Tony Barr Whistles Foul, No Votes From P.T. Barnum Apartments Over Cracked Basketball Court

Tony Barr petition
Tony Barr shows paperwork to run for City Council in Upper East Side.

Tony Barr, who says he’s passionate about the needs of kids in P.T. Barnum Apartments, asserts he made no threats against City Council members following an Ordinance Committee meeting Tuesday night beyond the threat of working against the reelection of Scott Burns for what Barr says is inaction over fixing a basketball court in the housing project of his youth. P.T. is located in Burns’ 130th District. “My heart is always P.T.,” Barr says. The 2015 petitioning candidate for mayor says he’ll be a candidate for City Council in the Upper East Side 138th District.

PT court
Cracked court in question.

Ironically, he claims, he was invited to the meeting by East End Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, with whom he had a nose-to-nose confrontation, on her advice to become more visible at meetings as a candidate for City Council. The basketball court is controlled by the city under the Parks Department and not the housing authority. Burns told OIB he’s working on the issue.

Here’s Barr’s account of what happened:

They can say I came off strong. With the condition Bridgeport is in I say I should come on stronger.

I was invited there by Eneida Martinez and I showed up there. The meeting was over with. We have been going back and forth with (Burns) with regard to fixing a basketball court at P.T. Barnum near a pavilion where you can do cookouts. The season is almost over. P.T. hasn’t had a basketball league in two years. The kids reached out to me and I helped put together a basketball league but the kids are playing on another court. The court they love playing on has holes all over the place. I told Burns you’ll not get votes at PT. You’ll get no votes.

If I did the things they said I’d be in handcuffs. So Tony Barr called 911.

Eneida Martinez got in my face and I said I’ll call the police.

I walked over to the police department and asked for the paperwork to fill out my own complaint against her.

In the six years I’ve been out for doing time for drugs and weapon possession, I’ve had no incidents with law enforcement other than the one involving the mayor’s office. The media keeps writing I threatened the mayor. I did not threaten the mayor.

I am not an alcoholic, I don’t use drugs.

Eneida Martinez showed her worse side when she turned her back on Ernie Newton for the City Council endorsement after promising to support him. That’s her character. She turned around and stuck it in his ass. I am for the kids, trying to help them out. She tried to sabotage me just like she sabotaged Ernie Newton.

The only thing she’s ever ever done for the East End is putting up street names after dead people, rest their souls. Stratford Avenue looks like 1962.

I am going to make sure Burns gets no votes from P.T. for not fixing the basketball court.

That’s the point I’m making. No votes from P.T.



  1. I drive by the basketball that Tony Barr is talking about that needs to be repair five days a week all summer on my way to the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club and nobody can play ball on that court. Instead the kids are playing basketball on the courts on St. Stephen Road where is no pavilion where you can do cookouts or to get out of the sun or to just sit down, there is no shade from the sun and heat. Scott Burns could easily tell Tony Barr that there is no money in the budget to fix the basketball court but he would look into it or could say doesn’t know. Scott Burns has shown hat he doesn’t give a dam about P.T. Barnum or the children who play there.

  2. That property is under the purview of the BHA or whatever the politically correct new name that it is called. I went by those new courts today. Those courts are state-of-the-art with fiberglass boards. There’s no crying in baseball and you don’t have it made-in-the-shade playing hoops. Give me a break! A Fast Break!!

    1. That’s more of a reason not to vote for Scott Burns. Grin, Did you get out of your vehicle and walk onto the basketball court by the pavilion and look at? Grin, it’s called “constituent service,” if voters in your district have concerns it’s your responsibility to help them to find the answer and if it means directing them to the right agency or finding the solution yourself.

  3. You’re absolutely correct Mackey it’s called constituent services, but it’s only relevant if Scott Burns thought his district extended North of Ellsworth St.

  4. I used to have some good runs with Kool Aid at Ellsworth Field back in the day. They plowed the court for another baseball field. Then they built a nice water park and picnic area where that court once stood. My point about the old court is that you have two nice courts a few blocks away . Get rid of the old court, plant grass and have a nice cookout area. BTW-P.T. Is part of Black Rock no matter how you want to parse it!

    This 3rd Degree Burns argument just isn’t cutting it!

    1. Grin, when I was a kid living in PT Barnum we never played at Ellsworth Park until Black Little League moved from Wordin Ave and next to Madison Motors on Fairfield Ave. to Ellsworth Field. In fact when we wanted to go see a movie at the Beverly Theater on Fairfield Ave. we wouldn’t take short cuts from PT because a lot of times some adult whites would yell at us asking us what were we doing over there so we would walk down Fairfield Ave. Parents want their children playing in a area where they can check on them and they know it’s safe.

      1. My dad John Fox started black Rock Little League with Harvey Paulin under the auspices of Madison Motors in a unofficial league in 1948 the league was organized by Harvey Paulin and John Fox , who recongnized the need for a place where boys can play organized baseball.

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  6. Tony Barr is running for City Council in the 138th? Where does he live in the 138th? I can’t recollect a single think he has done in and for the 138th District?

  7. Tony Barr, you are an alcoholic with a raging temper who treats women with absolute disrespect.

    No let’s mention the time you came to a standing room only a Board of Education meeting and attacked a beloved student volunteer and yelled out that he needed to go on a diet. He broke drown crying and the meeting had to be recessed so that he can be consoled. In fact, the board sent you a letter that you were banned from attending or speaking at any further meetings.

    You need treatment not an elected position.


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