Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorney: Insurrection At U.S. Capitol Disgraceful, Criminal Activity–Durham Seeks Assistance

John Durham, appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut by Donald Trump, is urging public cooperation following the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“”We encourage people with information related to the activity yesterday at the U.S. Capitol to contact the FBI ( If the District of Connecticut is the appropriate venue for the prosecution of individuals involved in that disgraceful and criminal activity, our office will aggressively pursue any such matter.”

Durham, a career prosecutor, was also appointed special counsel by recently departed U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the law enforcement origins of the Russia probe. Barr acquiesced to Trump’s demand to investigate the investigators. Barr, a key Trump loyalist, resigned shortly after contradicting Trump’s assertions that he was robbed on election day. It ruptured the relationship.

No love lost between the two, Barr on Thursday issued a statement to the Associated Press that Trump’s conduct as a violent mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol was a “betrayal of his office and supporters.”

Barr added that “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable.”



  1. Lennie, I believe that you have a better understanding of Mr. Durham than anyone else on OIB so do believe that Mr. Durham is a real straight shooter because it seem that Barr and 45 were looking for Durham to find information against Hunter Biden to help 45’s with his reelection but Durham didn’t make any report concerning his investigation?

    1. Ron, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is conducting an investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes. Barr tapped Durham, prodded by Trump, to look into the origins of the Russia probe. Trump claimed he was unfairly targeted by political enemies in the Justice Department and essentially wants payback. So basically Durham, the investigator, is examining if the investigators violated the law in their probe. Durham has bagged a whole bunch of perpetrators in his career from mobsters to corrupt FBI agents to CIA torture tactics. He’s as resolute as they come, the guy you don’t want investigating you. He’s been at this for nearly two years now. Amid Trump’s public pressure to announce some findings before the election, Durham’s investigation wasn’t ready to reveal. Is there something there? Durham has a slew of investigators at his disposal. So far he’s suffered one major defection when experienced prosecutor Nora Dannehy resigned from the investigation, according to media reports, because of undue pressure to turn up something that perhaps wasn’t there. I’m guessing there have been days he’s wondered about taking on this assignment with a mad man in the White House. 12 days left! But this investigation will carry on, it appears, during the Biden administration.

      1. Lennie, you said,” prosecutor Nora Dannehy resigned from the investigation, according to media reports, because of undue pressure to turn up something that perhaps wasn’t there,” that’s why I asked you about Durham because of the respect that she has and that she wasn’t going to be involve.

      2. Lennie, you described, ” So far he’s suffered one major defection when experienced prosecutor Nora Dannehy resigned from the investigation…” her departure as a “defection”. Are you suggesting she’s now with the other side?

          1. Biased? Couldn’t keep her personal political views and opinions separate from her sworn duty?

    2. Lennie, the media seems to be doing a much better job than the bull in identifying protesters who breached the Capitol Building. Look at BOLO issued. It looks like the bull wants his men to take the more dangerous approach of identifying suspects and then send his men to round them up. Why not state the obvious. We know who many of you are and will identify others unknown. I ask that each one of you come in peace, turn yourself in and lets handle this peacefully and professionally, blah, blah, blah.

  2. John Durham (nicknamed “Bull”, by some CT reporters who have observed him over time) can be better judged or understood by people in the “cheap seats”, like me, from what he says and does especially with the energy he employs. So he is not a specialist practitioner with high profile criminal or business clients, but rather employed by the Federal government to prosecute their cases. That means to me that you get the info first with the help of the investigators including the FBI.
    It impresses me that he starts his search in CT as I observed other US attorneys for other states doing last night. Don’t you think that those “political animals” displaying their disagreement with come government processes in ways they never learned in school, will attempt to let people at home know about their baseball cap and banner activities in DC yesterday? And won’t folks be gathering up the evidence of presence and attack on property of all the people? Consequences are due for delivery, and in equal measure, to all parties who move from “non-violent protest” into “challenging aggressive and terror intended” measures.
    It seems that what was on display , especially in Georgia Senate race, was the way to encourage participation in an election, where American history shows the forces against some of the people being denied full voting rights for 150 more years than was intended by the end of the Civil War. With voting rights being treated as administered by States and not being equal, our trains have been running on different tracks for too long and the rules and timetables for each line have been kept too secret and difficult to learn. What happens now in both State legislatures and Federal government? Time will tell.

