These Pols Are Popular, Plus: Lamont’s Jobs Plan

I got my mitts on a list of the 77 Bridgeport delegates to the state Democratic Party convention in May when donkeys will endorse candidates for constitutional offices such as governor, attorney general, etc. (What? I’m not on it?)

When you’re a delegate you become instantly popular with candidates for office. The list provides a look at who’s in and who’s not. Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa allowed each of the 10 Dem districts to select three, leaving him 47 of his own hand-picked delegates. Jesus Mario, you couldn’t be a little more generous with the district leaders? Mario wants a united front as he settles on a guber candidate to support. Delivering delegates from the state’s largest city can have advantages. Can he keep everyone together?

The list includes Black Rock District Leader Dan Roach, Board of Education member Pat Crossin, former State Rep. Hector Diaz. Hey, Johnny Fabs is a delegate, as well as the legendary bon vivant retired police officer Gene “The Dream” O’Neill, City Council President Tom McCarthy, former City Council President Lisa Honey Parziale, City Council members Sue Brannelly, Bob Curwen, Richard Paoletto, Warren Blunt, Richard Bonney, Manny Ayala, Lydia Martinez, former Dem Party Chair Cynthia King, State Senator Ed Gomes, East End District Leader Ralph Ford, former mayoral candidate Charlie “Captain” Coviello.

Hey, no Upper East Side committee member Andy Fardy? Hey, no City Councilman Bob Troll Walsh? No State Rep. Chris Caruso? Is there no love from Mario for Fardy, Troll and the Big Wave? As Fardy (Town Committee) points out in a post he was asked to be a delegate but declined. As for the Troll, he could still be an alternate delegate if Mario decides to support Lamont. Walsh is a Lamont supporter.

In the old days when challenge candidates required 20 percent of state convention delegates to get on the ballot you might see selective delegate primaries around the state. Yes, technically delegates can be challenged by slates decided by party voters. But ballot rules have been relaxed so it takes just 15 percent convention support to make the ballot or qualification via petition signatures. Dem guber leaders Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy will have no problem qualifying for a primary.

Mayor Bill Finch is not listed as a delegate for the constitutional offices, but is a delegate for the 22nd State Senate District, his old seat occupied by Anthony Musto. Testa, Vice Chair Dottie Guman, Fabs, Parziale and McCarthy are included among the 28 Bridgeport delegates in the tri-town district that also includes Trumbull and Monroe. Doesn’t appear that Anthony will have any problem gaining the party endorsement.

From Ned Lamont

Lamont Unveils Plan to Create Jobs in Connecticut

Outlines strategy for preserving and attracting businesses

New Haven, CT – Today, Connecticut businessman and Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont released his multi-pronged plan to create jobs, foster business growth, and move our state’s economy forward. Lamont’s Business Plan for Connecticut outlines immediate steps to help our companies succeed and keep jobs in Connecticut, while building the foundation for long-term prosperity through investments in promising industries, our education system, and our transportation infrastructure.

“For too long, we’ve been waiting for a governor who will put Connecticut to work. We can’t afford to wait anymore – it’s time for a new business plan for our state. As governor, I will take immediate steps to create jobs and reduce the cost of doing business here. But I’ll also keep my eye on Connecticut’s future, enhancing our strengths, modernizing our infrastructure, and putting our state on a path to success,” Lamont said.

“Every day, I’m going to be talking with our companies, making sure they have the support they need to grow their business, and I’ll be working the phones to recruit companies to our state, bringing good jobs with them.

“Now is not the time to be timid; we’ve had two decades of timidity. Now is the time to chart a new course with a bold plan and unwavering commitment to provide good jobs for all our people.”

As governor, Lamont will:

Make government move faster, accelerating the Department of Environmental Protection’s approval process and establishing a one-stop website and 1-800 number to help entrepreneurs start, fund, locate, staff, or expand a business as quickly as possible.

Stop ineffective tax giveaways and start making strategic investments, offering early-stage financing to promising firms and providing property tax relief for new businesses in urban areas to encourage investments in our cities.

Reach out to businesses across Connecticut, ensuring his government is dialed in to business needs now, and threats and opportunities in the future.

Modernize our transportation infrastructure by strengthening passenger and freight rail, investing in our most congested areas, and creating thousands of good jobs in the process.

Invest in our people to ensure our kids graduate with in-demand skills and well-paying jobs, and offering full loan repayment for students at state colleges who stay in Connecticut after graduation.

