delegation doesn’t give a shit about them. I saw a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do. One of the biggest reasons they have nothing to do is because THERE ARE NO JOBS AVAILABLE FOR THEM. All this talk about who is endorsing who, how much OT the police department is getting, whether or not I’m a paid blogger (!), well . . . None of that crap really matters to people living below the poverty line, subsisting on unhealthy diets and no means of working their way out of the situation. So do us all a favor, Grin Reaper and Up Yours Bridgeport: until you come up with a plan to address hunger,poverty, and other social ills, please just shut your cake holes.

  24. The’s prediction is that the voters of the 129th legislative district will realize that Bob “What Cellphone Ban?” Keeley is a charlatan (for holding a $65,000.00 a year no-show job) and vote his pathetic butt out of office.

  25. The Bridgeport Kid is for voting Keeley out and voting Grogins in. I do data entry; I’m a hired gun in that regard. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has told me what to say or how to vote.

  26. Did you see any Mexicans standing around the street corner?

    OK…all of you election-time handicappers. There’s an offer on the table for the person who most closely picks the outcomes to spend the weekend at the Liberty Rock with Anna. Let’s see how well you do.

    Anna’s already at the “Rock”, waiting. At least I think that’s Anna. Doesn’t move much during the week.

  27. Reading Between The Lines Part II – Or, Oh how the mighty keep falling
    More on the Musty mailings.
    It seems that Mayor Finch is not endorsing Mr. Musto. He is not listed on the brochure. But wait, there is a picture of Tony Musto with Bill Finch’s parents!!! Tony Baloney has no problem accepting a backdoor endorsement from Mayor Bill if it helps him in Trumbull as long as the Bridgeport voters are not aware of this going on. And Bill’s mother was the most vocal opponent of affordable housing in Trumbull because they didn’t want those people in town.
    Tony hopes that Trumbull voters see it for what it is and Bridgeport don’t. We don’t need this kind of politics going on in Bridgeport even if they have no problem with it up in Trumbull.

  28. Reading Between The Lines Part III – Or, just who does Mr. Musto represent
    Looking at all of the endorsements that Tony brags about on his mailer and I can’t help but notice no Latinos and one African-American. And who do we think Tony is going to be representing up in Hartford? Monroe and Trumbull? Surely not all three cities.

  29. Grin Reaper I knew it would only be a matter of time before Race was brought up. I just did not know who would be the first. You win!!!

    Bridgeport Kid How do you know what the people on Stratford Ave and the surrounding streets think or feel? How do you put a whole area in the poverty level? There are many, many hard-working families there. Have you ever walked in that area and talked to the people that really live there? I know the answer and it is NO. You ride by on a bus (which I doubt) and go back to Black Rock and come up with the bullshit you just wrote. Shame on You.

  30. Wondering,
    I just made a simple observation. I did not mean to offend you if you are a person of color. I believe Park City Magnet School is part of the 22nd Senatorial District. There are minority city council members who represent that district as well as town committee members. I believe that part of the Bassick High School precinct with the three way State Rep primary is in the district. No mention of any of those candidates nor the minority council members who represent that part of the city.
    I simply made an observation about his literature and his endorsements. And sometimes the facts are as plain as black and white.

  31. Honestly guys I believe that people who are voting in this state senate race are voting based on race. Blacks are voting for Moore and many whites are voting for Musto. That should not be how we should vote, we should vote for the person who will do a good job. But anyway precincts in Bpt that will go heavy for Moore are Longfellow, Bassick, Park City, and Central, what will be a key is how Black Rock votes because if Musto wins there big I think Moore has no shot. Well I will be voting for Moore at Black Rock around 8am.

  32. Bridgeport cops work overtime and get paid with overtime money set aside for that purpose. Now they are blamed for working OT and contributing to a pending budget deficit. A retired Bridgeport cop (now a civilian) is rehired by the city to supervise 4 Parks police officers at $70,000 a year plus a city vehicle and not a peep is heard from the mayor regarding this. Would Finch change his position if all Bridgeport Police Officers joined the Democratic Party and became active party members under the supervision of Gene O’Neal?
    Why didn’t the City of Bridgeport provide the Post with the amount of money paid in Police O.T. for the policing of the Bluefish Games? Will Finch meet with Mary Jane Foster (Bluefish Owner) to discuss the overtime cost to the city the same way he plans to meet with the Police chief? Is the friendship between Foster (chairwoman of Finch’s committee) and Finch more important than solving the City’s financial crisis, at least in part?
    Everything in Bridgeport that is public safety (police) related must be merged in order to get a grip on this situation. I will post my take on the overall issue in a little while.

