Stress Factor Prompts Police Investigator’s Transfer

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The lead investigator into the probe of police misconduct by an unprecedented 17 officers who broke up a pre-Halloween party in 2017 has been transferred.

Lt. Brian Dickerson, the commander of the city’s Office of Internal Affairs, was transferred to the Police Department’s training academy, Police Chief Armando Perez confirmed on Monday.

“At his request, he was removed and has been reassigned,” Perez said. The chief said after leading the intensive investigation, Dickerson wanted to be reassigned to a position with less stress.

“He did a great job and it was not an easy job because he held people’s livelihoods in his hands,” Perez continued.

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  1. “He did a great job and it was not an easy job because he held people’s livelihoods in his hands,” Perez continued.
    The “job” Chief Perez recognizes is the assignment as Internal Affairs responsible administrator to investigate and report on what happened at the Halloween/youth birthday party in fall 2017. Seventeen months later the report comes out and Lt. Dickerson asks for re-assignment elsewhere. Reading many parts of the 400 page report, though not all, I imagine he became distressed by the behavior of too many fellow officers who departed from training, community expectations, and recognition that perhaps much of what the PD faces in the community comes about by their attitudes and behavior when they appear on a call.
    Holding failure in de-escalation training at fault, begs the question of what happened in the initial 5-10 minutes with communication between initial police presence and music that had been reported as “too loud”. How did the men and women in blue come to think and ACT like over 40 officers were necessary to settle a sound complaint? Is there a power mentality or attitude so present that it brings upon its bearer a response that interferes with settling the matter at hand?? Perhaps officers coming on duty at each shift need a reminder about when you are permitted to use physical, aggressive force (or deadly force with weapons) so that the restrictions are clear and present each shift to each individual serving the City? Lt. Dickerson is likely disgusted at the initial response of officers with falsehoods to questions asked, that later were countered by video evidence available.
    Have we had enough of negative news on police and public safety to think that perhaps the very delayed appointment of Chief Perez from “acting ” to official might have lost whatever positive momentum the appointment of a Full Time Chief should have carried?? Perhaps he is already worn out from the work set before him since Ganim2 came to power? Is his good humor diminished? And what does Ganim2 have to say about hiring the outside consultant, the Federal presence and inquiry, and his own personal expectations for a Police Department budgeted at over $100 Million annually? Time will tell.

  2. It’s been said before,but we have no idea what went on before the cameras started rolling,it’s obvious that some at that party were intoxicated and combative.Seems most are judging the police response just by the videos.I’m sure there was more to it.The men &women of our force have a thankless job most days,and they are forced to perform day in &day out with less than adequate leadership.Some of the blame for all this HAS to be put on Joe &Mario for placing Perez in that job.I’m sure there were more qualified candidates,but unfortunately,in this city,”qualified for a position” doesn’t matter.

    1. You are ABSOLUTLEY correct. Of course we don’t know what went on BEFORE what is seen in the video. Usually the real story comes out much later when the defense is on to help the Officers in question during both criminal, civil, and departmental proceedings. As is many the case, truths are revealed, the officers are oftentimes exonerated at all or certain levels, and the public is outraged by the result. The fault lies in supervision AT THE TOP. The mayor and his accomplices placed their friend the Chief in a position that in TODAYS WORLD he is COMPLETELY unqualified to have. His actions, inactions, and complete lack of professionalism in today’s policing world is a cause and effect of what is going on with the Bridgeport Police Department. The attorneys costs for all of the lawsuits-civil, departmental and criminal charges if any, will be astronomical. Not to mention the cost of manpower replacement when the cops start to leave in droves either through retirement or for better opportunities. Let’s not forget the costs of the chiefs buyout when he leaves early on a disability pension from stress or fir any reason. Bridgeport will paying for the old and new police chief at the same time no different then the last deal we witnessed . The ship has sailed and the wind is a strong one. Get ready to open the purse. The only way to improve every aspect of what is wrong with Bridgeport is to come out in droves and vote people out of office. We need professional leadership especially in the police department. I have said it many times before that we need Kelly/Bratton type chiefs. We will never see that while the present “rulers” in power stay where they are. In the meantime I would urge everyone to do what I do when I get to speak with a cop: tell them you understand the many pressures he/she faces both on the street and inside the department, and to be safe.
      More to come…..

  3. Harvey, you are absolutely correct that a big part of the blame goes to Joe and Mario for taking his boy rather than taking the most qualified candidate who was only there because David Dunn manipulated the system.

    The reprehensible acts that happened that night had more to do with just a few cameras and when they started recording. This was fueled by the report of Lt. Brian Dickerson who did the right thing in spite of the Blue Wall that few cops have the integrity to cross. Lt. Brian Dickerson is an inspiration who’s only concern was getting to the truth irrespective of who it affected?
    Lt. Brian Dickerson shows that those statements that the whole police department is less than honorable is outrageous and I know many more that are just like
    Lt. Brian Dickerson.

  4. David Dunn is Mayor Joe Ganim’s is President 45’s Michael Cohen, the ‘FIXER” who would take the hit for Mayor Ganim and like Cohen who was not qualified to get a position in the White House well, David Dunn is NOT QUALIFIED to be in the City position that he’s in, David Dunn has been in the “ACTING” position of the City’s Personnel Director for over 11 years, hey Joe, how about doing a nationwide search like the City Charter calls for to hire a QUALIFIED to be the City’s Personnel Director? Of course all of this is way over the heads of the City Council but not the FBI because the City is getting federal money to hire fighters a nd police officers.

  5. David Dunn is in the news again.
    Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon attempted to avoid a court battle by claiming that the appeal process before civil service would be adequate.
    “NOT” responded a Superior Court Judge.
    By the way the case involves the use of medical marijuana.
    Letting your personal views run Civil Service again David???

  6. Didn’t drug use come up when David Dunn and rehab when he was working in the John Mandanici and afterwards when Mayor Tom Bucci hired Dunn there was a article in the Bridgeport Telegram and the Bridgeport Post about Dunn.

  7. Some of my comments have been controversial and I am paying the price for that. But if the occupation,known as an officer of the Bridgeport Police Department,is seen as soooo stressful tan these human beings need to be taken care of,they should be encouraged to take care of themselves yet we see year in and year out the annual municipal salaries and human beings/police officers are being subject to this mentality of banking vacations/sick days etc and so the end up taking NO TIME OFF The dots do not connect here.


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