State Rep. Rosario: $10 Million To Remediate Remington Arms

From State Rep. Chris Rosario:

Deputy Speaker Chris Rosario (D-Bridgeport) is pleased to announce the expected approval of funding for Remediation of former Remington Arms by the State Bond Commission.

“Addressing blight in the city has been one of my top priorities and this $10 million in funding for remediation of the Remington Arms parcel will be a transformative project for Bridgeport’s East Side,” Rep. Rosario said. “I thank Governor Ned Lamont, Speaker Matt Ritter, Majority Leader Jason Rojas and Representative Dorinda Borer for their support of this funding and look forward to the remediation improvements.”

Governor Ned Lamont said, “I am glad that the state can partner with Bridgeport on this project so that we can clean up this eyesore and put it back into productive use in a way that will ultimately generate back many more times the amount of this investment through new jobs and private investments.”

The State Bond Commission will meet on Tuesday December 21, 2021 to vote the latest agenda and this project is contained in item 53(F).



  1. Great news!.. good work for all involved getting Bpt the grant!…
    But it’s Bpt,with a Joe Ganim led administration running things. Let’s make sure this money is followed closely and every cent is accounted for. Anytime I see things like this, I know the temptation is there for Joe to funnel some back into his pocket..Let’s watch this closely..

  2. Will $10M be enough?
    This bond doesn’t promise to complete the job.
    Is Connecticut borrowing to start a job that requires more financing?
    Or is this another example of Bridgeport inching its way to the finish line?
    I ask too many questions — readers know what I’m talking about.

  3. When Finch was trying to win an election and he “announced “ the building of a 2 nd train station down there, wasn’t the plan to make that shot tower the center piece of the project?.. That land won’t be developed for years and years…

  4. We keep seeing that figure of $10 million popping up. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to divert that money and put it back to where it belongs. Remember? 10 million was the amount that bad decision making has so far cost Bridgeport in lawsuits and other dealmaking fiascoes over just the past few years. We know it’s more than that and still growing. Good luck with that.

  5. I had the pleasure 30 years ago to visit the Remington shot tower.
    This is how the shot tower works , hot molten lead is pump up to the top floor which is made of steel with thousands of small holes are in this steel floor the hot molten lead is pumped on to the floor and drips throw the holes in the floor the lead falls down to a large pool of cold water below and that’s how they make shots, the steel floor can be replaced with bigger shot holes.
    The distance from the steel floor to the pool of water and the air makes the shot round, if the floor is off just a little the shot will come out like a teardrop the adjustment of the floor is critical.


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