Stefanowski’s Second Run For Governor: I’m Not Afraid To Ruffle Feathers

Four years ago businessman Bob Stefanowski powered through a packed field of Republicans to win a GOP primary in advance of a general election loss to Democrat Ned Lamont.

The presumptive Republican frontrunner on Wednesday announced his second run for governor against an incumbent with sound approval ratings. Is Lamont support soft? Stefanowski will try to chop away at Lamont by drawing sharp contrasts on a number of issues he cites in an eblast of his entry into the race.

Connecticut has some of the most honest, hard-working people in the country. But we are being short-changed by leaders prioritizing politics over people.

Over the past three years, our state has become less affordable and more dangerous for the good people who live, work, and go to school here. We already have some of the highest taxes, utilities, and childcare costs in the country, and runaway inflation is making it even worse.

Nearly everything is more expensive in Connecticut than the rest of the country.

Crime is rising across our state, residents feel less safe, and law enforcement is demoralized because of policies coming out of our state government.

I’m running because I fundamentally believe that working together, we can change Connecticut. I’m running for Governor to make government work for the people of Connecticut, not political insiders.

It’s time for new leaders who will focus on delivering results to the people of Connecticut rather than personal political agendas.

People in Connecticut are not asking for a lot. They want to be safe, to trust that state government is being open and accountable, and to be able to afford to live, work, and retire here. Unfortunately, these are not the priorities of the current state leadership, who continue to serve the political insiders more than they do the people they represent.

I have the experience, a plan to accomplish it, and as a political outsider, I’m not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means making Connecticut stronger, safer, and more accountable.

And that is exactly what I am going to do as your Governor.



  1. This is the ‘concerned citizen’ who couldn’t be bothered to vote for years
    Anyone who kicks off his campaign with $10 million of his personal money is not worried about the cost of living for Connecticut residents.

  2. Candidate Bob,

    You are present on OIB because you wish to lead, as a political candidate transforming to elected governor, it appears. I received your holiday card, by the way.

    And from my viewpoint as a Registered Democrat at the moment and lifetime independent voter it is likely you will look to run as a Republican, a brand that has been soiled terribly and without justification by the past president’s destructive term in office. As he failed to hew to any course but his own desires from moment to moment, lying so frequently about real things that “trust” disappeared, he provided no traditional principles or conservative values with perhaps the exception of getting rid of rules and regulations which were in the way of personal desires as well as the “rule of law”. After years of wearing a red MAGA hat he still was unable to explain when the US, from the 13 colonies and Founders forward had been great in his opinion, and to which status he was pledged. He took responsibility for little if anything….not even his time on the golf course regularly, much greater commitment to which he devoted than to reaching out to youth with education for their future.

    Chaos, disunity, and a basic beat of white supremacist values along with a startling simplistic regard for our nation’s role in the world in which he initially sought Russian, North Korean and Chinese Communist values, first as a wooer and later as a personal pragmatist (Ukraine) but without any mention of what tomorrow would bring on all of us.

    Perhaps you could help Connecticut voters, some of us anyway, who believe that many of us need to come around the table to listen, to comment, and to learn how to get forward with respect and regard for others and without fear that stems from inflicting terror. What will you do in this regard? I am not unique. Time will tell.

    1. JML, I have agreed with you. While Bob (AKA) Walter seems to look like he will run as a Republican. He has been in the Port throughout the years following his previous run for Governor with many of the nonprofits, via donations and support. Will, that conjure up some Democrat votes to cross-party the lines to vote Republican and an attempt to keep the R’s relevant in the Port?

      To your point though, Donald Trump’s Republicanism/MAGA that has rebranded the Republican Party during his tenure and his branding still lingering around with his rallies, when he road down those escalators throwing his hat into the political arena. There’s no doubt it will give Bob an uphill battle to conjure up the D’s to vote R in the Port. Paging Judge Lopez.

      My assumption though is no. The current political environment is so hyper-partisan there’s very little wiggle room. The thought of the internet along social media would connect the world bringing forth new ideas, opinions, or perspectives that would lead to more understanding and growth might have missed its mark. It got so “partisan” on social media in the political realm if you dare voice your opinion, thoughts, or ideas that oppose their political stance you are either blocked, unfriended. There’s seems to be little room for discussion, or discourse, just D’s vs R’s. It has become nothing more than a. pat on the back, well done, or like, with a chocolate reward. Maybe, Bob, the R, stumbles on to something with his philanthropy in the Port to conjure of the votes

      Bob said he was not afraid to ruffle some feathers, but what feathers is he going to ruffle? Considering he won the Republican primary over who was thought to be the most likely candidate for the Republican Party, Mark Boughton, who was going to takedown Ned Lamont because it was so bad for the D’s the current Gov, Dan didn’t/couldn’t run and win, and now works in his, Lamont’s administration. This would seem to make Bob the front runner for the R.s.
      Maybe Ned learned something that works better than chocolate and coitus. I think something gives, for the longest Republican Mayor in Danbury history to cross party lines and take a commissioner job in Lamont’s administration Things that make you go Hmmm!

