The Accidental Journey Of Johnny Fabs, Plus: Land Grab And Bring On The Primaries

John Fabrizi is a mighty ball of emotion–cigarette in one hand, a tissue in the other–and Larry Locke’s 80-minute docudrama, The Accidental Mayor, of Fabs’ years as mayor did not disappoint the 270 folks that plunked down $30 for a ticket to benefit the Barnum Museum and City Lights Gallery.

An eclectic group from the business and political communities filled the Barnum Museum. My wife Mo and I were flanked by Sly Salcedo, who had his petition clipboard on hand, trying to qualify for a primary run for state representative, City Councilman Bob Walsh who was there for the entertainment value, Rina Bakalar, former policy advisor with the city now head of Congressman Chris Shays District Office in Bridgeport, and Larry Merriam, last year’s Barnum Festival ringmaster.

Rina had a nice segment in the documentary trying to refocus Fabs on city business in the days after his public admission of cocaine use in 2006. Locke literally had a camera poised on Fabs’ life, in the mayor’s office, in the streets, at ribbon cuttings, at drug testing, at home and with his therapist trying to deal with emotion of public disclosure.

Fabs’ media advisor Caryn Kaufman and Chief of Staff Charlie Carroll were at the center of the hurricane dealing with the public and political fallout of his cocaine admission. And then when it seemed like things were turning around – oops – Fabs walked into the courtroom to seek leniency on behalf of a sexual offender at the request of his son and wife Mary. Councilman Tom McCarthy, now the city council president, has a key role on camera breaking the news to Fabs that testifying on behalf of a sexual predator, no matter how well intended, was political suicide. Locke also captures the days when Fabs experienced buyer’s remorse following his decision to not seek reelection. City pols leaned hard on Fabs to make way for Bill Finch, fearing Fabs could not defeat archenemy Chris Caruso.

The docudrama focuses on Fabs trying to get his arms around a city in the wake of former Mayor Joe Ganim’s conviction on corruption charges. I don’t know if this will play anywhere else, but Locke is a total pro behind the camera, capturing the drama and bizarre episodes. It’s sad, tragic and often times funny. Fabs, who received a standing ovation from the Barnum crowd after the showing, spoke about his apprehension of opening himself up to Locke’s camera.

The former mayor would love to have his old job back. And, in Bridgeport, you just never know.

Land Grab

Hey, what’s the deal with the city possibly owning a piece of Stratford’s Long Beach? Reminds me of the time, only in reverse, that the city built a firehouse on private property. Kudos to Harry Neigher for tipping us off about this land confusion. Could it be the city finally has some leverage over Stratford?  Maybe we’ll have a Miron/Bird Man showdown!

Primaries Primaries

Chatted this afternoon with Democratic Registrar of Voters Sandy Ayala (thank you, Sandy, it’s a busy time for you) who provided the following update. Sylvester Salcedo, the Fightin’ Filipino, and the legendary Chico Rivera, have qualified for an Aug. 12 primary against party-endorsed Eze Santiago, a member of the City Council, for the 130th State Assembly District. Cougar Rodgerson, who did not pull petitions, opted out of a primary run. Bill Stewart qualified to challenge incumbent State Rep. Don Clemons in the 124th District. State Rep. Andres Ayala, denied endorsement by Lydia Martinez in the 128th District, has also qualified. State Rep. Chris Caruso, facing a challenge from City Councilman Carlos Silva, had not submitted his signatures as of 2:30 p.m. with a 4 p.m. deadline looming, but the maverick state rep. has a history of turning in his petition sheets just minutes before the deadline. Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, qualified last week to challenge State Rep. Rapid Robert Keeley. Bring it on, baby!!

Members of SEIU are making a push to persuade state legislators to save health care benefits before it’s too late. See union release below:

Hartford, CT – On the steps of the Capitol building on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., children will give legislators their applications for HUSKY while their parents, cleaners at the Capitol building and other state-owned facilities, will appeal to the legislators to pass measures that will save their current employer-paid health care. Hundreds of children and their parents are at risk of losing their health insurance because of the legislature’s inaction in correcting the terms of the Standard Wage Law which governs the benefits of service workers at state-owned buildings and facilities.

