Slip Them A Mickey, Slip Dodd A Doobie, Plus: Dancho Talks About Animals

Must be nice to have a bulging grand list. I’m wondering if Mayor Bill Finch would like to switch places with Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti (minus Lauretti’s legal problems, of course).

Lauretti has submitted, even in this kooky economy, another budget without a tax increase. That’s because Shelton enjoys a $5.1 billion grand list of taxable property. Lots of construction in Shelton the past 30 years with Lauretti there for more than half of it.

The differences between Shelton, a small city, and Bridgeport, the state’s largest, are dramatic. Bridgeport provides a boat load of services for the entire region, featuring a bumper crop of tax-exempt properties. Maybe someday when the state’s not so broke, and we slip suburban lawmakers a mickey on a long journey’s night into sanity they’ll actually vote to fully fund tax-exempt buildings that serve their constituents.

I’d call that regional cooperation. So maybe opening up Monroe’s sludge to the city’s sewage spout isn’t such a bad thing after all? That prehistoric noise you just heard came from OIB friend, developer Phil Kuchma who thinks doing so is just another way for the ‘burbs to crap on the city. We’ve heard little news lately about Shelton-based developer Bob Scinto’s proposal to pay the city several million dollars for allowing Monroe into the Trumbull pipeline connected to the sewage-treatment mothership in Bridgeport.

That’s because there’s movement afoot to create a regional sludge authority designed to accommodate Gov. Jodi Rell’s financial incentive. Regional cooperation, she says, equals more state support. The governor’s budget address has given pols a lot of cover. Finch can say look, this regional cooperation is good in many ways. Institutionalizing a regional authority is a groundbreaking move that meets the governor’s call to cooperate with our neighbors. I’d thank Jodi for her openness and insight.

Now, how the dollars for the city shake out is still being tweaked, but the governor has made Finch’s job to sell this thing a little easier to a City Council that isn’t so sure about what it all means.

Thank you, governor.

Dodd Oh God

Will someone stick a rag in Chris Dodd’s mouth? Tell him to just shut up and go away. Here’s an idea: buy an island financed by one of the banks he wants to nationalize and stay there. Don’t come back … ever. Our esteemed U.S. senator’s now talking about nationalizing banks. Talk about trying to get the stink off of him by tossing out that turd. He’s got everyone freaking out. Go away, please go away. Better yet, Jodi please reopen Fairfield Hills and put him there.

The Wild Kingdom

Gregg Dancho, director of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, has been busy this week answering questions about pet etiquette. Dancho and the zoo’s accrediting organization share views below:

Why Wild Animals Don’t Make Good Pets

Exotic creatures like chimpanzees, pythons, kinkajous and scarlet macaws have captured the hearts of animal-lovers looking for companions; but keeping exotic animals as pets can come with hidden costs – both for people and animals. Wild animals have lived for thousands of years without the direct influence of humans. They are adapted for survival in complex, wild environments. They are not well adapted to living with humans or in a house.

What’s wrong with having a wild animal as a pet?

> You can’t provide the right home for them.

Wild animals have complex behavioral, social, nutritional and psychological needs. Most people cannot meet the needs of wild animals kept as pets. Wild animals need to be with members of their own species.

> Apes are a special concern.

Apes, including chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans, and gibbons, are intelligent, sensitive, and highly social animals. As our closest living relatives, they are fascinating, and ape infants are appealing. These attributes make apes popular as performers in commercial entertainment, advertising programs and, sometimes, pets. But this popularity and attractiveness masks the often cruel and dangerous practices commonly required for making apes compliant in such appearances. When kept as pets, apes can unexpectedly cause severe injury when natural instincts trigger fear, aggression, or other powerful responses. (see:

> Taking them from the wild can endanger the species.

Parrots are the world’s most endangered family of birds due to devastation from the international pet trade. The enormous global demand for these and other exotic pets is fueling the illegal capture and trade of millions of birds, mammals and reptiles annually, most of which die while being captured or transported.

> You could get hurt.

