1. I don’t know, while you can blame the Gas company, perhaps for some of Main Street, F-up roadway. However, let’s not forget Port politics for a good portion of these F-ed up roads, particularly Finch in that election year 2015 when Port politics came into play and it repaved miles of road, including Main Street, with that resurfacing/recycling asphalt system, which is not for heavy traffic roads. That is now falling apart.

    P.S. y’all need to go up to the end of Brookside shopping center. JS I mean Yall can see that right, or is Port politics blinding your A$$es 🙂


  2. Stop Holding the line on Paving Mayor Joe!

    This City has 820 Streets in Bridgeport, and more than half desperately needs repaving!
    For 8 years, your Three-Million-dollar budget for paving / patching Streets and re-patching the same flucking potholes over and over again, which only last a few weeks at best, the only thing the (Pot-Hole Killer Machine) was doing, was killing the undeserved TAXPAYERS!
    North Main Street. and all the other side Streets in the North End like (Well St.) it seems like the chickens are coming home to roost”.
    So, you kick the Paving Budget up to Ten Million this year, what’s that going to do?
    You’re not even in the Ballpark Mayor Joe?
    I think it’s time for an (ad-hoc) committee on Paving.

  3. Is this the way the City deals with ACCOUNTABILITY? Thousands of people daily exercise OVERSIGHT and will stay tuned for an overdue project. The roads have been in disrepair for months and a long delay of one month from the opening date of the asphalt plants, or so says Ganim3. What department chief keeps track of complaints of this nature. How are they posted for the public to see?
    Is this tough response to “road rage over surface issues” merely a distraction from the ever deepening budget issue around a quality affordable solution to education of 19,000 youths. Where has an article about how the City Council subcommittee and the Mayor’s office cooperate with the elected and appointed Educational stewards for City youth been posted on OIB recently? Why not? If we were having a groundbreaking, everyone would show up for a picture, shovel in hand, smile on face!!! What happens when the financial conversation requires greater digging and to the actual bottom of the problem? Time will tell.


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