Ten20 Lounge Clocked By Health Violations Seeks Reprieve

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The Ten20 lounge, shuttered by the city for violating coronavirus restrictions and publicly shamed by Gov. Ned Lamont, has filed an appeal with the state.

“The appellants believe that their reputation and business have been irreparably harmed and their right to fair opportunity to be heard and due process under the law has been violated,” reads the paperwork Attorney Reine Boyer filed with the state Department of Public Health on Ten20’s behalf. “The appellant is losing money every day that it is closed, especially at the end of the week/during the weekends from Thursday to Sunday when it makes the most revenue due to dinner/appetizer special nights, private events, and brunch on Sundays.”

The lounge was closed by municipal health officials in late October for overcrowding and a lack of masks at what the establishment’s owners characterized as a private Oct. 24 birthday party.

Full story here.



  1. Anthony’s Oceanview in New Haven a popular banquet hall had an overflow crowd there for the fourth time officials went to the restaurant. The previous visits were educational sessions to explain the rules to them after the city got complaints that people there allegedly were not wearing masks and were not practicing social distancing. On the 5th time Anthony’s was closed! The owner, Delmonaco can appeal the order to close the banquet facility, which would go to a hearing. To reopen, he will have to come up with a corrective plan to show he understands the Covid-19 rules.

    What’s the difference between Anthony’s Oceanview and Ten 20 Lounge other than the clientele. Why was one given four chances prior to closure and the other given immediate closure without the other chances or the educational information or the benefit of being given an appeal process right away, other than the clientele?

    1. Donald,
      The difference is that different cities enforce differently. Apples and Oranges. This is not different treatment by the same authority based on clientele.

      Personally, I ‘d shut them down on the first violation for a minimum of 90 days

    2. Well, comrade, there is no real difference once you take your racist angle, your racist viewpoint, and, your racism out of it, Once you bring up clientele OIB knows you are injecting your racist POV. This shows you are a racist.

      A video appeared on social media prompting officials to act, something they have a hard time hijab up. The clientele is not much of an issue. If it was, KeyStone would have never been allowed to open never mind operating in violation of Covid regulations. It took a person shot and killed before officials order it to be closed and its clientele is the same you are referring to. NO?

      You are a racist, Black people can and are racist too in fact more so, However just because blacks have a history of slavery in and have experience of racism doesn’t make is valid or more morally righteous.

      No one is free from unjust treatment, and the hardships of life, Your black, racist a$$ is living a far better financial life than many whites, as well as and many blacks in America. And I will bet you are not donating your time and effort like many whites and blacks like Harry Bell who are trying to make life better for them, who find themselves less fortunate and need a helping hand. You drive around in you Ben and probally sharply dressed never really give a shit about them. You just seek an opportunity to satisfy your need to express you racism thinking you are morally justified.

      You are no different from a racist Trump supporter, just different “clientele. In fact, people, if you post a meme of the statement of a situation that either supports a wrong act because of the “clientele” or justifies a wrong action because of the ‘clientele you probably better look in the mirror at the racism that resides. One thing the Trump era has show racist sides within everyone and is conjured up, like the Hulk.

      But let’s not forget now Biden is president, people are still shooting each other and 99% of blacks shoot at are shoot by other blacks and somehow I don’t see having much to do with the racism that resides within.
      To be fair, who can anyone not have some racism in them? Everyone has a race of some sort the Identify with so is it more about identity or race?

      That being said Comrade Day, 99% of your posts will/are be based on you being a racist without a balance of moral justification.

      AT any rate, I am out of here, Peace out, Thank God for Sports, Go 49ers. 🙂 and just superheroes.

      P.S Comrade Day since I don’t know you my assessment of you is based on your posts. I am wrong you have my apology, but I know you are no Harry Bell. JS


  2. Marshall Marcus, that’s what I was alluding to the difference in city leadership, ones that understands how it’s businesses are struggling financially in this covid environment. One offering education and compassion and the other, Bridgeport, just going straight to punitive actions that will undoubtedly lead to the closure of another business. I think both businesses were wrong by their actions, but a complete closure is wrong. These are tough times for Connecticut businesses a they need our help to weather this covid storm, not condemnation.

    1. PLEASE!
      You weren’t alluding to anything especially the leadership. The only alluding going on is Marcus’s weak defense to what resides in him. His racial/bias/identity he identifies with. Rest to sure each post conjures up something within and like JML, Marcus’ post might be a bit more than what you are claiming you were alluded to.

      Again if I am wrong you too have my apology. SMH

      1. @Robert Teixeira

        Yes, you are WRONG
        I alluded to nothing.
        I pointed out that different jurisdictions enforce Covid-19 violations differently.
        I called for tough enforcement in all CT Jurisdictions with lengthy closures.
        Nothing racist about that, equal penalties for all,

        I would rather a violating business owner lose his/her livelihood than patrons lose their lives.

        1. Marshall Marcus, really, do you expect a intelligent dialogue? Marcus, NOBODY replies back to this guy, it’s like 45 going to church instead of the golf course and talking about the word o God and we all know that will never happen. If you watch you will see if there’s a important topic on OIB this guy will end the discussion by posting 5 or 6 know nothing post and everybody stops repling.

        2. Please, and Day was only alluding to the differences in the jurisdiction enforcement by leadership based on its “clientele” SMH

          Like I say if I am wrong, my apology, Shalom

      2. I hesitate to ask this of you but perhaps some clarification?
        ?? Rest to assure? Perhaps you mean Be assured?
        “Each post conjures up something within” whose written word is dealing with witchcraft these days? Where have you seen those skills on display?
        “and like JML.” What am I missing?

        Curious as to why you more frequently than most people, offer an apology along with one of your posts?? Is it because you are rushing your words to paper without enough thought to have those same words meaningful later? Have you ever thought what could make you wrong and owe an apology? Time will tell.

        1. Oh JML
          We are so honored that you grace us with your presents.
          If only we could be a 1% as wise as you the world would be a smarter place.
          Thank you for showing the wisdom of your posts and the error of are ways.
          Have a blessed day.
          Oh, and while you are at it FUCK OFF WISE ASS.

          1. Damn, that’s not even sarcastic. That’s was just mean. 🙂

            It’s getting too sirius for me, I’m out of here, It’s was a pleasure. 🙂

            P.S clarification who the wise-ass and should go fuck off. 🙂

            As the prophet, Eminem would say, “Ward you were a little hard on the Beaver”. 🙂


  3. Rest to sure it was is it says, rest in assurance, Perhaps I should have stated, Rest Assure or Be assure, or and other terminology that conveys, without a doubt. They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    It is not witchcraft is was conjuring up more than the GHETTO vernacular. Oops, am I going to get a sensor for being racist for using the term GHETTO? Moses of his people, are you going to pass a resolution and have Lennie ban me from OIB? 🙂

    They say curiosity killed the cat though, but in this case, it killed your sense of humor, that is what you might be missing, It called being sarcastic. It’s like salt. I put that shit on everything. 🙂

    However, I do like a good bone fire, not with witches, and to rest assure your curiosity over my words are not being missed, and may or may be rushed but the truth that resides in those conjured up words never has to be when thought out, only lies are well thought out. Wouldn’t you say? Please take your time. 🙂



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