State Labor Department Probes Vazzy’s For Possible Employment Violations

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

State labor watchdogs are formally probing Vazzy’s restaurant for potential violations of workplace laws.

“The Connecticut Department of Labor Wage and Workplace Standards Unit, responsible for identifying labor violations, has opened an investigation into Vazzy’s Restaurant in Bridgeport,” the agency said in a statement to Hearst Connecticut Media.

Owner John Vazzano’s attorney, Ed Gavin, said he would cooperate with “any inquiry from the state department of labor.”

Last month Hearst reported that the state labor department was examining the arrest warrant affidavit for Vazzano following his Feb. 17 arrest on bribery and other charges.

Vazzano, a prominent business owner often lauded for his contributions to the community, is accused of allegedly interfering in a sexual assault investigation of two longtime staffers at his dining establishment on Broadbridge Road in Bridgeport. He owns a handful of restaurants in Bridgeport, Stratford, Fairfield and Monroe and for years has operated the eatery at Bridgeport’s golf course.

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  1. No. He was one of Ganim’s defense attorneys. Ganim had Meehan and Gavin. He was going for the cheap back then. Now he’s got the best that our money can buy!

  2. So Vazzano interfered with a sexual assault investigation thereby committing a felony because he didn’t want the state to find out he was paying some employees under the table??.It doesn’t make sense, if he cooperated and the state found out about the under the table payments, he would have most likely paid a fine and been done with it.There HAS to be more to this story.

  3. There must be. But let’s not forget if you are paying under the table then you didn’t file a I9 Form. If you are dining this in one of your restaurants, how many more are you doing it in? If you are doing this then how much are you under reporting sales and income?
    So you’ve got far more than the two or three paying under the table. You’ve got a federal forms not being filled out. You’ve got potential income tax evasion. If these are set up as LLC’s you can multiply times however many LLC’s are involved. You’ve got one person on the run so you’ve got potential aiding and abetting.
    Let’s not forget the state of CT.
    And finally his tie in to AJ and what that involves.
    It’s beginning to look like a lot there.

  4. There definitely is a missing piece to this..Pretty sure he’s due back in court next week to find out if his request for AR is approved, which if it is, the fix was in..


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