The City’s Finance Lenz–And What’s Going On With The Deficit?

Mike Feeney has left Bridgeport to become finance director for the Stratford BOE. Replacing Feeney on an interim basis is Dawn Norton who served as deputy director of finance.

Anne Kelly-Lenz, the city’s able tax collector, will assume the added duties of interim deputy director of finance, according to Chief Administrative Officer Andy Nunn. We have a lot of interims and actors in Bridgeport. Hey Anne, I hope you’re getting more dough for this!

By the way, what’s going on with closing the city’s multi-million budget gap? We’re almost five months into the budget year. Paging budget director Tom Sherwood.



  1. Lennie, I broke this story half an hour ago!!! This job was supposed to go to Norko. Dawn and Kelly were put in because they can be controlled by Sherwood. As far as the $8 m deficit, Sherwood is saying that many heads will roll come January 1st to close that gap. Don’t know how smart that is just as the mayor’s election season kicks off. Time will tell, Mojo.

    1. The Fixer // Nov 17, 2010 at 10:42 pm
      to your posting

      I know I repeat myself when I often mention that half the problems with the City Budget and its deficit rests with SHERWOOD. Yes I would agree that SHERWOOD thinks he could control these two women over Norko, but don’t sell Anne Kelly-Lenz short, if anyone could put a burr under SHERWOOD’s saddle, it could be Lenz. The take on Norton is that she is petty and mean and follows every order given by Feeney, who in turn follows every order given by SHERWOOD. So Norton shouldn’t have any trouble following orders, suggestions, guidelines and directives given by SHERWOOD.
      When SHERWOOD advises the Mayor to let heads roll and go ahead with layoffs, and at the same time he advises the Mayor to let dozens and dozens of take-home City cars remain on the books until the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2011, we know there is serious cooking of the books going on …
      Some SHERWOOD, some Mayor!

  2. *** Will it be a happy New Year for city workers as the budget year gets closer? And will the one-time quick fix sewer money plans leave the city’s flooding districts up to their necks in waste in the future? Who will be zooming who as we get closer to the 2011 local elections? *** OIB ***

  3. Is there really a budget deficit? It seems when it comes to mayor moonbeam’s clean and green bullshit expense knows no bounds.
    We bought a number of new Mad vacs which are used to pick up trash in the streets and parks. It seems the mayor has decided these new machines should be painted Green. Thus they were sent out to a private concern to be professionally painted Green. So far this year we will have Green mad Vacs and we bought 5,000 new recycling containers that are not working out. November 2011 can’t come fast enough. ABF.

  4. Take a look at this article
    on New Haven and their budget shortfall and the percentage of union workers who live in New Haven versus suburbs.

    Seems the higher the income levels (cops, firemen, teachers), the overwhelming majority live outside NH … Bet same would be true in Bridgeport as well.

    Current pay/benefits package seems unsustainable.

    Also anecdotally, there does not seem to be a very high concern on many City workers’ part to be efficient in their work process, City expense, benefits, etc. … They don’t have a dog in the fight so who cares if resident taxes go up?
    Food for thought.

  5. Frustrated Dem: From a strictly political point of view having city union members live out of town is a good thing. By moving out of town they lose their power as a political force. There was a time when police & firefighters lived in the city. There were approx 1,000 of them plus spouses gives you 2,000 potential votes, this does not include other family members. We were able to basically control primary wins or losses and in more than 1 case we elected the mayor (Panuzio for 1).
    The lack of political force should make the powers that be stronger in negotiations (they are not) without fear of political retribution.


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