The Standard Wage Law, which outlines the wages and benefits for nearly 600 cleaners of state-owned buildings and facilities, including the State Capitol building, Bradley Airport, the Stamford train station, UConn and other community college campuses, includes an arbitrary cap on benefit costs which is being exceeded by the rising costs of health care. As a result, hundreds of cleaners and their families could lose their health care, making many of them eligible for public health programs. The cost of the workers going on public health programs is estimated to be upwards of $2 million.



  1. Joe Ganim (I’m innocent) would love his job back. Ernie Newton (My people) would love his job back. John Fabrizi ($16 deficit man) would love his job back. Bill Finch would love to have the skills to effectively run the City.
    Joel Gonzalez would love to have his hair back.

    I have a better chance of having my wish come true than these folks will ever get theirs. What is it that entices these folks to get back or stay in power? Try $1.95 Billion for enticement. Who in their freakin’ right mind would trust any of the above four to get elected to office ever again? In a City where its voters can be convinced that NObama will save the world, it’s possible to convince them that these folks are the best qualified. Hair Club for Men: Now there’s another possibility.

  2. What a great show and a great night – I couldn’t believe the energy in the crowd. I thought Caryn Kaufman was the true hero of the story – doing and saying the right thing time after time when the world around her was collapsing.

    And a very, very nice reception afterwards at the City Lights Gallery. I was a little distressed to see a copy of a painting I purchased there on the wall – a picture of the old Bidgeport train station and surrounding buildings that had special meaning for me.

    I thought buying a painting gives you exclusive rights to the image. Am I wrong?

  3. Too bad that Fabs succumbed to the pressure of the party leaders not to run again. One thing about Bridgeport’s voters is that they have acute amnesia and those that remember are all forgiving.
    But he made a third mistake in showing the taxpayers that he really didn’t care about them and made a deal not to run and in return received a “created” job (in spite of what FCO would have you believe) at $120,000/year.
    And this too the public will forget. – So go for it Fabs. I too have amnesia, so I’ll vote for you.

  4. You have got to be kidding me. Venerate Fabs?? You’ll vote for him if he runs again because you won’t remember that he is a drunk, abuses drugs, left us with a $16 million dollar deficit, did virtually nothing since taking $120k from the BOE, and (as is typical of machinist candidates) hasn’t got the basic intelligence to do the job.

    No BOO YAH here nor a big FIST POUND.

    Wake up Philistines. Other people beside you are benefiting because you are apathetic.


    The apathetic registered voter.


    The apathetic who won’t register.

  5. I feel compelled to change the subject as I have just read in the Ct. Post that there are “101 school administrators who make over $100,000.00 a year. Together those salaries equal more than $12 million”
    In fairness Moonbeam calls that “A LITTLE top-heavy”
    Mayor Moonbeam, Ray Charles could see that if he were alive!
    So what do they do?? They eliminate three *3* positions.
    I wonder how many we have in the $80,000.00 wage area; how many hundred BOE employes that is!
    In their college days I wonder what these educators majored in “Rip off the Taxpayer” (a new meaning to civics) etc. This really does give credence to a B.S. degree.
    John Ramos the Supertendent of these wonder kids, runs a system that has a dropout rate of 68% and makes a good buck.
    I must say my learnin’ ain’t too exceptional, probably cause I had no teachin’, cause there was no teach around, they be busy administerin’, but I do know B.S and when somethin’ criminal is around.
    There is no Axident Mayor.
    The AXIDENT was movin’ to Bport, where the politics of the educated scammers don’t give a damn about the kids and really work over the poor kids.
    The BOE gives new meaning to “Child Abuse” and they are the criminals.