Attack high costs, building on federal reforms to bring down health care costs and creating an army of energy entrepreneurs to make Connecticut the most energy efficient state in America.

To read the entire plan, please visit

Dan Malloy response:


Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy today released the following statement:

“I’m glad to hear Ned talking about the economy. A lot of his ideas sound a lot like what I’ve been talking about for the past year and a half, and a lot like what I spent 14 years doing as Mayor of Stamford – a time during which we created almost 5,000 jobs.

“There are a few things I think we need to do that aren’t in Ned’s plan – such as instituting benchmark systems that would help the state identify critical economic needs and ensure that state resources are allocated as efficiently as possible. It makes no sense that, to this day and despite repeated attempts by the Auditors of Public Accounts to get this policy changed, Connecticut still refuses to release a list of companies that have received state aid and their respective records on job creation.

“That kind of practical review of how we’re using our resources is critical. It’s something that I learned as Mayor, and it’s an example of what separates Ned and me when it comes to economic development: our experience. I spent 14 years doing what the next Governor needs to do: taking the lead in creating jobs and fostering economic security. Ned hasn’t done that.”

Information on Malloy’s vision for Connecticut can be found at

From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Bill Finch To Visit March Beautification Award Winners

20 Bridgeport Property Owners to Be Recognized

Mayor Bill Finch today will visit six of the 20 Beautification Award winners in Council Districts 130, 131, 132, 135, 137, and 138 on. A total of 20 Beautification Awards will be given out in March, two in each City Council district.

“We are recognizing Bridgeport residents who take the time and effort to make their property an asset to their neighborhood. Keeping the Park City beautiful is an essential part of making it a great place to live,” said Mayor Finch.

WHO: Mayor Bill Finch; City Council Members; Neighborhood Revitalization Zone members; and members of the Mayor’s Beautification Awards Committee.

Mayor Finch will deliver a certificate and Mayor’s Beautification Award lawn sign, to the following property owners:

• 10 a.m. – David Blagys and Kathleen Pierce, 262 Sailors Lane (130th District)

• 10:30 a.m. – Mark E. Taafel, 36 Myrtle Ave. (131st District)

• 11:15 a.m. – Charles and Zdenka Krasznai, 1015 Lakeside Dr. (135th District)

1015 Lakeside Dr
1015 Lakeside Dr

• 11:40 a.m. – Paulo Furchi, 957 Evers St. Ext. (138th District)

957 Evers St Ext
957 Evers St Ext

• 12 noon – Bernice and Alfonso Smith, 1084 Iranistan Ave. (132nd District)

• 12:15 p.m. – Alpha Community Services, 480 East Washington Ave. (137th District)

480 East Washington Ave
480 East Washington Ave

The Mayor’s Beautification Awards by district– March Winners

• 262 Sailors Lane and 395 Courtland Ave.

• 239 Atlantic St. and 36 Myrtle Ave.

• 2119 Park Ave. and 1084 Iranistan Ave.

• 480 Garfield Ave. and 705 Garfield Ave.

• 65 Melbourne St. and 2490 Madison Ave.

• 1015 Lakeside Drive and 81 Cumberland Drive

• 362 Pequonnock St. and 106 Jones Ave.

• 117 Maple St. and 480 East Washington Ave.

• 525 Jennings Ave. and 957 Evers St. Ext.

• 271 Wilmot Ave. and 912 Central Ave.



  1. Romney puts his Mitts on Tom Foley. Fedele says to all comers to “Put up your Dukes” with neocon campaign ad.

    Himes ready to dance in the center of the ring. donj says, ‘Bring it on’ for this Thrilla in Vanilla!

  2. Hey TC,
    This is from You cannot get more conservative than that.

    Don’t Panic: Health-Care Hit Is Minimal
    March 29, 2010
    The health reform law is forcing companies to take large earnings charges related to retiree drug benefits. But the charges mean little in terms of company valuations, say analysts.
    AT&T, Caterpillar, and Deere are among the companies that are reporting large first-quarter accounting charges because of the repeal of a tax deduction by the new health-care law. But the charges will have little effect on company valuations or cash flow, analysts say.

    It seems financial analysts see nothing of consequence to what the conservative radio heads are yacking about.

