Someone Call Ruby

All this talk on OIB about retirement parties has me thinking (that usually spells trouble) about where I’d have my soirée, although I’m a long, long way from a gold watch.

Ruby’s Café on Fairfield Avenue might be my speed, a little wrap around the pole, a couple of bucks for a G-string or two. I’m thinking it will be 2019 with John Fabrizi on hand to read a mayoral proclamation. Then there’s the Cedar Brook Café in Westport. I know a few Bridgeport pols that hang out there. Maybe in retirement I could do a Pol Pod interview from the Cedar Brook. Same-sex marriages might be a national law by then.

Speedy Gonzalez will have completed his ninth try at public office, one for each remaining digit, Rapid Robert Keeley and Auden Grogins will have taken their mud-wrestling matches on a world tour and Chris Caruso will still be meowing about all those elections stolen from him. Christopher Shays will have announced his retirement after more than 30 years in congress with Jim Himes poised, after all those tries, to capture the Fairfield County seat.

Speaking of Himes, if you see a pack of people walking on the Post Road today it’s not supporters of Barack and Hill on a unity walk. Himes and followers are promoting a walk-in-a-new-direction tour from Greenwich to Bridgeport where it ends at Baxter’s on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock sometime Saturday night. I wonder how many cocktails they’ll have along the way.

If you haven’t seen The Accidental Mayor, Larry Locke’s docudrama about Johnny Fabs, check it out Monday at 7. Details below:

Some tickets are still available for Monday night’s 7 PM screening of THE ACCIDENTAL MAYOR at the Community Theatre Foundation at 1424 Post Road in Fairfield. Proceeds will benefit the Burroughs Community Center. Purchase tickets with a credit card by calling Burroughs at (203) 334-0293.

All ticket buyers will also be able to enjoy dinner after the movie at Taco Loco and receive 10% off their total dinner bill! Visit to preview their menu and their Monday drink specials.

Some tickets may still be available Monday night at the theatre but make sure you don’t get turned away from a sold out show by buying them in advance.

THE ACCIDENTAL MAYOR, from award winner film maker Larry Locke was filmed from 2005 through 2008. Locke had unprecedented access to Mayor John Fabrizi’s inner sanctum, capturing both the successes and failures of his dramatic four-year tenure as mayor. THE ACCIDENTAL MAYOR is a raw, compelling tale of a man whose personal struggles directly reflect those of his hometown. Fabrizi wore Bridgeport on his sleeve but would it be enough to overcome his personal demons? Under the glaring lights of the national media, Fabrizi takes Bridgeport on a wild roller coaster ride that leaves both him and his city changed forever.



  1. Bridgeport now has many fine restaurants to choose from. In a recession, restaurants need our support more than ever to survive. Metric Cafe is a wonderful place with a reasonable and tasty menu. Cafe Roma, a trailblazer downtown, is great and their room above the main floor is great for private parties. State Street Bistro is open for its second month. People are still discovering it but the food is fabulous and the decor is top notch. There is a new Jamaican restaurant across in Ralph and Rich’s old place and Two Boots, well, it is just the best. Wandering down Fairfield Avenue toward Black Rock you will find a bunch of really great places to choose from. Same for Madison Avenue. If you are looking for a place to relax, eat and enjoy, seek out the new Bridgeport restaurants. There is a huge variety that will meet and exceed all expectations. It takes all of us to help Bridgeport succeed.

  2. Lennie

    I hear Ruby’s has a lunch special. Five dollars under the table and all you can eat. A wrap aound a pole or a pol?
    Great Turkish place up across from Luigi’s.
    Nice little foodie find in Baxter’s in Black Rock.


  3. With the starting and ending points being what they are I am sure he can find the motivation. They will be stopping by many playgrounds and daycare centers along the way.

  4. Lennie,

    Maybe you can tell “Palmieri” to watch his mouth and stop the innuendo he portends with respect to Caruso. We don’t need him defiling the blog with his attempts at clever repartee.

    We have enough ignorant jerks posting their illiterate nonsense like donj, alleycat and, of course, Joel.