  6. I would like to clarify one thing that many of us in the audience felt last night. The standing ovation was for Larry Locke’s work…not for John Fabrizi. Larry did a great job with this film. While Fabs did engender some sympathy there was never clearer evidence that when John was on his own he made bad decisions. When he allowed himself to be advised and guided by a very competent staff, perhaps none better than Caryn Kaufman he was able to use his genuine enthusiasm for Bridgeport and get things done. When he did things without their knowledge he got himself into trouble.

  7. A Mayor must have a strong, experienced and diverse team to be successful. Fabrizi had that team, and knew how to get the very best out of them. The $16 million deficit Finch inherited was attributed to three things; not getting Steel Point and American Fabrics revenue and less money from the State. Finch has had six months to get those two deals closed yet he threw Hadley out the door in January. Fabrizi had four very strong women with lots of experience on his leadership team. Rina, Caryn and Nancy are gone. Only Deborah remains and she is tucked away somewhere. The Mayor is the CEO and in Fabrizi’s case he did that job very well. He also chose to do the right thing for his kid at a time that was very critical in his more important job as Dad. Kudos to Larry Locke for a great documentary. I will say being a fly on the wall in Fabrizi’s sessions with his shrink was access beyond the pale. Maybe Sundance or Toronto will honor Locke’s work. It is well deserved.

  8. “countdown // Jun 10, 2008 at 9:17 am

    A Mayor must have a strong, experienced, and diverse team to be successful. Fabrizi had that team, and knew how to get the very best out of them. The $16 million deficit that Finch inherited was attributed to three things; not getting Steel Point and American Fabrics revenue and less money from the State.”

    See what I mean!!! Who does this poster expect will buy that horseshit.

    According to this posting the $16 million deficit wasn’t Fabrizi’s fault despite having a “strong, experienced and diverse team” behind him.

    May I ask what this “strong, experienced and diverse team” was doing while Johnny Snorts was allowing the $16 million to accrue.

    “The Mayor is the CEO and in Fabrizi’s case, he did that job very well.” Amazing…utterly amazing.

    The apathetic voters in this town should be compelled to read this bullshit. Maybe that could trigger a desire to vote out the unworthy.

    What’s next? Rodgerson gets endorsed by Johnny Hiccups?

  9. yahooy is right. The apathetic voters in this city are pathetic. Joel, you’re wrong again. I have every reason to believe if Joe Ganim or Ernie Newton were to run for elective office they would have excellent odds of being elected.

  10. Yahooy:

    Obviously, people view the world and others in it, through very subjective lenses. Some see black; others see white.

    If it wasn’t for differing if not distorted perceptions, some politicians would never get elected. Throw in voter apathy, eliminate any critical thinking about the SUBSTANTIVE qualifications you want in a mayor, and what you’ll get is mediocrity. And you’ll get it everytime!

    No easy answer and no quick fixes for this reality. Finch has a chance to change the trend…but he doesn’t seem inclined or able to do it.

    C’est dommage!

  11. Countdown

    You may have felt like you were a fly on the wall. From some of your inside baseball postings, I think you may have been the fly in the ointment.

  12. Lennie,

    Great news! Received the phone call from Sandy Ayala around 10:30 that I’m in!!!! For Marlys, many thanks for that suggestion to add myself to the signature list…see as the “wet behind the ears candidate” I would not think of those kind of strategies, but thanks to my many political advisors and mentors at OIB like you I learn every day.

    Anyway, just one more thing quickly as I have a 12noon hearing at the courthouse…Susan Bysiewicz also called me from Hartford this morning saying that the columnist Rick Green of the Hartford Courant has an article out on my efforts for the 130th…she said it’s a nice piece, but don’t have time to search it right now…the campaign is on!!! Let’s debate the issues and provide leadership for this district. 9 weeks to the primaries. On a day like yesterday and today, I’m up for wallowing in a cold mud wrestling pit!!!