  3. Lennie,
    I asked the party’s Vice Chair to be named a delegate and told her I would be willing to talk directly to Mario. My request is still under consideration.
    I believe this means once the deal is cut it will be safe to name me as an alternate.
    Almost 20 years on the City Council. More time than that on the town committee. If I must say one of the hardest campaigners in the city. Sometimes for the Democratic endorsed candidate; sometimes against. But never against a Democrat in a general election. And this is the thanks I get.
    Mario still believes might is right. And in Bridgeport the tent continues to shrink.

  4. Bob you can gloss over the financial reports companies made in the past week and by the way these fillings were required by law.
    If you don’t think or if the financial consultants don’t think this will affect anyone you and they are mistaken. I have to wonder if these were the same financial consultants that were around when Wall Street and the banks bottomed out.
    I digress. ATT reports they will have to come up with $1 Billion to cover retirees and present employees health and prescription plans under the new health care bill. Where do you think this money is going to come from? The Obama money tree?
    Look what will happen in all probability is employee benefits and retiree benefits will be reduced and new hiring slowed. Any shortfall after that will come in the form of rate hikes or from reduction of services.
    I think this is startling news and have to wonder if congress knew this was going to happen. No matter what this will hurt the job recovery effort.

  5. Bob they are trying to present a unified front at these conventions. You have jabbed at the TC for years and said some tough things about the chairmen and now you want to be delegate? The last thing they need is you up in Hartford or here in Bridgeport trying to cut your own deal with one of the candidates. Based on past performance you would probably go against whoever the delegates chose to endorse.

      1. Lennie I refuse to vote for downstate candidates I don’t care who they are. Bridgeport has been getting screwed by the downstate politicians for years. What’s going to change now?

  6. “town committee,” Let me see if I understand this right. Andy you said, “You (Bob Walsh) have jabbed at the TC for years and said some tough things about the chairmen and now you want to be delegate?” Then you said “I (Andy) was asked to be a delegate for both conventions by Mario. I declined.” Now what I don’t understand is, Andy you “jabbed” at Democratic positions like you were a proud member of the Republican Party but you are asked to be a delegate at two conventions and the longest-serving City Councilman of those now serving is not asked? So Andy, your jabs are not as bad as Bob Walsh’s jabs?

    1. I was asked to be a delegate because when push comes to shove I am out there on election day supporting the Democratic candidates. I have also worked in other districts during primaries supporting endorsed candidates.
      Sure I have jabbed at some of the administrations in the past especially this one. I have also voted for some tough things while a member of the park commission such as the sale of Beardsley Park to the state. Without my vote the city does not get the state funds it needs to keep the tax rate stable.
      Look I like Bob Walsh and wish there were more like him on the council. Bob very, very rarely backs or supports the endorsed mayoral candidate at election time. Bob never met with the chairmen to clear the air.
      Ron you of all people talking about nailing the administration or the Democratic party. What is it today, if you question the party and certain positions it takes you are disloyal? That’s bullshit and you know it Ron. BTW my doing it on this blog gets people to talk about what’s going on and that’s a good thing; any exchange of ideas is a good thing. Just look at the blog today.

  7. Trust me as a proud Bridgeport CT Democrat I sure as hell do not want Fardy representing me as a resident on who should be endorsed for any Democratic position. Hell to the no!!! He does not share 99% of Democrats’ views. He represents Republican views on 90% of things. That would not be fair for him to be a delegate and I am happy he is not.

    1. donj: Life is not fair in case you have not noticed. Tough luck kid if I had wanted it I would have been a delegate. Because someone does not go along blindly with everything one party or another espouses does not make that person anti anything. donj if you read more and watched the cable stations maybe you would understand what’s going on. If you read my blogs on health care I said I supported most of it and had problems with some of it. donj you don’t really know what’s in it, yet you blindly accept it. It’s true I don’t always agree with the Democratic point of view but at election time I am out there supporting Democratic candidates that’s a 14 hr day. I suggest you try it instead of playing or trying to play numbers guru. Get in the trenches instead of staying home.

    2. Spelling doesn’t count on the telephone.

      It’s different on the internet.

      Lurkers (my fan base) do not want to blog here because they do not want to associate with your bad grammar. It ruins their self-image. I am writing to assuage their fears, assist OIB and make my phone stop ringing.

  8. “Are you a man or a mouse, peep up or squeak up” heard on the street in Bridgeport circa 1976. That’s why I Love this city “QUICK-witted.” Hit me back with some Bridgeport originals. MOJO I know you have a few.

    1. Hector, remember these:

      You’re “one way State Street.”

      You’re so crazy you belong in Fairfield Hills.