      So the question is is Bob not afraid to ruffle those R feathers and run as an independent and break out of the current Trump Republicanism brand that has a dominated his party to give the D voters an option to vote for him without voting for Trump Republicanism that the R party is now labeled? Is it a sound strategy? Who knows, but the R’s did vote for him over their Republican endorse candidate Mark Boughton, not to mention the vast independent/unaffiliated voting block in the State. What will Bob do, Time will Tell. JS

      P.S Run Joe Run, Put those gloves back on. Go back to the grocery see you you can even find milk forget about the price. 🙂

  3. Here we go Connecticut, America, dare I say the world when another old white man asks us to hook-up our horses to the old white man wagon! From the rapist Columbus to that old fool currently residing in the White House to virtually every white man in American history that have destroyed and flucked up everything they’ve touched in this America. We did the Ella Grasso experiment and then turned our backs on another woman or a person of color in the leadership role and continued to let Old White Men fluck things up, which is what they do best! Anyone other than another Old White Man!

    1. Don, Stefanowski hasn’t even asked blacks to support him. Let’s see what Stefanowski and the Republicans have to about have to day who is the duly elected president is now and did Joe Biden steal the election to be president. Where’s Dave Walker when he could answer these questions.

      1. Ron, you need to read other sources of news with your daily dose of OIB. Haven’t you heard that Harry Bell is Stefanowski’s biggest black Connecticut/Bridgeport supporter. A few days ago, a relative of Mr. Bell received a nice contribution to cover college cost from Stefanowsky. When are you and Don going to send Harry Bell a check?

        1. If this is the same Harry Bell who works for school security in Bridgeport then he’s a great guy, when he was working at Curiale School on Laurel Ave. we spoke all the time, the kids loved him and I would always make a cash donation to his toys for Christmas for children.

    2. Don, you and I do not have the right to vote, whites have that right but we don’t because we are black and that’s NOT CRIICAL RACE THEORY, that’s a fact, what will black children be taught in school about why their parents can not vote.

      1. Comrade, that is not factual. You have the right to vote. Black theoretically had the equal right under the law to vote in 1866 after the Civil War. 80 years since the formation of this country. Black’s ability to vote was limited/restricted access in Southern states by enacting laws. Just like the recent failed attempt for the vote rights bill in the Senate. However, my understanding of that bill’s major sticking point was the unlimited access to AB, and the Port knows that game very well. (I think)

        Like most white racial institutions in America they predated America itself that contributed to black suffering, America was born into them/out of them. The whiteness that tends to be overlooked by CRT-ist and the political race game is the whites who fight those institutions that gave birth to America and freed the slaves, HMMM! That gave land and preserved it with a new institution/county called America, with a new form of government, constitution, and the Bill of rights for its people

        It’s the false narrative of CRT Just like your narrative that black who are Republicans are not black or one of their kind. That is a personal expression you are conveying, a right given to other blacks that are criticizers if you don’t agree with them. Which is a “bias” proposition. I guess this black guy is not black or one of their kind either because he opposes CRT or has concerns about it.
        Watch Black Father Blast Critical Race Theory At Board Meeting In Viral Video

        So when you/CRT-ist talks about white racist American institutions let’s not forget that the public educational system is an American institution and is the number one institution that has the ability to limit one’s ability to create subjection. P.S OIB best ELS ever. 🙂

        Here’s a clip of a student that was demonized by the left media narrative for wearing MAGA hat

        Here’s a clip of white students being forced to leave a community space in school because of their race and the support sticker of police.

        Here’s a black kid assaulted and force out of a Pool area

        By now means am I saying America doesn’t have racial issues in the treatment of blacks solely based on their color. However, it’s the false criticizing narratives that create and foster propositions, and CRT certainly coveys it, along with anti-Americanism. Just like the white racist narrative about Columbus. A figure who died 270 years before this country was formed that is seeming used in a discriminatory manner against Italians, who technically were not view as white themself when they migrated to Ellis Iland

        The real story of Columbus’s history was, it was a Spanish/Latino conquest. There is a reason most of the new world speaks a form of Spanish, and not Italian, remember that on PR Day, Cinco Cinco De Mayo, or any other Latino celebration South of the Border.

        If you want to dig down a little deeper you can say a Catholicism conquest.