  5. Anyone see Ken Dixon’s column in today’s Post. He says and confirms what many of us have claimed. The only reason Keeley is being primaried is because he supported Caruso. This could be the best endorsement to vote for Keeley. Thanks Bill.

    Since we have been in a culinary discussion this weekend, maybe Carlos and Chris could have a winner-take-all hotdog-eating fundraising contest at Tomlinson’s.

  6. Eddie P – I don’t think Caruso would survive if he walked that far, maybe he’d lose a few pounds, but he’d make up for it once he hit the food stops. A hotdog eating contest between Carlos & Chris would be a sight for sore eyes. OMG – I can’t even think of how gross that would be to watch.

  7. Lennie:

    It sounds as if you were educated in the Bridgeport school system. I’m assuming your math class had no books and Fabrizi was your teacher. What am I talking about? By the time I am on my ninth (9th) try at public office, it will be around 2026.

  8. sisyahooy wrote:


    Maybe you can tell “Palmieri” to watch his mouth and stop the innuendo he portends with respect to Caruso. We don’t need him defiling the blog with his attempts at clever repartee.

    We have enough ignorant jerks posting their illiterate nonsense like donj, alleycat and, of course, Joel.

    On behalf of Palmieri, donj, alleycat and myself. All Seven Dirty Words to you sisyahooy.

  9. Paging Lennie Grimaldi. During your Pol Pod interview of Cheese Mac, you stated, “that’s a great speech,” in regards to the speech in which he said that poor people were a burden to the City of Bridgeport and he put us all in the same category as the sewage treatment plant. Lennie do you still stand by your opinion that his comments made a great speech?

  10. donj – what’s the latest on Hillary being picked as Obama’s vice-president? I think that she would be the best choice, what’s the word up out there?

  11. I am not going to take a position (at this time) on yahooy’s assertion that some OIB posters are “jerks.” However, yahooy is 100% on the money when he writes –

    ” Maybe you can tell “Palmieri” to watch his mouth and stop the innuendo he portends with respect to Caruso. We don’t need him defiling the blog with his attempts at clever repartee.”

    If you don’t like Caruso, that’s fine. But when you post things like Palmieri did you just make yourself look like a jackass. There was a time when this blog was being overrun with that crap. Let’s not go back to that.

  12. Also have you seen all those yard signs of Auden and Keeley. I tell you it’s crazy they’re just all over you would think that they are running for president.

  13. John from Black Rock who are you supporting Keeley or Auden. Shays or Himes. Obama or McSame…and I enjoyed the days when you use to give us the results from Black Rock…well I hope in November you will do the same.

  14. For all you here who find it enjoyable to make fun of Chris Caruso’s weight issue, I ask: How fat is your mother, father, grandparents, brother, sister, children, friends, mate, co-workers or customers? How fat are you?

  15. donj – I’m supporting Keeley because I think he is the better candidate. I think his seniority and ties to state party leadership give him the opportunity to do more for the district than a freshman legislator could ever do, especially one who has just knocked out one of their friends.
    But even if both candidates were relatively equal – which they are not, I would still be supporting Keeley. The only reason Keeley is being primaried is because of his support for Caruso last summer. The way I learned it you stick with the people who were there for you when it counted and last year Bob was there for us.

    Also, I do plan on being at Black Rock School this fall to get the machine totals in the Democratic landslide. I think this is our year and that Obama will carry Himes to victory even here in Shays’ home precinct.

  16. Joel:
    I don’t believe anyone is making “fun of Chris Caruso’s weight issue”. On the contrary, I for one, view it as a serious crisis, and I wish he would do something about it for his own good. There are remedies out there such as “lap band”. It is available at the Bridgeport Hospital on almost an out patient basis. – It’s a laparoscopic procedure and safe. I fear for his life and he should too. There’s more to life than eating.

