Testa Says He’ll Break Tie For Ganim At Party Endorsement For Mayor

Mario Testa
Mario Testa says he’ll break tie for Ganim.

On the eve of the Democratic Town Committee endorsement for mayor, Town Chair Mario Testa announced if need be he’d break a tie on behalf of Joe Ganim over incumbent Bill Finch, blowing his top over what he says is the state party sending down a legal observer to keep tabs on what could be a close vote. Has Testa’s admission compromised the endorsement process?

Testa has decided to stick his neck out against an incumbent because he feels disrespected. Does he feel Ganim, his old mayoral pal, has enough votes for endorsement? Or maybe he fears Ganim is behind and this could free up a vote or two from a couple of town committee members who owe him?

Finch, Ganim
Finch and Ganim will square off for endorsement tonight. CT Post photo.

Whatever the reason, the camps of Finch and Ganim will be lathered in lawyers to oversee the endorsement process at Testo’s Restaurant, owned by the town chair. No matter the endorsement, a September 16 primary is on the horizon. Finch and Testa have never had a cozy relationship. Has Mario compromised himself in advance overseeing the endorsement? Any decision he makes against Finch in the calculation of votes Tuesday night will produce howls from Finch supporters.

If 90 votes are cast tonight including proxies, 46 is the number for the endorsement. Testa can break a tie.

Ganim, upon hearing the news, kicked out this eblast to supporters:

Just wanted to let you know that the Bridgeport Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testo just told the Connecticut Post that he is for me and will break the tie in my favor if he needs to.

This should help us with the Democratic Town Committee vote tomorrow.

From the CT Post:

“Wouldn’t you be upset,” a furious Testa stormed. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. If I have a question I ask our counsel, John Bohannon. Why do I need them telling me what to do? This isn’t a senatorial or congressional election.”

It was enough to blow Testa into Ganim’s camp.

“If there’s a tie, I’m breaking it by voting for Joe,” he vowed.

Full story here.

The games are scheduled to begin at 6, but it’s likely that a bunch of procedural stuff will take place to kick things off. OIB will be there to provide the blow by blow.



  1. Right, when it was state senatorial election … as we saw earlier this year in a widely reported conflict-of-interest tie vote at Testo’s by DeJesus’ personal lawyer for DeJesus … the CT Central Democratic Party (CDP) turned a blind eye to it. A Malloy flunky weighed in and gave that appalling injustice the CDP’s official blessing. Read all about it here, thanks to Lennie:

      1. Yes BptPorter, it was only one of the many reasons Joe Ganim went to jail and cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars with legal fees from Ganim’s pay to play with Mr. Conroy.

        BptPorter, is this the Steelpointe investigation by the FBI or the $500,000 dollars promised to Ganim for giving Steelpointe to this developer? Either way BptPorter, both these issues were minor in the Ganim scandal and it is old news. Most of the voters are not hoping to relive this. Just my opinion of course.

    1. A day in the life of Mayor Finch

      Mrs. Finch: Honey, why did Mario Testa just say he was going to support Joe Ganim over you if there was a tie vote tonight?

      Mayor Finch: Honey listen, Mario is a very smart man and he knows how to cover his ass, if Ganim and I tie tonight then Mario remains king! Then I have to shag my ass for the next three weeks getting 2000 signatures for the primary. If I win tonight, then Mario is banking on Ganim to win the primary in September, this way he covers his ass twice!

      Mrs. F: “Heavy Lies the Crown.” Honey, why did you pick Lydia Martinez for City Clerk? Do you need her vote on the city council to get those 170 housing units in over on the East Side of the city? Didn’t she get arrested for cheating on Absentee Ballots by the state and was fined several thousand dollars not that long ago?

      MF: Honey, No! The State gave her the AB Award for the most Abs turned in during an election season.

      Mrs. F: Honey, like a Pulitzer for Absentees?

      MF: Precisely!

      Mrs. F: So honey, one more question, if you created a thousand new jobs and three thousand new housing units, then how come our bond rating has not gone up and TANS is around $100 Million a year and the city reserve funds are less then 8%?

      MF: Flucking JML!! Honey, promise me you’ll stop reading OIB!!!

      MF: Under his breath, “I am so flucked.”

      1. Foxman, you are a funny dude, but in the interest of full disclosure, the City has most recently celebrated their TAN ratings that are near the top (because this is short-term borrowing and our tax collection is around 97-98% these days; the Tax Anticipation Note borrowing going forward may drop in volume according to the Finance Director, though that may represent small expense savings because interest rates we pay are historically low anyway; but the real correction here is the “city fund balance” representing funds that are not pledged, restricted or reserved are really only around 2% of our budget, and that is not good according to the City Budget financial notes. Skirting with financial danger, actually. What will happen, MF? It’s up to you it turns out, and if you have this type of conversation with Ms. F, then it’s more than what you financially discuss with the public, directly. Why? Time will tell.

  2. Dan Malloy just wedged his butt into the vent of Mount Bridgeport just in time for the historical July 21 eruption.

    I wonder if he’ll land anywhere near Hartford after the eruption. (I think he might have put himself into a world of political magma.)

