Thousands Rally To Empower Women

Women's march
Roughly 10,000 in Hartford. CLARICE SILBER / CTMIRROR.ORG

From Clarice Silber, CT Mirror:

A year after thousands of Connecticut marchers took to the streets wearing pink hats and carrying homemade signs of resistance in the first Women’s March in Hartford, residents returned Saturday to again issue calls for action–this time to empower women at the ballot box.

A crowd police estimated at 10,000 gathered outside the State Capitol as marchers around the country protested President Donald Trump’s policies, and highlighted the #MeToo movement against sexual assault and harassment.

This year’s event was focused on motivating women to vote and run for positions of power, rally organizers said.

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  1. Thanks Joel, good article. A few points, black females really were not feeling Hillary and they didn’t come out for her plus they assume that white females would turnout and put Hillary into the White House. 2016 was a wake-up call and they now know that they have to do things for their self. Black females realize that 45 is the symptom of problems concerning their concerns and issues and that national Democrat Party new leadership understands their concern and they have changed they way did business in the past and especially the 2016 election. Black women came out in larger number for Doug Jones in Alabama than they did for Obama, they voted 98% for Jones and they did the same in Virginia for Governor Ralph Northam where black women voted 91% for Northam. This same wave and mindset will happen in Connecticut in 2018. Democrats understand that they can’t take the black vote for granted like Hillary did and where Republicans won’t even listen or go to listen to black female voters.

  2. Breaking news from CNN:

    In a news conference hastily convened by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D – California, she expressed support for the various women’s marches.

    “ I just attended a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House with President Trump. “

    “I am angry beyond description over Donald Trump’s disrespect for women.”

    “I used the executive washroom immediately following Donald Trump.” “I was mortified to find that he had left the toilet seat in the up position.” “This is unequivocal proof of his disrespect for woman.”

    “I call upon all women marching to raise their voices in unison and demand:


    “Our voices will be heard.”

    (thunderous applause and cheers from media staff)

  3. There were many choices of destination and content for expressing discontent yesterday. My wife was in Washington last year and traveled to Philadelphia this year for their demonstration. Amazing currents of energy and expression. Not just women running for office or espousing a specific action, but more than a generation of our public (and husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters and children) watching and listening closely to the variety of issues that are out there on which to become informed, excited, and engaged with others of like mind to work for pragmatic change. Love the humor expressed as so much of it reveals the absurdities of these days. Time will tell.


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