The Nov. 5 Election Ballot

Barring court intervention involving the challenge to the September 10 Democratic primary, we’re three weeks away from the Nov. 5 general election featuring races for mayor, city clerk, town clerk, school board, city sheriffs and City Council.

The sample ballot above is from the West Side 132nd district.

The bottom line features a two-step process for write-in votes most notably for mayor. State Senator Marilyn Moore, policy wonk Jeff Kohut and Republican Ethan Book who was unsuccessful in his mayoral primary pursuit have registered with the state. Electors must fill in the oval and then write the name, or something representative, on the ballot.



  1. Lennie, Are the (Skirt Party Broads) only on line D? ( Kennedy, Losak, and Pereria )
    It look’s like they also have a Write-in Bubble, on line E

    I’m so confused…………

    1. Jim,

      If I had known in July that you were a cross dresser I would have asked you to run on the ‘For the People” line with us. 🙂

      You would have had to shave your legs though. 🙂

  2. Just a Question but How are you going to let the people who Vote by AB, know to Vote for the Write In Candidate, without influencing they’er Vote? Lennie remind me , is this the first time that that last line was included w/spanish? Shouldn’t than the Democrat be also Democrata, Republican – Republicano etc. I believe it may constitute an unfair advantage. Maybe Gen Now will complain since they are limited in their membership of Puerto Rican’s?


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