    Let the pasta fly!

  3. So now what? What do Mario’s long-time friends like McCarthy and Fabrizi do now? Do they vote against Finch or vote against Mario? Guess it depends on who they think will win. Crazy times ahead!

        1. Actually city hall smoker, I think I know them well enough. But you are correct, I do not know them from the political crap they personally have to deal with. Personally, I think Testa’s days are over. This endorsement is a joke. Corruption, yes chs, bringing back the good old Ganim days, makes the DTC look like a joke.

          From an outsider looking in, your perception is correct. Mario Testa should have been respectful to hold his tongue until he was required to break a tie.
          I do not think Finch should run as an Independent. I expect Finch has a solid political career ahead of him. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, I would expect Mayor Finch to go full speed ahead. Honestly, who is going to allow 40 people to dictate the small percentage of the voting public. It will be news for one day. Mayor Finch’s endorsements will hold more weight. It’s called respect.

          1. Yeah, but for those who live here Finch is out of touch with Bridgeporters. Just like when there was a blizzard and people were snowed in for almost a week. And Warren Blunt is the biggest dumbie. If Finch promised this I am disgusted. This is like putting the city’s health in the hands of a used-car salesman. This is the same shit Ganim would do except Ganim picks smart people.

  4. This is fantastic news! Ganim goes down and takes Mario with him. This could be the perfect opportunity to clean house, Mayor!

    Mario Testa should be ashamed! However, was there really any idiot who thought Mario wasn’t helping Ganim? I mean really? This is just corruption at its best!

    Mary-Jane Foster was wise to not even waste her energy. Mayor Finch will do what he has to do. Yes, a Mario Testa endorsement is exciting and almost as impressive as Jim Himes, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy etc. Only in Bridgeport. Lennie, you have got to be loving this!

    1. Steve, how is this corruption?

      Mayor Finch trading Warren Blunt’s vote for the Health Director position–now that’s corruption.

      Mayor Finch bribing at least three town committee members with City raises–now that’s corruption.

      Mayor Finch using taxpayer money to promote his campaign–corruption again.

  5. I’m an outsider looking in on Bridgeport politics. Here is my view. Mario Testa has brought the three-ring circus back to Bridgeport (sorry Phineas). The Democratic Town Committee has now tried to bring back Ernie Newton, tried to bring back Christina Ayala for a second term and is now trying to bring back the infamous Joe Ganim. I’m literally speechless at the shortsightedness of these people who are thought to represent the interests of Bridgeport. The DTC is living in their own version of “LaLa” land. There is no reality check going on there. My message to Mayor Finch is to run as an independent, and don’t sell out your vision and honesty to get the Democratic nomination. Let this cesspool of self-interests drown itself in failures.

    1. Milkman, your assertion Mayor Finch should not “sell-out his vision and honesty to get the Democratic nomination” is absolutely ludicrous.

      He has given at least five DTC members/family members raises/promotions to secure DTC votes. The last time I checked, that is called a “bribe.” But instead of using his personal funds, Mayor Finch is using taxpayer funds.

      When it comes to Mayor Finch and his politics, you are completely oblivious.

      1. Maria, Ganim used his funds when he gave himself and his administration extremely healthy raises before he went to jail for seven years, or was that taxpayer money? Was it his money that paid for the Steelpointe/Conroy lawsuit or was that the taxpayers’ money? Seriously? Was that his money that purchased that television set for the boxing club or the money from his donors? Is Joe receiving a salary running for Mayor or are the donors paying his rent? Did you imagine Joe Ganim wasn’t making deals every time he ran? Maria, you couldn’t possibly be that naive, could you?

        1. Steve, Joe Ganim was never charged or convicted of utilizing taxpayer money for any illegal activity. Mayor Finch is utilizing taxpayer money to ‘bribe’ DTC members to garner their vote. That is completely illegal and is defined as a “quid pro quo.”

          I hope the FBI is reading what people are posting on this blog.

          1. Maria, you are really comparing the two? Was it not taxpayer money used to defend the city against Conroy? Did you call Kadisha Coates dumb? Did you say the difference between you and Ms. Coates is you are smart and she is dumb and yet you are supporting a convicted felon who cost the city 10 years of no economic development, hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and you are talking about taxpayer money to bribe? Isn’t that what Joe Ganim is doing before he is in a position to take care of it? Will Carolanne Curry get paid with taxpayer money? John Gomes? Hundreds of others? Really, Maria? You and Kadisha Coates may have more in common than your love for the Bridgeport School system. As you know, that is the number one issue with the voters of Joe Ganim! 🙂 XXO

          2. Maria, is that the schtick you are using while knocking on doors? Well he may have been convicted and cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars and he didn’t use the taxpayers money to tell them all of the great things happening in the city. Because there wasn’t anything to say. Ganim did however use taxpayer money to make a commercial for television that was to give him greater exposure since he was running for governor. Maria, you really do not know the man you are supporting. You were not living in Bridgeport witnessing this all first hand. Did I mention Ganim’s commercial was excellent and polished? It must have cost the city a small fortune. What do you think? He had so much potential and I’ll bet JML had no problem with Ganim spending that money. Twenty years ago when there was nothing to promote but himself!

