The Democratic Primary Results

The Registrar of Voters’ unofficial results for Tuesday’s Democratic primary, according to the CT Post.

Board of Education

Endorsed candidates: Kathryn Bukovsky, 1,917 votes; Simon Castillo, 1,977 votes; Brandon Clark, 1,862 votes.

Petitioning candidates: Andre Baker, 3,409 votes; Howard Gardner, 3,284 votes; David Hennessey, 3,308 votes.

City Council

132nd District

Endorsed candidates and incumbents: M. Evette Brantley, 234 votes; and John Olson, 222 votes.

Petitioning candidates: Robert Halstead, 268 votes; and Patricia Swain, 270 votes.

135th District

Endorsed candidates and incumbents: Warren Blunt, 371 votes; and Richard Bonney, 317 votes.

Petitioning candidates: Mary McBride-Lee, 434 votes; and Richard Salter, 428 votes.

136th District

Endorsed candidates and incumbents: Angel dePara Jr., 132 votes; and Carlos Silva, 123 votes.

Petitioning candidates: Alfredo Castillo, 241 votes; and Richard DeJesus, 245 votes.

137th District

Endorsed candidates: Aidee Nieves, 407 votes; and Maria Valle, 424 votes.

Petitioning candidates: Milta Feliciano, 424 votes; and Lydia Martinez, 446 votes.



  1. You just never know when all the arrogance and sense of entitlement that is the Party Machine of Finch-Wood-Testa will come home to roost.
    These challenge-slate winners were honest and organized. And they got the job done. God bless the BOE challenge slate.

    Now the need to be ever watchful will begin. If David Walker and John Marshall Lee are worth their weight in gold, it will be now.

    Truth telling will not be coming from Tom Sherwood or Mark Anastasi to members of the challenge slate.


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