The Battle For The North End

When did Facebook start reading like an OIB thread? When it comes to city politics, anyway. A number of OIB readers and posters got into a battle with former State Rep. Bob Keeley, a candidate for City Council in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips are challenging party-endorsed Jeanette Herron and Mike DeFilippo in the North End 133rd District. A state judge ordered a new primary after Keeley challenged Herron’s 1-vote lead by a single absentee ballot. So on Tuesday, they’ll do it all over again. But a thread deep into the night began when North End town committee member Steve Auerbach asserted. “Bob Keeley, I am shocked you would write on my time line to suggest I would support you over Jeanette Herron or Mike DeFilippo.”

Here’s a sampling of the thread below. If you want the entire thing see here

Bob Keeley, I am shocked you would write on my time line to suggest I would support you over Jeanette Herron or Chantal DeFilippo Mike Defillipo. I didn’t believe you were a snake like this but you are like they said. A scab that won’t go away. Jeanette Herron Tom McCarthy and the 133rd have my full support. Totlly shocked tht you would go on my time line and make anyone believe I’d be supportng- just for the record. Now I’ll have to stand in front of Blackham with you to prove you are not my candidate – No offense. Jeanette Herron, Tom McCarthy- Kick his ass .

Steven Auerbach Bob I can only imagine you were doing that on my timeline as an act of desperation

Joel Gonzalez Steve go and campaign on the streets Bob asked you to. Campaign for his opponents.

Steven Auerbach Joel have a bad cold- but yes. I should take the time on Tuesday.

Mary Evette Brantley The nerve…Good for you, Steve. Stand for something or fall for anything!

Stephen Krauchick All I know is that whenever I go out at a crime scene or fire in her district there is Jeanette Herron giving assistance and aid to her constitutes. That to me speaks volumes at what kind of a person she is!

Steven Auerbach Stephen Krauchick I agree.

Bob Keeley Whenever…really? I thought Tisdale School employees were supposed to be in their special education classrooms Monday through Friday? Television cameras do not lie…who is with the kids at Tisdale when this para-professional is out with you at crime …

Stephen Krauchick Were you there? No. She doesn’t pose she is there helping.

Marshall Marcus School employees are due a certain amount of personal time per contract. You have no idea whether Jeanette Herron is using such time when out of the classroom on a school day. I have had the pleasure of being in the classroom with Jeanette Herron in the past and the SOARS students at Tisdale are very lucky to have her there.

Bob Keeley Steven, what did the spider say to the fly?

Steven Auerbach not sure what the spider said to the fly- I will say you lied and made a comment on my facebook page. It is an act of desperation and you crossed the line

Joseph Basile Steve is this the way Bridgeport politics is played?

Steven Auerbach Bob Keeley- I do not know what Jeanette Herron agreement is with her school- she has a position- she is expected to be there and I will say whenever she is helping her constituents she is peobably on her own time.

Stephen Krauchick I have never taken a stand with a politician on my website which has 52,000 Likes on Facebook alone. But your bad attitude has changed that. This was your doing. Shows your sense of judgement.

Dollie N Ralphie Fonseca I would vote for Jeanette Herron 




      He supported Kane
      He supported Burns
      He supported Clinton.
      He supported Foster.
      He supported Finch.
      He supported Musto
      He supported Moran
      Pending Defilippo
      Pending Herron
      Pending Joe Ganim

  1. I have no horse in this race, as I live and vote in Trumbull. Two years ago, when the SOARS teacher at Tisdale was serving on a murder jury, I spent three weeks in that classroom with Jeanette Herron. She was meticulous in checking her phone for messages and returning calls during her scheduled breaks and lunch period.
    BTW, I think taking screenshots from Facebook and publishing them on OIB without the FB posters’ advance permission is in poor taste.

      1. My opinion of poor taste has nothing to do with Bridgeport. I don’t hide behind a nom de plume……………

        Some people who post on social media think they are only posting for those authorized to read the post. If I had blocked John Doe on FB, I might not be happy if a post was reprinted where he could read it.

        In my case, it doesn’t matter…………………….

        1. I don’t hide behind a “nom de plum” either, Marshall. My Name is Derek W. Brown. Everyone else knows this. You must have been standing behind the door when the announcement was made.

  2. And then the city planning dept. says “My bad. We don’t need rules and regulations about how close they should be to one another or schools or churches or whatever. We’ll change the rules to make Mario’s bartender happy.”

  3. @Bridgeport Kid….
    My remark was not intended for you, but those who post on FB using assumed names.
    The reply only followed your remark to show that it did not apply solely to Bridgeport

      1. @Bridgeport Kid……………..
        No apology needed.

        BTW> I was in Madison School today and saw the two voting tabulating machines sitting in the stairwell. There was a locked cage of other equipment, but the machines into which ballots are inserted to be scanned and counted were available to be handled by every child who walked by.

        It is my opinion that all voting equipment should be under lock and key until set up by the Registrars/moderators on voting day at the polling location.

  4. Steven Auerbach’s FB page posting here on OIB proves absolutely nothing except that Steve has dildo DTC/Testacrat friends. I think that I’m going go and help to start canvassing the 133rd to get rid of more Testacrats. I am a proud Democrat. The fact the The Bridgeport Democratic Party does not have a functioning website and the only point of contact is the phone number and e-mail of a pizza maker is am embarrassment of everything that defines of what it means to be a “Democrat.”

  5. A Bartender / bucket boy will make a superb replacement for Tommy Mac.
    He’ll do as he is told and whatever he makes is worth more than his contribution to the cause.

          1. “Get to the back of the short bus.”

            You better hope Ron Mackey and Donald Day don’t read that.

  6. I don’t know how I was tagged in a facebook post that included me in this back and forth, but I wish they’d stop sending me unsolicited comments. I don’t want these political comments and opinions showing up on my page. Facebook to me is a vehicle that keeps me in touch with family, friends, and happy exchanges. If I want to do battle, or give opinions, this is where I want to be. OIB.

    1. Lisa Parziale, I had recently revised the AB Application sign-out list at the Town Clerks Office and I didn’t see Mario Testa’s name at all as having signed out any AB Applications.


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