          3. Ganim is using POTENTIAL jobs to a certain few. It seems like his old crowd is back.

    1. Exactly donj, and it doesn’t mean a whole lot. Did any one really expect Testa to support someone other than Ganim?

      In case you missed it, here’s what I posted last night:
      Just a word or two. Everybody seems to have an opinion as to who gets the DTC endorsement tomorrow (tonight) night. My guess is the situation is fluid as various delegates try to cut the best deal they can (for the city or for themselves, who knows). I certainly have no idea who’s going to win.

      However, let me share a few numbers I am sure of from a recent poll of likely voters conducted by an independent pollster.
      When asked if there was a candidate they would NEVER vote for both Mary-Jane Foster and Bill Finch’s percentages were in single digits. On the other hand, Joe Ganim’s negative numbers were somewhere north of 25%.

      Translated, this means Joe Ganim’s universe of likely voters from which to draw is considerably smaller than either Mary-Jane’s or Bill Finch’s. So regardless of what happens tomorrow night (tonight), Joe Ganim has a very tough lift if he is to win in September.

      Now I fully expect Ganim’s OIB supporters to refute these numbers and that’s fine. But know this, Joe Ganim’s internal poll numbers are probably very similar to the numbers I have just provided. So for all his bluster and bravado Joe knows he’s in trouble.

      When asked to reveal where I got my info, I replied as follows:

      Sorry guys, I obtained my information from a source I trust but do not wish to name. If that hurts the credibility of the numbers I posted, so be it. The Ganim people know they are correct.

  6. Just a reminder to those of you who are not familiar with the DTC process. By January 2016, the ten districts in the City will begin to choose individuals who will represent the ten districts on the DTC. I suspect the 90 members presently serving will change considerably. That happens every two years. If the majority of those 90 members support Mario Testa to continue to serve as the Chair, which I think they will, Mario goes nowhere but where he is now. Sorry folks, that’s how it rolls.

    1. Lisa, I think you will start seeing new blood, young people getting involved in the process. Mario may be soon retired, but Testo’s will continue to be a hangout simply because his food is great and his wait staff are seasoned professionals. Mario proved his loyalty to Ganim which was no surprise and it also showed his unprofessionalism as the DTC. Upset the Democratic party was sending someone to oversee the process this evening as an observer? You may as well make the announcement this is corrupt Bridgeport politics at its best. Of course Lisa, you would not agree because it serves your purpose. To think it was only four years ago you were talking about cleaning house in the town committee. It seems like you felt the same way a year or so ago. I know, politics does make strange bedfellows.

      1. Steve, that’s wishful thinking, new people first must understand how the system works, then they must go to work going door to door getting signatures to run, it’s easy to want change but it requires work.

  7. There is a lot more respect and loyalty to Mario than the Mayor and his cohorts, hell yeah this announcements going to make an impact. This could be payback for when the mayor promised John Stafstrom the Chairmanship (by proxy) and worked hard against Mario. Maybe if they weren’t known for going back on their promises …

  8. All along Mario has been giving indications he would be supporting Cousin Joe. Mayor Finch has the keys to the candy store and can offer bribes disguised as raises and promotions. Joe Ganim is the more experienced pol, getting out there to shake hands, buy sneakers and persuade supporters to donate flat-screen TV sets.

    I’ve heard a lot of the malarkey about how Joe Ganim cost the taxpayers “millions” and bunged up the development of Steel Point. Finch inherited the mess and it took him ten years to get it straightened out. It stretches faith to believe it was so discombobulated it took a decade to untangle. I’m guessing it’s hard to accomplish much of anything when the workday begins at eleven o’clock in the morning and ends a few hours later.

    1. Kid–I hope you are a professional writer–‘cuz you are that good! I always get a kick out of what you write. With no disrespect to other bloggers, you and Pete Spain bring up the IQ on the blog tremendously. Thank you.

      And btw–I really, really, really hope someone goes to Testo’s and blogs every five minutes–from Joe’s dinner (brilliant politician) to the bitter end–oh and TAKE PICTURES!

  9. A key responsibility of the chair of any deliberative assembly is to remain impartial so business can be conducted in a fair manner in following the rules of order. It is for this reason speakers are required to address the chair, not each other. Mr. Testa has forfeited this position in announcing his support for Mr. Ganim. It seems to me a new chair will need to be chosen for tonight’s gathering.

  10. Ganim is deluded if he thinks a DTC nomination helps him in any way. How many times in the last couple of years have we seen DTC-nominated people get obliterated on election day? The hard truth Ganim doesn’t want to accept is that Bridgeport voters may not be happy with Finch or feel lukewarm towards him, but they sure as HELL don’t want this Ganim ex-convict running the city into the ground again. The majority of the people who will decide this race aren’t on this blog or even know this blog exists. They are the silent majority and they will send Convict Ganim packing.

  11. BridgeportBooster in the instances you spoke of where the DTC ENDORSEMENT hasn’t helped, it was the same people working with Ganim who claimed victories, those elections for BOE and DTC committee were won by those now sitting on the DTC and are supporting GANIM.


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