  33. Hey Kid:
    You write “I saw a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do. One of the biggest reasons they have nothing to do is because THERE ARE NO JOBS AVAILABLE FOR THEM.”
    Nonsense I say. There are lots of jobs available for those who WANT to work. Just pick up the newspaper and look at the “want ads”. The people you are talking about are folks who who have been on the dole for generations and will always be on the dole. It’s an easier way to survive.

  34. Local Eyes:

    The charity golf event is not tommorrow. The event is scheduled for Friday, right about the same time that the police union members will hold a protest outside of the event.

  35. Bridgeport Kid:

    Let me tell you a true story about 10 ex-successful food vendors who used to earn an average of $600.00 per day.
    Back in 1995-96 there used to be about 10 food vendors who used to conduct their business on Iranistan Avenue near the Seaside bath room house. They were all hispanic vendors who specialized in preparing all sorts of Spanish food. Their food made the location a very popular site for hispanics to eat their favorite ethnic dish without having to leave the Park area. Never was there a single incident of food poisoning. At the time there were several cases of food poisoning involving other catering facilities and a Councilwoman at the time used those incidents to pass the strictest City Ordinance to regulate the Bridgeport food vending industry. This Ordinance completely wiped out the entire group of vendors on the Iranistan Avenue site. The Ordinance prohibited any food vending on this particular site.
    The Iranistan Avenue vending location was part of the 130th district and the Chairwoman of the Ordinance Committee was none other than Auden Grogins. So much for creating jobs and opportunities for minorities. The only job opportunity that was created was for the holder of the Seaside food stand lease who happened to be a supporter of Ganim and Grogins. Soon after the vendors were removed, Spanish food (if one could call it that) was part of the Seaside food stand menu. The only thing I could do, after all was said and done, was to call for a boycott of the food stand. The Spanish food menu of the food stand was later discontinued. True story kid!

  36. Joel did you look at the overtime list in the paper? 8 supervisors and 2 patrolmen who work inside account for $588,000 in overtime. It’s not the average street cop that is the problem it’s the supervisors. You have 1 supervisor for every 3 patrolmen. Do you think that maybe just maybe they may be top-heavy in supervision? Can you tell me how 2 deputy Chiefs made almost 100K in overtime so far? I hate to say this but in private industry upper management does not get overtime.
    If the bluefish police detail is paid for by the city and this is a contract item I do not see how this contract can be broken. BTW Finch did not negotiate this contract Ganim did with council approval. Were you on the council when this was passed?
    Now I am the first one to get on Finch’s case when he does something wrong but on Police overtime he is 100% right. Maybe it is time for Danny Roach and the rest of the police commissioners to get off their asses and do the job they were appointed to.
    Take away the cops that man the horses, the segways, the bicycles, the motorcycles, the ATV’s and the community service cops and put them back on the street where they belong and you will cut OT. Stop the ot for upper management and you will reduce OT expenses. Tell me why a Deputy Chief was needed at the Vibes for 16 hrs a day. Let’s see $80 x16 = $1,280 x 3 days = $3,890 in overtime for 1 man. So Joel before you start nailing Finch look to Police Management.

  37. Good for you Con Filardi, and I also think it is an unfair assumption that all the people in that area sit around and do nothing all day. donj, if what you posted regarding people voting on the basis of race rather than qualifications is true, that is truly a sorry situation. Are you also assuming that Barack Obama became the democratic presidential candidate because only black people voted for him? I think not! I’m certainly glad that I don’t live or vote in Bridgeport – as I stated before, Bridgeport takes the blue-ribbon award when it pertains to shoddy elections. Qualifications and experience obviously don’t mean much to your electorate if in fact they vote just based on what they are told to do by politicians rather than make their own decision.