        If you want to dig even deeper into history, and to be fair you have Iman condemning Columbus’s using as “white” history of slavery in America as a means to discriminate against another race, Italians. But no mention of the Islamic history of slavery, subjugation, suffrage, and conquest that is actually condoned and section by law in Islam Holy Book, the Quran. Fighting racism in its forms is one thing, using it as a means of oppression is another.

        The point being, duck or rabbit. I am not saying you are not wrong in calling out or fighting against black injustice or equality in this land, or that white racism doesn’t exist. There is plenty of that, However, I’ll state it again. To claim Columbus’ history was part of that white racist American history is a false narrative and an injustice in its own merits against Italians. In fact, a large portion of what is now America was fought and taken from the Spaniards/Latinos, Columbus’ history. You had adult politicians, political community, and religious leaders in the Port and around this country calling for the removal of Columbus based on that false and lying racist, white supremacy, an anti-American narrative about Columbus and his history on this country. That is an unequivocal fact of reality But that is the current political game, for better or worse, shameful or not, but the current political reality. I equally have unequivocal doubts that CRT can and will be used in such a manner as that false narrative as Columbus history. JS

        Peace out, play nice people. To the aliens, humans are all going to taste like Chicken. 🙂

  4. Comrade, I will give you the white man’s American history to asks blacks to hook up their houses to the old white man wagon. But you have to meet me halfway or at least somewhere along the path though, with regards to blacks, whites, Indians, and American history.

    America was born into the human history of slavery that dates back to civilizations themselves, throughout the world. It was not of its own creation. Within 25 years from its inception/creation, America outlawed the Trans-Atlantic slave practice in 1808, The Arab/pacific slave trade widely continued in the 1900s and in one form or another until 1960. The last country to abolish it was Mauritania in 1981, the time you and Ron joined the BFD

    Within a generation, America has freed the slave in America. Meaning America, the country, actually only had slavery 80 years before its inception/revolution and the Civil War, and most likely most blacks who were born in this land were freed in their lifetime. I am not talking about treatment. That seems to be a never-ending endeavor in politics and human history of existence.

    My point being is you can’t jumble/attach pre-American history to America because of whiteness. Columbus has nothing to do with America. He died 100 years before people started setting on this land,270 years before this country existed. He barely had anything to do with PR. He died 14 years after he first landed on the iland. Not to mention the last time I checked PR was a Spanished conquest much like most of the new world itself. So if you want to place race on Columbus, that’s Latino/brown thing, not white. JS

    PS comrade not may reservation South of the Border JS.

  5. RT,
    People of color, whether indigenous ‘red’, or imported ‘black’, ‘brown’, or ‘yellow’ were required for the bounteous and well situated country. Land and waters could be used to harvest ‘profits’ from the resources and efforts. When human efforts did not suffice, a slavery system was created and maintained in a variety of ways throughout the land. It caused a bending of attention to our original documents and a Civil War and new cultural systems afterwards because people get tired and forgetful after a while and allowed Reconstruction’s healing with Federal attention to end.
    Education control and the stifling of basic literacy has been a major effort to continue social injustice. And the habit of voting at every opportunity, with an informed mind, has been lost in too many places. Does voting have value to the folks living in Bridgeport? When it does, they come out to register their opinion.
    And possibly with the contemporary death of one of the two major political parties or at least the disappearance of its conservative values, understandings, and principles, there may be an opportunity for people to grow their own representation in new ways, under new names, with better meaning for those who feel they have been ignored and forsaken for too long. The ground is ready to be worked and deliver forth activism and behavior that can defeat old habits and real old politics. Time will tell.

  6. JML, not quite sure what you are saying, but a slavery system was created long before any know “white” civilization. It predates ancient Greeks and Roman civilizations that is the inception of whiteness. It goes back to civilization itself, and it was practiced by the indigenous of this land, blacks, browns, or yellow people throughout the world. . The last time I checked, in the heart of Africa 5000 years ago those pyramids were not built with a pension plan or paid family leave.

    Well, there were white primitive settlements in ancient Romans before the yellowish/brownish Etruscans conquered/enslave/incorporated/expanded the Roman their rule on human history, possibly the Geeks too. That history isn’t taught, not even acknowledged.

    Again America was born from history. It banned the imported slave system and freed them where white people fought and died for it.

    JML you are right though

    “Land and waters could be used to harvest ‘profits’ from the resources and efforts. When human efforts did not suffice, a slavery system was created and maintained in a variety of ways throughout the land.”

    by the end of the Civil War where 31 million Americans and out of 31 million 4 million were newly freed slaves. The new import were immigrants used to harvest ‘profits’ from the resources and efforts were “White” “white-ish” “Yellow” “Brown” . in the coal mines or the industrial revolution factories and transportation, and the likes.