      Meet me tonight at 7 by “the point.”

  9. Ron, there are a lot of things people don’t know and that’s okay but here are just a few more.
    1. Rep Biafore and I got little league interested in putting their regional headquarters here and Rep Gabe Biafore got moneys to improve the exiting on and off the Merritt parkway for this complex.
    2. I led the charge to have Scinto pay a $300,000 fee for a right of way for the movie complex on Quarry Rd
    3. I got the city to get the $10 million dollars in state monies to build the carousel at the zoo. I also led the charge to stop the sale of the original carousel horses.
    4. Came within one vote on the council that would have stopped the leasing of the golf course which ultimately cost the city a ton of money in lost fees.
    Ron I paid my dues and still work for Democratic candidates, in fact I worked for Curwen and Paoletto after losing the primary. There is no harm in questioning things. The harm comes when you don’t question things and hold people accountable. You know how that goes Ron, you fought a lot of battles.

    1. IF my ancient memory serves me correctly it was the late and great Perry Pilotti that brought Little League to the table only to be rebuffed and Perry humiliated by Bucci and the Parks Board. The re-engineering of those exits must be in Bristol!

      We need more people like Walsh and less go-alongs-to-get-along only looking to feather their nest.

  10. “Bridgeport Now” Tuesday March 30

    Guest list:
    8pm News with Michael Voytech
    8:15 Gwen Samuel, State of Black CT Alliance
    8:35 Charles Brilvtich, history

    Now did TC say: Obama money tree? Well why not take some of it? For education, it’s called “Race to the Top.”

    According to today’s CT Mirror, the hottest story around is the $4.3 billion that Obama is handing out to states that pass an education reform test. Connecticut got 345 out of 500 points, not enough. Tennessee scored well, and got $500 million for education!

    So what are we doing to get this money? Nothin’!

    Now I like unions like any other guy, protectors of the working people like me. But according to Tom Murhpy, a spokesman for the State Department of Education, unions are standing in the way for Bridgeport to get access to this money.

    Guess what, New Haven and Hartford unions didn’t sign a memo of understanding either, which would provide an open door to the Obama Money Tree for schools. Hmmm, what’s up with that?

    On the program to discuss is Gwen Samuel, chairperson of the State of Black CT Alliance.

    The deadline for applications for the second round of “Race to the Top” grants is June 1. Winners will be announced in September.

    CT Mirror article:

    Note: thanks to the city for boarding up that empty window on Middle Street, old boys and girls building we featured in last week’s show.

  11. Now TC this is simply not true.
    “Bob very, very rarely backs or supports the endorsed mayoral candidate at election time.”
    For the past however many mayoral elections there have been with me on the same ticket, what exactly does this mean? I am encouraging people to split their votes? Not true.
    Are you saying I actively work against the Democratic candidates for mayor? Not true at all.
    That I do not support the ticket when I am campaigning or working the pols? Again not true.
    That I do not show up at events in my district WHEN ASKED? Not true.
    I am out doing my thing. Knocking on doors. Talking with my peeps. Just because I do not hang out in headquarters hoping to be seen as a loyalist does not mean that I am not pushing the party line in the general election. (And simply because I am saying this in my defense it does not mean that I am implying the same of you.)
    There are far too many thin-skinned politicians in this city. If you argue with them at the council you become the enemy.

  12. *** Really have no comment on the city’s Dem chosen delegates for the Dem State’s Convention. I don’t feel the excitement in these coming elections as I’ve had in the past & it pretty much seems like another pep rally for an average questionable team, we’ll see. *** Why does “Bpt Now” always seem to have the same guest every month? Wonder if some of the running candidates would be willing to appear on the show, even if just for some personal comments on the up-oming elections, etc. (probably not). *** “Just a thought” CT state legislation representatives, Senate & House, Dem & Repub should really think about making some good changes in general to the State Elections Enforcement Commission, especially @ the city or town levels with actual follow-ups concerning compliance measures, etc. There is far too much wiggle room for rules deception & political strong-arming, and everything else which in my view is ruining the parties in general & voter morale, etc. Just silly wishful thinking I guess? *** “Leave no voter behind!” ***

  13. ALONE on a mountain top, overlooking his people below and with arms open wide, MOJO makes his pitch to pols of all stripes: START doing what we elected you to do. We don’t expect perfection but Leave NO voter behind. What a great slogan. I wouldn’t be surprised if some savvy pol didn’t latch onto that!


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