  13. Countdown,
    I must agree with all of the other postings. What is your point?
    I think the only decisive step that Finch has taken was getting rid of Hadley and the only mistake was not hiring someone already to take her place.
    Finch inherited a BAD budget. Period. It was a budget put together by a mayor so anxious to get re-elected he would have done anything including making up revenue. And the last thing I want to be is a Finch apologist but in case you haven’t heard American Fabrics is a done deal.
    Too bad it is taking Eric Anderson and his three card monty act forever to finish projects downtown. If only Hadley and her crew had selected a responsible developer for these projects we’d be seeing a lot more taxes coming in a lot sooner from Down Town development. And I am not talking about Section 8 housing either.
    And why in God’s name are you bringing his kid into this? Is Fabrizi’s defense “My kid made me do it?” Please. Drop it. He made a very stupid decision. He knew it was stupid. He didn’t tell anyone what he was about to do. He didn’t seek advice and counsel from his very strong management team. Did he? And this is the sign of a great mayor? A great CEO?
    Let start the countdown to developing Steel Point. 1,000,000,000; 999,999,999; 999,999,998; 999,999,997. This countdown will take forever!

  14. Sylvester:


    A candidate with class, character and tested capabilities standing in front of the voters.

    Let’s hope they see the value in what you have to offer.

  15. Hey Lennie, do you think that candidate questionnaires or interviews might be in the cards? We all know a lot of the personalities, but not so much about how they’d actually vote on things. I’d love to see some differences teased out for the State Rep / State Senate candidates.

  16. I think that Eric Anderson deal happened before Fabrizi took office and has so far resulted in over 80 new tenants with significant buying power. I just saw another 30 units opened up over the weekend. That is double the units that are in READs Artspace. It is progress, not huge, but it is progress nonetheless. Now they better get the eastern side of the street done.

    That’s great news about American Fabrics closing. I didn’t know. That means the deficit will be less than $16 million because the revenue from that deal might come in before June 30th. Think about it, the total city budget is over $400 million, $200 million is BOE, so the budget the Mayor really controls is $200 million.

    I was reacting to seeing the movie last night when it came to the decisions Fabrizi made and why he made them. It is amazing what happens when you are faced with seeing and hearing the facts. The movie really had a lot of details that never surfaced before.

    Bottom line, Finch needs to get a team in place to crank back up the economic development pipeline. Once Fabrizi left, everything stalled out. It seems the developers are waiting to see who will put their toes in the water with Finch. Finch needs to have a economic development home run soon. For example, what happened to the United Rentals groundbreaking? I saw a commercial from Peter DiNardo Properties on TV over the weekend that said they were coming to that site up on Housatonic Avenue. When? When? When?

  17. Driving by the United rental location I see equipment on the site and I see dirt being moved so I guess something is being done. I wonder what the target date is for completion.

    One of the problems faced by Mr. Anderson was the Fire Marshal. The FM was having a pissing contest wih the Chief and Mr. Anderson was caught in the middle. Let me say this Mr. Anderson was an innocent victim in this pissing contest and nearly did not open 144 Golden Hill St. Thankfully he was able to get it open.
    Finch has got to get off his ass and name an Economic Development Director. He was quick to get rid of Nancy Hadley and here we stand 7 months later still no Director and No new development.

  18. Countdown

    The City Trust deal came in under John’s watch. It was a foreclosure deal that never went out to RFP. Eric Anderson’s group came in and took out the Rinzler family’s interest.

    Furthermore all the Ballyhoo about City Trust and 144 Golden Hill is nothing but a lot of fluff. It is subtraction by addition. They took x amount of tenants who were holed up in City Trust and transferred them to 144 Golden Hill.
    Sounds like a game of hopscotch. We need real jobs in Briddgeport that will grow our grandlist and bring in people who will work , live and have discretionary income to spend in the city. I know Klinger in M.A.S.H. was always looking for a Section 8. Bridgeport and Downtown has all the Section 8 we need but don’t want.

    We can’t even get a single, a walk or a hit by pitch right now, never mind a home run.

    How about an Economic Development Director?

