State Senate Endorsements Tonight At Testo’s

More than 100 combined Democratic delegates will gather at Testo’s Restaurant tonight (Monday) to endorse candidates in two State Senate districts.

It appears City Council President Tom McCarthy is poised for the endorsement against freshman incumbent Marilyn Moore who needs 15 percent of delegate support to qualify for an August 9 primary. If she fails to secure 15 percent she can petition onto the ballot. Connecticut’s 22nd District includes the north and western portions of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a piece of Monroe.

The closer endorsement battle is the contest between incumbent Ed Gomes and school board chair Dennis Bradley in the 23rd Senate District that covers two-thirds of Bridgeport and a slice of western Stratford.

After tonight the candidates will focus on cementing $15,000 in small donations to receive a larger pot of money under Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. Moore, Gomes and Bradley have a head start in that area. McCarthy has his first big fundraiser Tuesday night at Vazzy’s 19th Hole at the Fairchild Wheeler municipal golf course.



  1. Marilyn Moore has done her job as a state senator representing Bridgeport and Trumbull. She has had bills passed and is well liked. Tom McCarthy is a complete failure and will be the ass-kisser of all time if he goes to Hartford. McCarthy has done nothing for the citizens of Bridgeport. His record as council president is horrible. His one claim to fame is he always walked around with his head up Finch’s ass.
    Bradley is another story. First off he is a freakin’ lawyer and God knows we have enough of them in politics. He ran to get elected to the BOE and from our favorite person we learned he doesn’t like attending meetings. Now he wants to replace Ed Gomes who has a top-rated career as a state senator. There is no way this bum should be elected.

      1. OMG, Lisa and Andy are right on the money.
        They make a compelling Exacta.
        I’ll join in for a winning Trifecta.
        Smart money is on the incumbents, Moore and Gomes.

  2. Frank,
    Neither Mario Testa nor any other out-of-town politician runs our town. I am a delegate and have had no communication from Testa, in fact I’ve never met him.

    Unfortunately, the only politician running Trumbull is Tim Herbst and his rubber stamp Republican super-majority on the Town Council, and Boards of Finance and Education.

    A vote for Moore or McCarthy is that, it is no reflection on Mario Testa’s ability to control votes in Bridgeport.

  3. Let’s see. If Mario likes Tom McCarthy and Bill Finch liked Tom McCarthy and Joe Ganim likes Tom McCarthy and he only has Bridgeport’s best interests then why the attempted character assaults? Is Tom McCarthy an uneducated idiot? I think years of being council President alone has primed him. Marilyn Moore may receive the endorsement, but it will be her job to explain what she has accomplished and Tom McCarthy’s job to say why he would make a better candidate. Granted Marilyn Moore will have MJF working her butt off for her and I will safely assume Bill Finch will do everything in his power to get Tom elected as Tom did the same for him. If Mario and Ganim are supporting McCarthy – it will not look good for Marilyn. Tonight should be exciting! Good luck to all individuals running. Is it true there is a fundraiser for Tom McCarthy on Tuesday at Vazzy’s Gold Course Restaurant? Little early, no? I suppose never too early to let people know you mean business. Maria Pereira is already walking the streets and has a campaign headquarters. Should be an interesting summer.

  4. BTW Frank,
    A State Senator has absolutely no power in town government. Bridgeport delivers for the statewide and national Democrat candidates and is rewarded for that. Trumbull is red and suffers accordingly.

  5. No, Steve. First of all it is up to Tom McCarthy to explain what egregious acts she committed, votes she cast or pieces of legislation she initiated that deserve her to be thrown from office.
    Your comment as to Tom McCarthy has to say why he is a better candidate is once again silly as many of your posts turn out to be.
    What has Marilyn done wrong? And please let’s not look to Tom’s factless statements as to her not doing enough. If he is going to say she hasn’t done enough then that is just pointing to his lack of knowledge and understanding of how the state of Connecticut government works.
    And his time as City Council President has prepared him basically to be a first-grade teacher. He treats most council members like children. And when he can’t get them to do what the mayor wants, the mayor steps in and takes charge.
    Everyone in the state always says the biggest problem with the Bridgeport delegation is the lack of continuity. The lack of seniority on key committees.
    And what do we try to do again? Because of baseless, personal politics the city is once again preparing to shoot itself in the foot just to make a political point.
    We will never learn.

  6. So Tom is going to greet all his SHU contributors in Fairchild Wheeler at his fundraiser–the scene of his latest crime. He can make a lot of money for his campaign selling off the rest of the golf course. If he throws in the rest of Veteran’s Memorial and gets the council to cede the North End between Madison, Park and Westfield Avenue to SHU for expansion, he shouldn’t have to hold another fundraiser until after he’s elected governor.


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