Tractor Stuck In Beach

CT Post reporter Keila Torres Ocasio has an update to beach concerns at Saints:

The Parks Department on Friday drove its heavy equipment onto the sandy area of the St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea neighborhood park and dug up and then replanted beach plugs that some residents say were designed to prevent erosion of the sandspit and to alleviate flooding in the area.

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  1. Great photo … One-sided editorial coverage by Torres.

    This suggests the entire Black Rock community and/or the St. Mary’s section are in an uproar over making a portion of the beach (as it had been previously) comfortable for people instead of piping plovers.

    A much more accurate reporting would be the Ash Creek Conservation Association is very upset. Many of my neighbors think this is a great improvement over the over-planting done two years ago.

    As to the mating horseshoe crabs, they have survived since prehistoric times. I’d bet the John Deer tractor didn’t even distract them from their ardor!

  2. Of course, what is entirely funny is the city is trying to do the right thing which is to clean/comb the beach. Shit happens! Ever step on a submerged horseshoe crab? I could do with one or two fewer. And yes Denis the ACCA is up in arms blasting out emails about ‘shame on the city’ and ‘the city gets what it deserves.’ My friends and neighbors are ecstatic about being able to use the beach again. I drove by, and lo and behold, people were laying on blankets and towels on the sand! Who would have thunk! What a novel idea! Bring on the tractors!!!

  3. Tractor driver looks like the Park Manager’s brother, a new hire of only a few weeks. He is a laborer not an equipment operator. Anything goes in the Parks Dept. As long as the job gets done. Not in this case. Charlie, you can do better!

  4. Is that Valeri’s brother? Figures. He is not an equipment operator and doesn’t even have a CDL which is a requirement. What, Valeri isn’t making enough money with all his overtime? The other machine operator is a relative of Testa. It just gets better and better in this department. They punish experienced employees over bullshit charges and let these fools operate equipment. Charlie has no clue and neither do any of his managers. It was just a matter of time until something happened. I’m surprised it took this long.

  5. Of course what is really hysterical in this situation is the ACCA didn’t fight when the New Fairfield Train Station was invading the real Ash Creek and disturbing all the plant and wildlife back there. Of course the train station will raise area property values and since some members of the ACCA are realtors … well, you get the idea. So conservation is a state of mind or pocketbook in some cases …


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