    Fabrizi and all developers would be facing the same challenges in a downturn economy of stagflation. Instead of GE givng 25 million to bail out developers. I would rather have GE build a major office building with jobs for one of their divisions in Bridgeport. As far as I know none of the GE money is being used except for a flatlined housing market that is DNR.

  19. Tommy Kelly is right.

    All of this “housing” in BRAND NEW BRIDGEPORT is occupied by those receiving Section 8 assistance. I’m glad, in a compassionate way, that these people are being helped. But, they’re not actually “80 new tenants with significant buying power.” If they do have such buying power while the state pays their rent, where do you go to sign up?

    COUNTDOWN needs a fact checker. Maybe Moonbean can create a patronage job to take care of that.

    Too much smoke and mirrors from people who should know better. Makes you wonder about the level of integrity of those who serve in municipal government.

  20. Wondering

    I am not going to be the Varsity Cheerleader for a flawed economic policy that put all its eggs into one basket (housing). That’s what we have Paul Timpanelli and the BRBC in town. Can you spell ULI?

    One thing I’m postive is you have a horse in this race and she is a Filly. She got prematurely put down by Finch not me.

    On this one we are in the same church just different pews.

    About Walsh, can you say 333 State Street, he does his homework and sometimes the truth hurts. What’s being negative about being realistic to promoting development, jobs and a tax base. Once again I must point out that the city has taken a second position to the banks for the City Trust property. I want it to succeed. Wouldn’t you rather have GE with real jobs and real taxes bringing about a real economy for our city?

    I’m not wondering why you don’t agree with me. I understand your position on this and we can agree to disagree.

    I’m on my way to see Klinger to see if I can get a Section 8. I love this place but you know it can drive you crazy.


  21. Does Auden Grogins live on Brewster street because that’s what it says online…well my vote goes to Auden because every election I’m tired of Keeley talking about cut taxes.

  22. And every election Auden increased taxes and school budgets. I can’t wait for her to deliver her tax relief message based on the Finch $600.00 bait and switch promise.

    Keeley will be cutting gas…taxes tomorrow.

  23. Tom I don’t have a horse in this race no Filly no mare no horse at all. My bitch with Walsh is that he does know the problems and he does point them out but I can’t remember any useful suggestions for curing these problems. It is easy to point out problems but it’s harder to offer solutions.
    Of course I would want GE or any other major company to move into BPT but we need to show stability in leadership. We have not done that in the past few administrations and the alternatives that ran did not show any stability either.The one thing I do know is that you can not work to attract companies with a skeleton crew in Economic Development and an administration that has a bunker mentality. Tom I really don’t disagree that much with you but I was trying to get more good ideas out of you. If you find Klinger ask about Radar.

  24. yahooy,
    I don’t know where your facts are coming from but the tax deal for City Trust requires the developer to make sure 10% (or maybe 15%) of the units are affordable to income-eligible folks. The majority of the tenants are market-rate folks, going to work every day, some work in Bridgeport, some take the train to somewhere else, most have only one car. So cut out the rhetoric all of the housing is Section 8. It is just wrong.

    Yes Reads Artspace is Section 8, used to have a priority for Artists but I guess the Feds told them they couldn’t do that anymore so anyone who is income eligible can rent there. I have met several people who live at City Trust at Two Boots and Metric. One is an energy trader on Wall Street, another is a principal at one of the local schools, one is the manager of a local performing arts venue, one is manager of a local baseball franchise and a couple works for the City. Get your facts straight and stop trying to scare people.

  25. Countdown is correct. Let’s not forget that the City’s former Economic Director lives in City Trust and we know what her salary was…too bad Anderson couldn’t get his act together for Fat Cat’s. Wonder who will take over their custom Penthouse now? Anyone know?

    It was a great night for downtown Bridgeport Monday. I haven’t seen that much excitment in a long time. So much electricity in the air with the who’s who of the Bridgeport scene. City Lights were gracious hosts to all.

    Lennie: It was a pleasure to finally meet your Mo. She is simply lovely. I’m glad I kissed and made up with you. I wish you all the best.