    Where black were treated as a low class over the newly imported immigrants to work the land, Ya, In all cases maybe, maybe not?

    Didn’t need CRT to know that. and America didn’t create a class system either. my point being on CRT is where in that line of philosophy teaching do they teach about the white people who fought and died to free the slaves for a country that was created where the people are endowed by their creator men are created equal. with inalienable rights? life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    You are also right about education and in the last 70 years since Brown vs BOE, the education of blacks is broader, better where opportunists exist. As of now, blacks are not the lowest/poorest racial demographic in America. We hit a point where racism wants to be taught and segregation is ok as long as it blacks from whites and not white from blacks. It is mind-boggling in ways. JS

  7. Education can be accessed individually throughout one’s life.
    However, it can be easier to receive when food, shelter and clothing are provided by family and youth focus can be on “your future opportunities” and how to line up for them.
    Of course, it is assumed that each BOE has access to the same resources, including funding, and is organized to provide rigorous standards to achieve results and let folks see the success.
    FYI If you know a Bridgeport High School Junior at the moment, get them to inquire about SUCCESS 2.0 program that runs for eight weeks, 2 days per week, 2 hours per day covering numerous subjects relating to post-secondary life choices that include: college applications, financial consideration, networking professionally, marketing yourself, etc. and when all 32 hours are complete…the student receives a check for $500. Why miss such a session, especially if few in your family know about the process and can assist in guidance. Thanks to Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders for creating such a learning experience beyond the formal classroom. Time will tell.

    1. JML, I have no doubt about that, and I have been at it for 50 years. 🙂 like swimming against the current. Like CRT/education there are many things, experiences that will shape a young mind.

      A profound thing I heard in my lifetime was a single mother who was cared for, friendship with her child with down syndrome, and the biggest fair in her life was how people in this world were going to treat her and her life when she is gone, in such a seemingly sometimes cruel world.

      There are many things that make education, life easier, money, but the BOE/government can only provide so much in their endeavor. The lights are on, pre-pandemic, the teachers were in the classroom. The is an element that needs to be taken into account that is studying.

      The debate of food shelter clothing and stable family life has been a wide discussion, partially among blacks and the breakdown of the black family since the 1960s The family, in general. It took BOE quite some time to adopt a school uniform policy to level the field for those whose families can provide such fashionable attire. Feel me? While the debate about CRT raged on the pandemic showed how the Ports students were willfully deprived of available tech. JS

      I don’t know any Juniors but why not go to the post-it Port’s high schools or inform the teacher who teaches Juniors. Do you think the Caribe Youth Leaders could accommodate the entire Junior class? Hmmm! Time will tell.

      P.S OIB best educational experience to date. Things that really make you go Hmmmm! 🙂

    2. JML, you are wise enough to see if Don and myself or anyone who agree with that RT will go in the opposite direction. He is not worth the time and energy to reply but that’s on you.

      1. Cry me a river, comrade. 🙂

        The point being, to Comrade’s Day comment on, asking blacks to hook up our horses to the old white man wagon! In this case the D’s and their liberal left-leaning news outlets.

        Education is the most important institution in building a solid foundation in someone’s life. It has been used to keep blacks in subjection, at a times it was illegal/outlawed to teach them. where literacy was a requirement to vote.

        A 90% black/minority school district in Flint Michigan just announced indefinite virtual learning because of covid. They know virtual lean is a major disadvantage to students’ education. This move is going to severely undereducated those students. But in the name of covid, the D narrative, or the teacher unions, who force the issue are not doing it out of the concern or welfare of the students and their education. No comparison to the white schools that are staying open. JS

        You can say what you will about the things I opine on, but I watched and witness the left-liberal/racial identity politics for two years and listen to politicians, news outlets, and those on Social media go on about covid’s narrating driven by the media, bashing the Right along the way about Vaccines, masks, and closures. The data in and the R states like Florida and Taxes who held a different view, stayed open didn’t impose masks, or vaccine mandates did no worse than the Ds like NY NJ and California who did. In fact, some did better in the deaths rate per cap.

        So on CRT, a financial literal curriculum would be more beneficial to a black person than CRT. Something Black people like yourself have an idea of, but maybe the Tik Tok generation might somewhat have a different understanding of America and its racism just like it was for you and the generation that came before you.

        To say here we go again, the white man is asking blacks if attaching their hoses to their wagon is one thing, not looking up to see to where they are leading you might be another thing though. JS

        Peace out comrades. It was a pleasure,I am out of her like the sun setting in a western. 🙂


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