Silva Calls Personnel Moves “Slap In The Face”

Mayor Bill Finch’s recent personnel decisions which include the return of Alanna Kabel (see Kabel From Alanna: I’m Back) in an expanded administrative role at a higher salary has rubbed at least one City Council member the wrong way. East Side councilman Carlos Silva says it’s a slap in the face to city employees who were let go or endured major union concessions. Silva’s statement:

I am very disturbed to find out through the paper that we have raised someone’s salary and then hired three people, two new employees and then bring one back after they had left the city to take another job. (What … did they lose their position or was their position cut out of the budget that they were in?) How does this go through without the budget committee knowing about this or even it not going through the whole council? Doesn’t the council have to approve these types of budget Items? I feel that we have done a disservice to the city employees that we had to let go due to budget cuts. What does this say to them!!! I feel that we have just slapped them in the face telling them we have to make these cuts but yet we hire 3 people and give a promotion to another and add at minimum $500,000 to our budget. This is unacceptable. I feel the need to speak out on this because it is wrong and the people of Bridgeport feel the same way.

The administration feels they don’t have to notify me or the council but I bet the council President (Tom McCarthy) knew about this and if not then he too should be up in arms about this because we should be standing up for our constituents of Bridgeport and the employees we cut out of our city budget because we had to make the hard cuts as the Mayor has proclaimed. I guess that didn’t go for his office and friends taken care of. The only person I feel for who will get stuck in the middle of this will be Mr. Garcia who is a good man and works hard.



  1. It’s okay to express your anger now, but don’t you think this is all too little too late?
    There was a budget document the council members received last year that was a ticking bomb, but your membership simply handed it back to the Mayor with all the glaring deficits, account deceptions and outright dishonest numbers as if nothing were wrong. Shame on you for that total betrayal of voters and taxpayers of Bridgeport. So now you’re angry …
    Well let’s see what you do when the budget comes to you again this cycle. Suggestion: how about taking a real look at the numbers? Lucky for you there area number of dedicated citizens who can now show you the crime called “the budget.” And they can do it better than one Tom Sherwood! Tom never dealt with an honest budget number yet. You know that.

  2. Nice to hear some outrage from an elected representative. You have been on the Budget and Appropriations Committee recently. Do you think it serves as a strong and effective “check and balance” on the City administration? That’s a good place to start, isn’t it? Do you get timely, accurate and credible info from the administration? Is the B & A group ready to spend the necessary time to not only give an annual budget a “once over” before approving it, but then monitor it during each month of the fiscal year? (If there is no budget report in a month, what do you study? In 2011, the City only put out “monthly” reports three times and B & A only held six of 12 scheduled “monthly” meetings. Does that show a sense of how important they take their fiscal function??? What info would you ask the City to provide to B & A you are not getting currently: more detail on Capital Budget with at least quarterly updates; balance sheet info throughout the year; revenue and expense reports showing last year and current year compared to budget to see variances and trends more clearly; staffing levels of various departments, especially those that had unfilled positions at budget time? And just for fun, how about a meeting in February with the external auditing firm, Blum Shapiro, reviewing the most recently completed Comprehensive Annual Financial Report? Not just a hearing, but a public meeting where the taxpayers can ask questions or briefly share an idea and get a response? Wouldn’t that be OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, and TRANSPARENT process in the City? Small steps for this City. But they are all steps in getting us on the same page, to begin our journey towards improving our A rating. Time will tell.

  3. So Mr. Silva,
    The ball is in your court …
    No honest budget numbers, no timely reports having to do with the budget numbers and no one in the Administration capable of giving you an honest answer. That’s why we have internal auditors … oh sorry, Bill got rid of internal auditors.
    Perhaps you could do yourself and your constituents a big favor … get your own auditor!
    Happy to recommend one …

  4. I am impressed with Carlos Silva’s response. I am sad other council members I know accept this. Very sad. But that’s politics. I am thinking few people may have voted one way in this election but the masses are one step away from rebelling. They just need a little coaxing. Mr. Silva’s constituents must be proud. The others–well disgusted and embarrassed may be a little too kind. Time will tell.

  5. BEACON2, you need to stop, you are cracking me up, you could be a comedian with what you just wrote. You are soooooo far over Mr. Silva’s head and the rest of the City Council members.

  6. It is to my understanding from talking to people in the know … you are very off base, Ms. Curry. Councilmember Silva did not attend a lot of the budget meetings due to his employment and then because he was in the hospital, then had surgery on his knee so knowing what was going on with the budget was probably tough since he has been outcast due to his tough stance on certain issues. Now you should be happy someone is speaking out not only for Bridgeport residents but for the employees who lost their jobs … Were you one of those unfortunate ones who was cut due to political high jinx …? So taking it out on Councilmember Silva is wrong, very wrong; at least he has stood up and spoken out on this. (And just because it’s not on this website or in the post does not mean he has not taken a stance.) I haven’t heard anyone else chime in and for you Mr. Mackey what do you have against the councilman??? I believe he has enough common sense to understand BEACON2. I think all of you should look in the mirror and judge yourselves before you try to step inside GOD’s shoes and do HIS job. Councilmember Silva, keep up the good work by stepping up for the citizens of Bridgeport and what you believe in …

    1. ginboom // Dec 6, 2011 at 9:09 pm
      To your posting

      Gin …
      Reads like a lot of excuses for not doing the job voluntarily sought by Mr. Silva. Perhaps productivity on other council areas might give some credence to what you say … but there was none.
      I don’t think merit badges should be handed out for a job NOT well done by Mr. Silva.

  7. ginboom, Mr. Silva is a elected public official, he sought that position, he took an oath for that position and the public has a right to praise him or to tell him he is not doing his job. