The Search For Frank Recchia’s Brother

From News 12:

Family members held a news conference Tuesday about the missing brother of News 12 reporter Frank Recchia.

Frank Recchia and niece Bunny Rodriguez called the news conference as the disappearance of Peter Recchia nears one month.

Peter Recchia was last seen on surveillance video at the Exxon in New Haven on Oct. 3.

His family says he suffers from medical and mental health issues and has dementia-like symptoms. He has no history of violence and could be confused.

“It has been exhausting personally, just to emotionally go through this process because it’s my father,” said Rodriguez. “A father I care about so much. I have children. They do miss their pop pop, so that’s very hard each day to tell them, ‘I’m still looking.'”

Sen. Dennis Bradley and Mayor Joe Ganim were present at the news conference.

Frank Recchia and Rodriguez said Tuesday police recently called off their search for Peter Recchia because they do not have the resources to continue a full-scale search. The two are asking for the public’s help finding Peter Recchia.

The family got support from dozens of elected officials and community members Tuesday–many of whom Frank Recchia has used his platform as a reporter to help in the past.

“In my decades of television news reporting, I have seen many terrible things,” said Frank Recchia. “And I have come to accept that this story may end tragically. That does not mean we are going to break the faith with Peter Recchia. We will continue to keep focus on finding Peter as long as it takes.”

An advertising agency has donated a digital billboard to help get the word out about Peter Recchia.

His daughter has started a GoFundMe page with hopes of raising money to hire a private investigator.

Anyone with information on Peter Recchia’s whereabouts is asked to contact police.


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  1. I feel for Frank and his family. I like what he said at the vigil today that there’s more reason to expect that his brother Peter is alive than deceased. I pray for Peter, Frank and all of their family! God is good !!


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