Split Decision In 131st District

It’s mighty tight in the 131st Democratic Town Committee District, according to unofficial returns from Tuesday’s primary. It appears there’s a 5-4 split between the challenge slate of former City Councilwoman Mary Bruce versus veteran District Leader Mitch Robles. A recount, to be announced, will follow that looks like it will include all 18 candidates. Anyone within 20 votes qualifies for a recount. The district covers South End, Downtown and a portion of West End.

Members of Bruce slate leading, in addition to Bruce, include former Librarian Scott Hughes, Jorge Cruz, Mdsufian Ahmed and Frances Demery. The Robles slate, with Robles the top vote getter in top nine, Genoveva Miranda-Torres, City Councilman Jack Banta, City Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye.

The top nine in bold.

Robles 171, Miranda Torres 169, Banta 169, Jorge Cruz 165, Hughes 164, Taylor-Moye 161, Bruce 160, Ahmed 149, Demery 142, Pettway 141, Negron 141, Thergood 140, Davis 139, Simmons 138, Harden 137, Boucher 137, McPherson 136, Leak 132

131st District, South End/Downtown/West End slates:

Slate B: Jack O. Banta, Paul R. Boucher, Tommika Leak, Genoveva Miranda-Torres, Jose A. Negron Sr., Glenn Pettway, Mitchell Robles, Eric M. Simmons, Denese Taylor-Moye.

Slate C: Mdsufian Ahmed, Mary L. Bruce, Jorge Cruz Sr., Shavonne Davis, Frances Demery, Travis M. Harden, Scott Hughes, Omari O. McPherson, Melody Thergood.



  1. A 5/4 outcome would be a positive direction towards town commit. member changes in the 131st district from the usual strong-hold held by their long time district leader Robles. That town committee needs a complete overhaul in order to allow a new direction in the way that district picks its political representatives and allows other district residents an opportunity to get involved in what happens in their community; Its change way overdue! ***

  2. If the results stand then this a big change because there definitely will be a new district leader that Mario Testa and Joe Ganim can NOT
    bank on. It’s also payback for Scott Hughes. You go girl, Mary Bruce good job and I’m glad you are back in the game.

  3. *** Looks like the AB’s have helped the new challenging slate to a 6/3 lead in the 131st district. This is a big win for the new challenging slate & could force a change in the district leader seat in the 131st!*** Time for positive change, no? ***


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