  38. I couldn’t help but read in awe an earlier posting from Local Eyes comparing the Hearst purchase of the Connecticut Post to the Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical group composed of deviant anti-social and criminally insane lemmings. Yes, Patty Hearst was abducted and brainwashed by them, but I’m really baffled by your implication. Not sure I even want to delve into your thought pattern on this irrational facsimile.

  39. velvet underground: I was trying to be humorous – if you like it, you call it “style”, if you don’t you’d say I’m “drilling a dry hole”.

  40. When you’re on the outside looking in, it’s easy to come up with your own rumor established bullshit on what’s going on in local politics & city business. Fact of the matter is there’s always #2 sides to a story and somewhere in the middle, you may find the truth! Many can blog here and blame everything that’s happening in the city’s budget on the prior Fabrizi Admin. Some blame the new forever-changing Finch Admin. or partly the State of Conn. Rell Admin.? But basically, it only being what since Dec. ’07, #9 months since a City Admin. change & city council. You would think that a bit of everyone involved, past & present has to share in the blame. And let’s not forget the B.O.E. as well for their part on the education side! To stop & try to blame all that’s wrong in the city’s budget on an ex-retired city worker that’s been brought back on a seasonal bases, “that in my opinion does a good job”, is just splitting hairs! And as far as some of the P/D overtime is concerned, it probably could be cut back some; however about $6million alone is spent on the arena, bluefish & summer concerts, entertainment & parks activities alone. Partly because of the contract accepted by the city during the Ganim years, with Bpt. picking up the tab on all the O/T concerning the arena, Bluefish, Klien, etc. And last but not least, there are “many factors” that come into play in Bpt. politics as well, like in many other towns & cities across America, “not just race”!

  41. Wondering:

    The Vibes or as I call it “The Pipes” is outside overtime.
    Outside overtime brings the city money while at the same time providing more income for the cop working outside overtime. The post article did not mention the revenue side of outside overtime and I believe that outside overtime brought the city over $1 million in revenue. You think that the Deputy chief you mentioned got every penny paid for the overtime? I think not. The city made money IF it was done through the outside overtime method.
    “Take away the cops that man the horses, the segways, the bicycles, the motorcycles, the ATV’s and the community service cops and put them back on the street where they belong and you will cut OT.”
    Are you saying that the city pays a horse, the segways, bicycles, motorcycles and ATV’s overtime? I was under the impression that these are tools for the cops to do their jobs. Hell, why not take it all the way and take their guns, bulletproof vest and cars. When you find yourself wondering why crime is out of control, just ask me why and I’ll tell you.

    Since you raised your favorite hippie event as an example. I wonder if you know that had the city insisted that the owner of the Pipes empire hired 150 BPT. cops as opposed to bringing in 150 New York cops to work as security guards we would have gained more than the $40,000 we allegedly got. The same was done to the Bridgeport civil service park employees who were denied overtime and instead the city allowed the Pipes folks to hire the Parks seasonal workers to avoid paying the civil service employees the overtime. So much for creating jobs for Bridgeporters. Now, I ask you! If the city of Bridgeport allow N.Y. cops to come here and do work (outside overtime) that should have been given to our local police, will the city also allow them (N.Y. cops) to work on construction or work road repair sites in Bridgeport? Plain and simple, had the city insisted that our civil servants (cops in particular) worked at the Festival of the Pipes, we would have gained more revenue with the outside overtime method. Now if the Police officers affected by this decision file grievances and win, guess who has to pay them. The only reason you saw some Bridgeport officers working on the days of the Pipes Festival was because N.Y.P.O. could not do traffic duty outside of the park grounds, perhaps that Deputy Chief was there to supervise them. Would you have been happier if an N.Y.P.O. was used instead of one of our own?

  42. Hey Lennie:

    How about putting up a nice comfy couch so that we can lay down on it and have velvet underground do some psychological analysis on most of us.

    Velvet underground, welcome to the OIB blog of Political madness. You are just what we needed here and I hope you bear with us on our mad journey. Whatever you do, don’t try to figure me out.

  43. Hello Joel, just for the record, I am a semi-retired licensed clinical psychologist and I still maintain a part-time private practice in New Haven. I am enjoying most of the postings on this blog! I won’t be overly analytical of anyone, just going along for the ride; although I can see that at times it’s not smooth sailing amongst the folks posting here.

