Steve Stafstrom Wins State House Endorsement

Steve Stafstrom
Steve Stafstrom

Former City Councilman Steve Stafstrom Thursday night at Testo’s Restaurant received the endorsement for the February 24 special election to fill the State House seat vacated by Auden Grogins who’s been nominated to the state bench.

He’ll have company at the ballot. Republican City Councilman Enrique Torres has already qualified as the GOP endorsed candidate. Several other petitioning Democrats need just 32 certified signatures from registered voters in the district to enter the special election, among them former State House members Bob Keeley and Hector Diaz and West Side City Councilman Bob Halstead. They must submit signatures by 4 p.m. Friday.

Stafstrom is an attorney with the Bridgeport-based law firm Pullman & Comley that serves as the city’s bond counsel on financial development matters. His uncle John Stafstrom, a partner with the firm, is a former Democratic town chairman.

Stafstrom was endorsed by members of the respective town committee seats that make up the State House district including Black Rock, the West Side and portions of the West End and North End. He was a Democrat on the City Council until his close defeat by Torres in the 2013 general election. Stafstrom’s name was placed into nomination by Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach and seconded by former City Council President Lisa Parziale.

Stafstrom praised Grogins service representing the district for six years. He pledged to be a champion of taxpayers, public schools and building a stronger transportation system. “Progress has been made but there’s more work to do,” said following the endorsement.

He will participate in Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly financed campaigns that provides a grant to corresponding donations between $5 and $100.



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    1. Jimfox, where has Enrique Torres been, hiding under a rock? That story is so old even Democrats like myself have mentioned this over the years on OIB, in fact that’s why I’ve been suggesting to John Marshall Lee to get involve with the DTC to make changes from the inside.

  2. Represent taxpayers? Steve had an opportunity to dig into that during his brief stint on the City Council. What did he accomplish?
    Education? What has been his position on school funding by the City? By the State ECS formula that has required revision for so long?
    Transportation? Beyond potholes?
    Young, smart, physically fit and motivated? Yes. Able to understand behavior that is conflicted? Yes, likely to be aware. Able to sidestep the issue of his law firm employer having many irons and issues in the fire causing him to step aside when votes are necessary? But does that act of integrity help him represent the District? Time will tell.


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