  17. con filardi – you are correct, but he has nothing else to do but eat and that’s the problem. I’m sure he knows he’s disgustingly fat and he always was. This is what he chooses, because he can do something about it if he wants to. But I have to say what I really can’t get over is the minute somebody criticizes him, he always has somebody on here defending him. People can bash the daylights out of the mayor, Keeley, Auden or even Carlos Silva’s weight, but how come the same people get offended when Caruso gets bashed?

  18. I will defend Caruso when he is attacked on substantive issues if I agree with Chris’ position, but I will not be offended by these attacks. Attacks on Chris, or any other politician that are substantive and issue based are fair game. I will also not get offended by the attacks on his character and temperment.

    However, when people stoop to cheap shots about Chris’ weight, or slimey innuendo about his sexuality, I will get offended and I will let those who engage in this garbage know exactly what I think of them.

  19. Good one Eddie!!! John from Black Rock – come on dude, I’ve seen stuff posted on here that say nasty things about Fabrizi, Stafstrom, Mario, Auden, the list goes on forever. Caruso is no different from anybody else, his sexuality is his business but I’ve heard some pretty nasty rumors about him for years. As far as his weight, well, the last time I saw him was at Friendly’s and he can barely walk because he’s so fat. That’s his own fault, he can do something about it, but he doesn’t, so if people make fun of him, that’s on him too.

  20. We all know a lot of the stuff that is posted here isn’t true like the following…

    Fabrizi is clean and sober
    Stafstrom is dating women
    Mario is going to endorse Finch in 4 years
    Auden doesn’t swallow
    Caruso is on a diet

    You catch my drift. People are so damn uptight around here. This blog is just 10-15 who post stuff because they have nothing better to do like me right now.

  21. Eddie Palmieri:
    lol on Posting 37. City Kitty I’m not defending just Caruso. I’d defend any fat person from rude and unecessary abuse. You can’t compare cirticism of others based on their Political positions or statements with physical appearance or health condition. Fabrizi and Ed Gomes aren’t skinny, you never heard me commenting on their weight. So If I ever find out that your mother is fat and I tell you that your mother knows she’s disgustingly fat, you won’t say a word or feel offended because it’s true?

  22. Joel -I wasn’t talking to you, many people have commented on Fabrizi’s weight along with others. As far as my mother, there’s not much for you to find out, she died several years ago.

  23. I never thought the day would come when I would defend Chris Caruso. But, the personal attacks that have been directed against him (not to mention “Fabrizi, Stafstrom, Mario, Auden”) today are well beyond was is appropriate. JohnFromBlackRock is right about that.
    “Free, open and robust debate” about issues, or even personalities, is one thing. This kind of garbage is quite another.
    We all moan about the quality of the people in Bridgeport politics and wonder how to get “good people” involved.
    How many of us would run for office (or even get involved) if these kinds of personal attacks were the price we had to pay? Not many.
    In fact, that is how the Chris Carusos of the world survive. They know that if they can drag the debate down to this level they won’t have to deal with real facts and real issues. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  24. I agree with Charter Oak, could you or someone please explain how Keeley has specifically benefited the city in all the years he has served in Hartford? I can understand the little grants. But then someone wrote in an earlier blog he got paid for writing those grant applications. So I am really confused. I know the other cities get huge grants to help them but Bridgeport has not come close to receiving anything substantial. Specifics please.

  25. Keeley just got $500,000 for Ellsworth Field. He opposed the Downtown Juvenile Detention Center that Finch and friends supported. He has also always responded when I have called him on neighborhood issues. Beyond that, I have yet to hear a persuasive arguement as to why Grogins, given her past performance and close ties to Finch, would be a better representative for the district.

    Finally, and for me most importantly, Keeley was there for us last summer, so I will be there for him this summer.

    After all, the reality is that all these state rep. primaries, have very little to do with issues and everything to do with power struggles within the Democratic Party.

  26. So the ever so ‘powerful’ chair of the bonding subcommittee delivers $500k for Ellsworth Park and that warrants his return to the state capital. What about all the millions and millions the City needs for major infrastructure and economic development? Why is Bridgeport dead last among the cities that need State support to survive? Why should that bonding money go to New Haven, Hartford and Waterbury?