Keeping wild animals as pets can be dangerous. Many can bite, scratch, and attack an owner, children, or guests. Animal owners can be legally responsible for any damage, injuries or illnesses caused by animals they maintain. Finding new homes for large, hard-to-handle animals can be difficult, if not impossible, particularly since most zoos are unable to accept them.

> You could get sick.

Wild animals can carry diseases dangerous or fatal to humans. Diseases include rabies, distemper, herpes viruses, salmonella, polio, tuberculosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and bubonic plague. Wild animals also harbor parasites, such as intestinal worms and protozoa.

> It would probably be illegal.

Many state, county and city ordinances prohibit the ownership of wild animals as pets.

What types of animals do make good pets?

> Dogs, domestic cats, guinea pigs, domestic rats and mice, domestic gerbils, common hamsters, domestic rabbits, domestic chinchillas.

> Interesting insects like African millipedes or Hissing cockroaches.

> Responsibly captive-bred parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, doves, and pigeons.

> Responsibly captive-bred reptiles and amphibians such as red-footed tortoises, lizards (bearded dragons, leopard geckos), snakes (corn snakes, king snakes, ball pythons) and frogs (White’s tree frog, ornate horned frog, fire-bellied toad, red-eyed tree frog).

> Tropical fish that are captive-raised or collected from sustainable wild populations make good pets. Look for certification of sustainability from the Marine Aquarium Council when you buy tropical fish for your home aquarium.

Visit an animal shelter

> Millions of dogs and cats are destroyed each year because they don’t have homes. Shelter directories such as PetFinder are excellent places to find adoptable animals near you.

This information generously provided by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, of which Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is a proud member.

About Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo: Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo features 300 animals representing primarily North and South American species. Visitors won’t want to miss our Amur (Siberian) tigers, Andean condor, ocelots, red & maned wolves, Andean (spectacled) bears, and golden lion tamarins. Other highlights include our South American rainforest with free-flight aviary, the prairie dog exhibit with “pop-up” viewing areas, the New England Farmyard with goats, cows, pigs, sheep and other barnyard critters, plus the hoofstock trail featuring bison, pronghorn, deer and more. Visitors can grab a bite at the Peacock Café, eat in the Picnic Grove, and enjoy a ride on our colorful carousel. For more information, visit



  1. Lennie now you are hot for regionalization? Flip Flop. What has changed? Bridgeport is still going to get dumped on. What is Monroe giving up in this regionalization? Are they going to take a couple of our homeless shelters? Are they going to take a few of our addiction centers? Maybe we can build a courthouse in Monroe. Let’s start shedding some of the tax-free properties in the spirit of regionalization.
    I am a fan of the governor but unless she can increase the Pilot payouts for our tax-exempt properties and get the ‘burbs to vote that way then screw regionalization. I did not see anywhere who will pay for the sewer treatment plant when it needs to be expanded. I did not see any funds to update the downtown sewer pipes so that waste and water are separate and the businesses downtown don’t get flooded out every time it rains.
    The reason we can’t get anything built in Bpt is easy to figure. Look at our land-use boards since Finch came to office; they are in total disarray and clueless. Try doing business with the zoning office. The city got rid of Nancy Hadley who was doing a hell of a job because she was outspoken and the cowards that are in charge could not deal with a forceful woman. Instead we got Mayor Bloomberg’s pick who has trouble staying awake at meetings and resides outside the State of Connecticut. Regionalization my ass.

  2. (See full press release here:


    MAYOR ABRAMSON, Louisville, KY
    MAYOR DALEY, Chicago, IL
    MAYOR PALMER, Trenton, NJ
    MAYOR MENINO, Boston, MA
    MAYOR RILEY, Charleston, SC
    MAYOR BOLLWAGE, Elizabeth, NJ
    MAYOR CHAVEZ, Albuquerque, NM
    MAYOR COLEMAN, Columbus, OH
    MAYOR HAYS, North Little Rock, AR
    MAYOR MALLOY, Stamford, CT
    MAYOR MULDER, Arlington Heights, IL
    MAYOR SMITH, Newark, CA
    MAYOR BAKER, Wilmington, DE
    MAYOR BARRETT, Milwaukee, WI
    MAYOR BECKER, Salt Lake City, UT
    MAYOR BELL, Durham, NC
    MAYOR BELLAMY, Asheville, NC
    MAYOR BLUM, Santa Barbara, CA
    MAYOR BOWSER, East Orange, NJ
    MAYOR BURNS, North Miami, FL
    MAYOR CALLAHAN, Bethlehem, PA
    MAYOR CHOI, Edison, NJ
    MAYOR CICILLINE, Providence, RI
    MAYOR CLAMAN, Anchorage, AK
    MAYOR COOPER, Hallandale Beach, FL
    MAYOR COWNIE, Des Moines, IA
    MAYOR DELLUMS, Oakland, CA
    MAYOR DUFFY, Rochester, NY
    MAYOR DUSON, Portland, ME
    MAYOR EUILLE, Alexandria, VA
    MAYOR FAHEY, Omaha, NE
    MAYOR FRANKEL, West Palm Beach, FL
    MAYOR GLUBA, Davenport, IA
    MAYOR GORDON, Phoenix, AZ
    MAYOR HINDMAN, Columbia, MO
    MAYOR HOLLEY, Portsmouth, VA
    MAYOR HUDSON, Greenville, MS
    MAYOR JACKSON, Cleveland, OH
    MAYOR JOHNSON, Sacramento, CA
    MAYOR LAWRENCE, Southfield, MI
    MAYOR MALLORY, Cincinnati, OH
    MAYOR MARIN, Caguas, PR
    MAYOR McCRORY, Charlotte, NC
    MAYOR MCLIN, Dayton, OH
    MAYOR MCMAHON, Reading, PA
    MAYOR NAGIN, New Orleans, LA
    MAYOR NEWBERRY, Lexington, KY
    MAYOR NEWSOM, San Francisco, CA
    MAYOR PAWLOWSKI, Allentown, PA
    MAYOR POPE, Oak Park, IL
    MAYOR PULIDO, Santa Ana, CA
    MAYOR RAVENSTAHL, Pittsburgh, PA
    MAYOR RIVERA, Bayamon, PR
    MAYOR ROACH, Lake Charles, LA
    MAYOR SCHMITT, Green Bay, WI
    MAYOR SMITH, Meridian, MS
    MAYOR STODOLA, Little Rock, AR
    MAYOR STRATTON, Schenectady, NY
    MAYOR TOMLINSON, Corvallis, OR
    MAYOR WAHLER, Piscataway, NJ
    MAYOR WALKER, Bowling Green, KY
    MAYOR WEINZAPFEL, Evansville, IN
    MAYOR WHITE, Houston, TX
    MAYOR WILLIAMS, Youngstown, OH
    TOM COCHRAN, CEO & Executive Director

  3. Interesting, Ron. We delivered huge for the president, not Stamford; and Malloy gets to go? I think some Bridgeporters may not know, but we have a bad reputation down in DC. I remember Rep. Hastert had a negative reaction upon mention of BPT. They’ve heard about our crooked history and try to completely ignore us and not waste their money. Who’s hopeful for the stimulus?

  4. Willy: Really, Representative Hastert??? The man’s from Illinois where they have more politicians locked up than any other state. He knows about our 1 mayor who fell from grace so the whole city is bad??? The stimulus aka spending package is going to be handled by the governor. What’s happening today is a dog-and-pony show for Obama to tell the nation how much the stimulus plan is going to do for the cities. I only see 2 other northeast mayors on the list, Providence & Boston. Very few big-city mayors are on the list. Be grateful Finch did not go he probably saved the city $2,000 by staying home.

  5. Here is what the stimulus package means to all the working people:
    Will $13 a Week Stimulate You to Spend?

    What the plan promises: A payroll tax credit (up to $400 for an individual and $800 for a couple) which will add about $13 a week to most people’s paychecks and start showing up around June.
    What you could have received: President Obama’s original proposal offered $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples.
    Final verdict: $13 a week it doesn’t seem like much of an incentive to start spending again.

  6. Ron, thanks for the listing. Malloy didn’t even support Obama until he got the nomination. AND, he’s not running for re-election! I’ll agree he can politic better than Finch and Stamford doesn’t need any help. I’d bet most of those mayors are dems. So since Finch is worthless, and Perez (Htfd) is on the hot seat and DeStefano is a has-been and has DeLauro getting whatever he needs, Malloy got tapped. Politics as usual.