    1. P.S it’s been reported taht some of the agitators at yesterday’s protest on Capitol Hill are some of the same who inciting violence at BLM protests. It really doesn’t take much to incite a large group of demonstrators. Case in point, look at the “animal” in Shortsleeve shirt in front inciting violence. Inciting those animals to attack those other animals, and once they do, and starts. He takes off running.

      Clearly, it’s a jungle fill with animals. 🙂

    2. RT.
      I think it would be fair to say that you enjoy sharing visual info with OIB readers, just based on the number of your listings that offer a clickable reference.
      So the impression that was clearly left in my mind after viewing tape from broadcasts and OIB was of lots of masked white folks wearing red hats and/or carrying blue banners surging against fences, doors or window intended to be barriers to their entry. It seemed to me and to many that their goal was to overcome those charged with maintaining that property according to established rules, and accomplished with “physical strength and force” rather than intellectual reasoning or verbal oratory.
      Do I sense a pushback in using the phrase “political animals”? Each of us represents parts physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual in our natural selves when trying to make a point. In my opinion I was only able to observe the animal nature and it was expressed for political aims ( the attainment or expression of power). Do you think my term, “political animal” , was in error? Time will tell.

      1. I do. “) I learned it in school, PowerPoint. 🙂

        Thanks to the nerds who read a book in school made it and life easier for people like me. 🙂

        I also have a thing for happy faces 🙂

        However, are you sure It was expressed for just Political Aims? I have noted your words and it uses, without visual aids, had used to describe white folks wearing red hats. I mean, have you not ever seen black folks wear a red hat, specifically a red MAGA hat? It seems black folks are being left out again. Don’t you think?

        As for humans, they are represented in parts by physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual But are we talking about animals or humans?

        As for the term “animal” well, let’s be honest or let me enlighten you. I am sure black folks may understand, or be aware of, while it’s not the N-word I have seen many visual clips where blacks folks were described as animals by white folks.

        It seems it’s used as a term to describe blacks in some pejorative way. Probably because in a time before visual aids it was written into law that black folks are not considered fully human. Until some POLITICAL PARTY fought one of the bloodiest and deadliest war this country has ever seen to say otherwise. Ironically it’s the same political party that those red hat political animals are wearing, as you described.

        You see what’s happing here people. 🙂

        P.S I would like to thank the nerds not only for the visual aids but spell-check. Because without it you folks, black or white would be thinking I speaking F-ing Chinese. 🙂

        1. No, I do nof. He has followed a path that values only one person’s sense of reality….his own. His word cannot be trusted because he changes his words, refuses to provide actual meanings when he does speak; creates doubt and second guessing when he broaches a serious subject; fails in openness, accountability and transparency as well as honesty. In other words he creates chaos in practical relations and laughs when you trust him. He has not provided a “normal Presidency” and that does not MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but begs one of his acolytes to tell us under these circumstances when America was great before in Trumpian terms?

          Judging from the folks I saw trespassing at the Capitol, whether MAGA hatted or Trump bannered, they do not impress me as current examples of the 15% of Colonial citizen voters, part of the group that included the famous founding Fathers, the intellectual philosophers of governance that has come down to us in documents and laws to be followed by men (and now women) of ability and active service, including military to the country, unlike Trump himself who sees the folks on whom we depend for military defense and deployment, as “loosers”.

          He may attempt to change position in order to avoid consequences that may be tough for him to endure. But how could he have been different in the past four years without looking for a “do-over” acheived through an attempted coup? Time will tell.

          1. JML, then why the hell do you follow up to Robert, all that does is make him follow up with 6 new post of bullshit that kills the topic.

          2. Stay in your line, This is between two white people. 🙂

            P.S comrade, you’re mad because I am just pointing the obvious. 🙂

            Like, why are you reference me in a negative way to JML in a post he makes to you about a question you asked of him about 45. 🙂

            You see what happens here, people. 🙂

            Unless “THEN” was supposed to be an “AND” and you were asking JML another question. 🙂

            If so, you have my apology. If not, again, you’re just mad because I am pointing out the obvious. 🙂


  3. The scandal of politics: even those he appointed disapprove of his involvement. The next twelve days are what “seat belts” are all about — buckle up!

    Anniversary Time: in an unrelated matter, it was thirty years ago — January, 1991 — when the FDIC (Uncle Sam) seized Connecticut Bank & Trust, CBT and placed them under chapter 7 bankruptcy laws. They had numerous offices here. They all disappeared.


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