  44. I realize everyone is consumed with the local CT elections and rightfully so.
    However I’ve got issues with John Edwards. I’m embarrassed that I ever posted hope for this loser.
    Yeah, who he sleeps with isn’t any of our business but his possible payoffs…shows a terrible lapse in judgement. How could he not think that money couldn’t be traced.
    Affairs don’t surprise anyone anymore, I wish the media would think of the children and the victimized spouse when they are blasting their news reports.
    His wife set aside precious time with her children to travel and campaign with pretty boy, all while she has been battling her disease. How kind of him was it to supposedly wait until she was in remission to begin his affair; I’m sure Elizabeth and their children greatly appreciate that.

  45. Voter Polarization is real and has been with us for a long time. A Black person is most likely to vote for a Black candidate like a white person is more likely to vote for a white candidate. Obama was different in that he was able to convince more whites to vote for him by using his white grandmother to create a crack in the Polarization phenomenon.
    I’m Puerto Rican and I can’t tell you what color can be given to my nationality. We come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Despite this fact, color still plays a role in Puerto Rican Politics. Black Puerto Ricans (Afro-ricans) are discriminated against in Puerto Rico. All Federal Judges are whites imported from the U.S. and even many of the leaders have foreign last names and educated here.
    I don’t give a damn about the color or Party affiliation of candidates. I know how to split my vote and have always done so.
    For any person (regardless or color) to believe that NObama will Change America, I would suggest that you check out www .suntimes.com and read about the change for the worst that NObama’s district in Chicago has taken.
    For a Black candidate like NObama to win in white majority States, one just has to be one smooth talking brother. It helps a whole lot to have an unpopular President.

  46. Mojo wrote:

    You would think that a bit of everyone involved, past & present has to share in the blame.

    Hell no. I will never share the blame. When I left the council in 2001, six years after the financial review board disbanded, I left behind $51 Million in the rainy day fund.
    Eight years later the fund is at 8.6 million and you want me to share the blame for this dollars disappearing act?
    Go find another scapegoat.

  47. Well, well, someone in the past must be feeling a bit guilty in how the city council voted for the 1st time on the building & contracts with the Bluefish & Harbor Yard Arena owners and their attorneys. Contracts that included in the language that the security and traffic control, “outside the facilities” would be handled by the Bpt. P/D! Now, I’m not claiming that I know how each and every council person @ that time voted during the Ganim Admin. but it shows that bone-headed decisions like that one always seem to come back later in the future to haunt the city taxpayers. So sometimes it’s not wise to lay the blame on others without knowing more facts,”past & present”. Also, let’s stay on track, the comments had nothing to do with the rainy day fund, past or present! It’s important to stay on the same sheet of music when trying to make a valid point on questionable information!

  48. Good Luck to all my fellow Bridgeport Democratic candidates in the morning! It’s been a tough haul, but fun and very educational in the ways and history of Bpt politics…no wonder everyone’s in the game…

    To all Bpt Dems, please come out and vote! Make this really exciting for a first timer!

  49. Dear Fellow Bloggers:
    It’s the middle of the night and I have awakened in a fright contemplating the financial mess in which this city finds itself.
    Let’s get over the frenzy of this primary election which seems to have dominated your thoughts. But once you have had your fling and you know who your candidates are for the November election, we had better turn our attention to the more serious issue of the day which is the financial disaster facing this city.
    This mayor has a very grave situation on his hands and I think he should come clean with the public. Perhaps it would be a good idea for him to call a town hall meeting at the Klein to advise the public of the TRUE nature of the problem. It is only with the truth that we can start over.
    This matter is far deeper and far worse than we’ve been led to believe. It reminds me of the apple cart with gleaming apples exposed to the buyers, but delve into the pile and you’ll find nothing but rot. I’m wondering whether the Governor is tuned in.
    For those of you who are property owners, you have the most to lose. Wake up.

  50. Con I think it’s too late.
    I think we should declare ourselves a bankrupt city, from politics, the BOE, unreal overtime grabs by the police, top heavy expensive supervisors in every sector of public service, an expensive non art center, we are a mess.
    Things have fallen apart, the center cannot hold, as W.B. Yeats said.


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