  7. You mean Obama doesn’t care about Bridgeport, CT? You mean all of our troubles aren’t over after all? How can this be?!!?

    Meanwhile, does anyone have any idea where the mil rate’s going to land? Up? Down (ha-ha)?

    1. *** Mil rate should go down, since all the real estate prop. tax assessments in Bpt. went up by about 35+%. I believe the mil rate now is about 44.6 so let’s shoot for 41.9 mil rate? However, it’s going to depend on how large of a cushion Finch may want for the following 2010/2011 fiscal year budget. *** Also, I’ve noticed that “Dewars on the Rocks” has not blogged lately! Maybe he got laid off & went to Florida to report for the Rainbow League’s Pitchers & Catchers Spring Training? Since he likes to pitch & catch he’s probably staying busy doing that and flying back & forth to Bpt. for the P&Z meetings, Southend NRZ meetings and D.T.C. meetings, etc. Do hope everything’s okay, I sort of miss his “Lavender” sort of humor every now & then! ***

      1. Mojo ***###$$$@%^#**(#$)–I have been really busy lately and haven’t had the time to get into internet tussles with you and the rest of the crew. I hate to disappoint you but there is nothing sweet like karo when it comes to me. Since you like to talk about rainbows I am starting to think that you are fascinated with an alternative lifestyle.

        Now that we got that out the way I almost want to get married right now just to use that as an excuse to go to the nudie bar. “Gotta run out, babe. Damn paparazzi are dogging me.–Got any ones?”

  8. Lennie regarding your writing on Chris Dodd; he belongs in jail. Dodd and Barney Frank are the two most responsible for the housing and mortgage mess we are in. These 2 dumb asses did not (Ha! HA!) know that if you make $400 per week there is just no way you can afford a $300,000 house. Many people wanting to live the American dream and lacking financial savvy fell for this bullshit and bought this $300,000 house that they are now losing or have already lost. The hoax that they allowed to happen was a travesty for the working class and the middle class. I hope and pray that the citizens of Connecticut will not reelect this crook. Massachusetts is another story with Barney Frank.

  9. Joel- Bristol Palin, everyone’s favorite unwed teenage mom (Jamie Lynn who?), sat down with FOX News the other day and dropped two major bombs. Governor Palin’s daughter made Rupert Murdoch’s head explode by saying sexual abstinence is unrealistic and that every woman should have the right to choose.

    Jesus! Giving an interview with logical, effectively communicated answers? At this point Bristol Palin might as well have peed on the Bible then joined PETA because she’s out of the family. They’re probably dog-sledding her out to an igloo as we speak. Facts based on real-world scenarios. Ha! Adorable.

    1. Sexual abstinence is unrealistic in the long term. At first, most males and females tend to practice abstinence. As they spend more time hugging; kissing; ear-nibbling (with pants rubbing against each others’); palming the butt; grabbing the left tit (I’m getting exited); finger time.
      It’s unlikely to unrealistic to expect two people in lust or love to stop at any of the above acts.
      Naturally, these acts of love or lust lead to pregnancy. Now two people are at a cross-roads, where only one of them has the right to choose. I believe in a woman’s right to choose–the right to choose correctly. Having the child is the correct choice and Bristol Palin did just that. Would an opposite scenario be “Adorable”?

  10. Joel- Obama is so popular right now that he can take a steaming hot shit on Chris Dodd’s head and get a 90% public approval rating. Heck he might be able to sell sniper rifles to the Kennedys.

  11. *** Well, Dewars is back in grand-fashion & with lots to say & apparently staying busy @ Chipendales Strip & Nudie Bars on lady’s nite. And as he claims, the paparazzi’s dogging her/I mean him even @ eating establishments like Adam & Steve’s!*** Now, that’s uncivilized to say the least. ***

  12. *** Did I strike a chord? Have no fear for a true gentleman would never strike a “real” lady! Besides who’s said anything about being gay? You’re blushing! ***


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