The Twisted Johnny Rizzo: A Comic’s Journey

Bridgeport is loaded with comics and we’re not even counting the City Council. John Ratzenberger, Kevin Nealon, Richard Belzer are among the funny men either born or raised in the city. Our rubber-faced Johnny Rizzo as well. What! They made a documentary about Johnny? (Hey, Johnny would call it a duckumentary.) They’re showing it Jan. 10 at the Bijou Theatre on Fairfield Avenue. If you haven’t seen the Bijou you haven’t lived. I’ve got this show on my calendar. Johnny’s a trip. Check it out. Buy tickets. Invite your friends.

A Documentary by Pablo Cruz. How does a guy from Bridgeport, CT become a national touring stand-up comic? This documentary explores what it was that influenced Johnny to pursue a life in show business. We travel along with Johnny to his hometown to try and find out how he got where he is. You might say that the city of Bridgeport, CT is his co-star. Join us on This Comic Journey.

Bar Opens at 7:00pm. Show Begins at 8:00pm. Q&A following the film

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