    Reality SHOULD be primaries and general elections deal with who can grasp the issues, the positions that are best for the City as a whole, and put coalitions together to deliver the goods for the City. It seems qualifications and the ability to persuade are important. Isn’t that what a lawyer does in front of a jury every time they are representing a client? Reality for Bridgeport must be who can get our delegation to deliver the bacon. Bill Dyson and Bill Nickerson retire this year. That is a huge loss. Look at what they have accomplished for the urban agenda for cities other than Bridgeport.

  27. countdown – I ask for a persuasive arguement to vote for Grogins and the best you can come up with is – she’s a lawyer??? Given the dim view most people have of lawyers and the fate of Bpt.’s last lawyer/mayor, are you sure that’s the argument you want to make?

    Time for work. Have a good day everyone.

  28. countdown

    Nickerson and an Urban Agenda? Surely you jest. Bill Nickerson was the biggest fiscal conservative in the Senate. Nickerson is a baybob, who jumped up and down not wanting the weigh station in Greenwich to be opened. Yeah, sure he’s been a great advocate for Stamford, but he along with others fucked Bridgeport on the casino issue.

    Dyson is an interesting study of the man with the gold rules. He had power with other Speakers and brought home the gold. He used his power like a sword cutting out Bridgeport in favor of New Haven. He lost his gold. A man of great social justice and as a kid picked cotton in the fields in Georgia.

    Keeley got money for Congress Street bridge, Urban Green or whatever they are going to be called next week, and other projects requiring bailouts.

    He has also been instrumental in helping other areas in the city for special bonding projects.

    Keeley is a wily ol’ pol who has helped candidates including Auden over the years. Auden has not been the most reciprocal candidate in town. He is also in touch with his constituents. A perfect example is the upcoming zoning fight for 13 condos on 1 acre at a dangerous intersection.

    Auden was sold a bill of goods just like they did to poor Tom Mulligan. Auden is being pushed and supported by Paul Timpanelli, Bill Finch and Danny Roach. Look at their records for self-service to the city. Like Dixon said in his article yesterday that this is about political payback for Keeley supporting Caruso. Ken Dixon wrote a great campaign piece for why Keeley should be the candidate.

    Once again I beg the question that why do you give up seniority and a leadership position? The soon to be Speaker, and now Majority Leader, Chris Donovan will be working hard for Keeley in this primary.

    So far no one has answered John from Black Rock’s call for a persuasive argument to vote for Auden. The real reason no one has anwered his call is simple. There is no argument, persuasive or otherwise.

    Finally. They are both nuts with all these signs.

  29. Countdown; I disagree with you and what a lawyer can accomplish. Have you ever spoken to Grogins? Try it sometime.
    Lawyers are the reason the city and the country are screwed up. A good many of them are in the state legislature and congress is overrun with lawyers. Lawyers are nothing more than bottom feeders that try to dazzle people with bullshit.
    Keeley has his warts and could have done a better job than he has done but Grogins is a waste of space.

  30. My prediction is that Keeley and Caruso will be winners and you can all thank Finch!!! He has F***** the City over. He is all about payback and playing dangerous games. And he is OH SO lucky that Ganim had the 4 year term voted in.

  31. City Kitty wrote:
    Joel – I wasn’t talking to you, many people have commented on Fabrizi’s weight along with others. As far as my mother, there’s not much for you to find out, she died several years ago.

    Hello City Kitty! In a blog, you are talking to everyone anywhere in the world. You see my point about mothers. My mother died going on five years. After bearing 8 children she was fat. She loved spanish (puerto rican) food and cooked the way her mother did. “What’s life without being able to eat the foods you love,” she said once. Like many food lovers out there, they gained weight triggering their diabetes and dying from its complications.

  32. Good news for some.

    I can no longer blog into my favorite hours of the morning. I had to re-adjust my biological clock due to a change of working hours. I won’t be blogging during the afternoon either as I’ll have to do my personal things during the evening hours (when everything is closed).


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