Town Clerk Adds Drop Boxes For Voters To Submit Ballots

From Town Clerk Charles Clemons:

In an effort to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, Governor Lamont signed an executive order allowing all registered voters to vote by absentee ballot in the November 3rd, 2020 General election.  All City of Bridgeport registered voters were mailed an absentee ballot request form with a postage paid return envelope by Secretary of State Denise Merrill. If voters choose to cast their ballot by mail, the ballot form must be submitted within the paid returned envelope and mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. All ballots must be cast and received prior to the 8:00 pm deadline on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

Drop-off completed ballots: In addition to casting ballots by mail, the City of Bridgeport Town Clerk office has provided four (4) secure drop boxes available for voters to submit their ballot; one drop box in front of the Margaret Morton Government Center at 999 Broad Street, one ballot box is located in front of City Hall 45 Lyon Terrace, another in front of Fire House Engine 10 on 950  Boston Avenue and one adjacent the Fire House on the corner of Ocean Terrace & Osborne Street. Voters may submit their ballots in the drop box at any time before the November 3rd deadline.

Individuals who would like to appear in person to cast their vote on November 3rd, polling locations will remain open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Check your voter registration status and location here. Voters should attend the “State” Polling Location Address as provided.



  1. So Lennie,
    What gives?
    BRIDGEPORT — The probable cause hearings in federal court for former Police Chief Armando “AJ” Perez and former Personnel Director David Dunn have been rescheduled.
    Dunn’s lawyer, Frederick Paoletti, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the hearings, scheduled for noon Thursday, had been continued. Paoletti said he and Perez’s lawyer, Robert Frost, had requested the continuances but he declined further comment.
    Is there something wrong here or is this just posturing for a plea???

    1. Troll, both Perez and Dunn were charged based on a criminal complaint, they were not indicted. When that occurs they must be indicted within 30 days or so via a true bill delivered by a grand jury. This sounds like the lawyers are trying to get their arms around the substance of the government’s case to better inform client strategy. If one or both decide to enter a plea they do so in the short term by waiving a grand jury indictment. They could also cop a plea after the indictment. If they decide to plea do they cooperate with the government to mitigate prison exposure? Right now AJ’s at the top of the food chain. Dunn has something to offer them, AJ, if he decides that route based on the government’s complaint. He’s 73 years old, in this Covid-era can he cop a plea without cooperating and receive no prison time? That’s part of what Paoletti is trying to figure out. AJ is a different story unless he has something big to offer the government. If he doesn’t he has no one to give up, his leverage is limited so does he fight til the end or fold his tent, plead out because the government’s case is open and shut?

          1. I said, “City union Presidents and City union members, they want Dunn doing time in jail not at home,” of course they don’t have the power.

  2. Lennie, let me offer a different perspective. Pérez was just given the answers to the exam. He didn’t ask for the answers, Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn called him up and said I was told to give you the answers for the exam. He gave him the answers and violated the public trust, the oath of office as the Director of Civil Service and committed a felony in the process by compromising the integrity of the exam costing the City of Bridgeport at least $17,000, what they paid the testing company.

    One can safely assume that when he compromised that exam it certainly wasn’t his first time because there is conjecture that he did at least twice in the Bridgeport Fire Department with the appointment of the last two Chief’s. The last two Fire Chief’s were the least educated out of their group of three and both were the desired candidates of the Mayor and both were chosen! Who’s the biggest thief the person that took the answers or the person who was in trusted in maintaining the integrity of the exam?

  3. I believe this posting was about ballot drop boxes.

    Are they under 24 hour video surveillance?
    It would be amusing to see if the DTC vote harvesters incorporate drop boxes into their game plan.

  4. Bobby, you didn’t hear this from me, but that conjecture was found by the Firebird Society as well. It’s my understanding that they’re asking for an investigation into Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn for MANIPULATING the results of entry level, Lieutenants, Captain’s, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief of the Bridgeport Fire Department exams. Oh, course it would be speculation on my part, but I would think this letter is being sent to Mayor Ganim, the FBI and the DOJ.

    Now I’m not actively involved in the Firebird Society like I was in the past, but my best guess is that this letter is coming down the pike sooner rather than later because I also heard that NO BLACK’S were promoted for the recent Captains exam and only ONE for the Lieutenants exam. Blacks haven’t had these abysmal numbers as far as promotions are concerned since the mid 80’s or since Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn was given his position without the benefit of any experience in Civil Service. When this is no longer conjecture I’ll see that OIB has a front row seat to the dismantling of deceit in the office of Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn.

    1. Don, no one seems concern about David Dunn being the “Acting” Personnel Director since 2009, neither Mayor Finch and Mayor Ganim called for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director, it taken the FBI arresting Dunn in order to get a nationwide search..

        1. Bob, I agree, Jacobs wasn’t going to be a puppet like Dunn and he has the qualification to move on to get a position of Personnel Director anywhere but Dunn couldn’t.

  5. Well it looks like this joke of a CC is over the “outrage” of Joe naming a new Chief… This week they are “outraged” over not being included on the talks of UB’s merger with 4 other universities. In fact, so “outraged”, that they invited the presidents of the all the university’s to a hastily called meeting on Zoom, they CCmembers all logged in, expecting the University officials to also be there, but guess what?, NONE of them bothered to participate!!.. 😂.. What a joke this Council is now, no one even takes them seriously now..And oh btw, the Council was “outraged”, no one showed up. 😂

  6. Here’ an idea for the Council, stop calling meetings, stop commenting publicly on things etc… Just meet once a month, get the agenda from Joe, and do what he asks.All the “outrage” is comical now.


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