    Tom Kelly: Going to bed this early or just watching the Celtics?

  26. In less than 24 hours since our beloved city’s Registrar of Voters, Sandy Ayala, informed me that I qualified for a spot on the Democratic Primary ballot for the 130th State Rep District on August 12, I’ve realized that my real political opponent is not really Ezequiel Santiago, and it’s not even his Daddy, Amerigo Santiago, who I suspected over the weekend. Nor it is Chico Rivera, really. It’s actually Bridgeport’s own numero uno, Mayor Bill Finch.

    Many thanks to the Hartford Courant’s Rick Green and Fairfield County Weekly’s Erin Lynch “Bongs over Bridgeport,” for helping me recognized this common sense Bridgeport political reality and conclusion. It’s a Basic Naval Intelligence Analysis lesson 101. It’s a classic case. This is what you do … search through open sources, like the local or regional area newspapers, find a name or topic that comes up in both sources, and boom! … there’s your target/opponent … Bill Finch.

    Also, Ezequiel, actually Amerigo, is declining to debate me on the issues affecting the district. Daddy says, “We’ve been here 30 years, you just got here.” And according to Chico’s campaign managers, Chico is not debating anything. Accordingly, let me debate Mayor Bill Finch on the issues affecting the 130th District (drugs, school funding, library services, police budget, anything …) and present to the Democratic voters who they would want to elect as their new Democratic State Rep nominee for the elections in November against the inimitable Republican nominee, Joel Gonzalez.

    American naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry is often quoted, “We have met the enemy and they are ours …” Likewise, I too say tonight, “I have met Bill Finch and he is mine.”

    OIB, let’s get this going in the 130th!!! The fightin’ Filipino is ready, willing and able. No political wimps, no wishy-washy, political leadership by polling needed. Debate the real issues or step aside, and let real leaders lead the way from the front, not from the rear with the gear! Eight weeks and six days to go! Let’s get it on!!!

  27. I sure this one will ruin Fabs Breakfast when he reads Joels’ 2 a.m. Bashing.

    “Fabs walked into the courtroom to seek leniency on behalf of a sexual offender at the request of his son and wife Mary.”

    Out of 28 kids, for some reason, my father would tell me that I had the Best chance to make in the world. I was 7 years old and living with him in Puerto Rico. My father was tough when it came to discipline and making a point.
    If my father was the mayor and I came to him on my knees and begged, “Por favor Papi” him to go to court to seek leniency for a friend who is facing a statuatory rape charge, he would have responded some thing like this; “You tell your Horny friend, to go and fuck himself and if he doesn’t like it, Use the other head.” He would then jump on my case for asking him to do such a thing and not thinking through it before asking.
    Fabrizi is the last person his son and wife should have gone to. Here is a man who not to long before his familys’ request had Signed a statement against his friend Shawn Fardy to save his own ass. He was ready to testify in court against his friend. I would have never shown up to a screening of my downfall especially if there is nothing in it for someone to learn a positive lesson from. My wife would never ask me or approve of me going to court to do such a thing, we have a daughter.

    “Fabs, who received a standing ovation from the Barnum crowd after the showing, spoke about his apprehension of opening himself up to Locke’s camera.”

    Was there any apprehension to opening up to Marreros’ camera? What about the Feds’ camera? Friend? Like your Friend Charlie Carroll who you used to select me for lay-off. I knew had no friends and I put that to the test when I decided to get back in to try and fix the mess all you so-called friends have done to this City. Out of all the so-called friends in politics, not one dared to question why I was selected for lay-off. You were all simply Associates and have only lived up to the first three letters. Let me give you an advice John, your only friend is your son. Talk to him like a man, speak to him from the heart about the facts of life. Your son will eventually go out in the world to make Associates and you owe it to him to make sure, they live up to every letter of the word.
    How’s that for a “Slamming Ovation.”

  28. Salcedo you sound like Chris Caruso. You see Chris was running for Mayor of Bridgeport and attacking the town committee. Any candidate who is not willing to debate is nothing but a coward not deserving of a single vote. I’m the last person anyone wants to Debate. I need money first. Money talks, bullshit walks. I’m letting the bullshitters walk and lie as usual. You see how much bullshit money bought for the voters in the last mayoral election. A true Platform is what you all lack and if it wasn’t for the Absentee ballots and bullshiting none of you would make it. I do not consider you a bullshiter at all and I admire you for being a gentlemen and being willing to debate. The senior citizens will be the first to be suckered by Americo and Mitch (2daddys’) for sure and Coviello if he is chico’s campaign manager. Himes will help Americo and Mitch to get their little baby puppet on the ballot for November. The endorsed democratic candidate historically wins in primaries as the endorsement is half of the election. Your best chance to beat him is supporting the best candidate with experience and committment and hands down that’s :


  30. In your case the APPLE is falling directly into the bottom of the barrel along with all of the other unworthy who aspire to the exalted office of Bridgeport politics.

  31. Joel,

    I always knew that Friday the 13th was a bad omen……. I know Republicans say they believe in a “big tent”. In Bridgeport it appears to be a circus tent.


  32. Joel – go away, you will be lucky to get 13 votes. Didn’t you learn that people are not going to elect you when you were a democrat and ran for town committee? If they have any doubts they should read the junk you post on here. The republicans must be nuts to have picked you to run.

  33. I actually admire Joel for his personal commitment and zeal. I wouldn’t vote for him simply because his personal demeanor is inconsistent with what I think are necessary qualities and characteristics for someone to represent my interests.

    Regrettably, voter apathy all but insures that people like Joel get elected. Because of a general lack of capacity, incredibly stupid decisions are made by those who are elected essentially by default.

    There are some bright pennies out there who need to be encouraged to step up to public office.

    It is we, not a Town Committee and certainly not a self-described power broker, who should determine who we want as candidates and select from that list accordingly.

    I believe that once a truly qualified newcomer unequivocally states that enough is enough and enters the race, others of equal ilk shall follow.

    We need that now…desperately.

  34. Sylvester – Congratulations on qualifying. I think your analysis is exactly right – Finch is your real opponent. If elected Santiago will be Finch’s voice in Hartford. He owes his job and continued employment to Finch so he will have no real independent voice as a legislator. Add to that the Robles and Americo connection and it becomes clear he will never be his own man. A vote for Santiago is a vote for Finch and the status quo. It is also a vote for thirty years of failed leadership in the 130th.

  35. Hey UP ON BRIDGEPORT, you are wrong about Auden! She never voted to raise taxes at any time during her tenure on City Council. Also, the Board of Education CAN’T tax anything, so, she never could raise taxes. Feel the freedom of a CORRECT decision, take out the guy that has been in office the entire time TAXES HAVE BEEN RAISED and vote for someone who has an established record of not raising taxes!

  36. Auden Grogins voted yes for every single city budget while on the council. She was the president of the BOE and contributed to their spendthrift ways; she never voted against what the Supt. of schools proposed. She is tied directly to the problems we are having today. This space cadet wants one thing and one thing only and that is a judgeship.

  37. You are emphatically wrong. Auden is not a part of this City’s “Party Elite”, like Walsh is. She is not the endorsed candidate as she has had the “moxie” to go against them for what she believes in. Rest assured, things will never change if the residents of the City of Bridgeport are forced to vote for the same old retreads.

  38. Dead wrong I think not. Audin has been a part of the alledged Democratic Machine for years. How do you think she received the nominations for city council and the Board of Education. She was part of what you call the “Party Elite” up until Stafstrom lost the DTC chairmenship. If Stafstrom had won Audin would have received the party endorsement over Keeley.
    Sh had no moxie at all she was at the nominating convention seeking the “Elite Party” endorsement. She would have had this endorsement if Hector Diaz had shown up. So please lets not make it sound like she is so pure and anti Party. She is another has been looking to get back in.


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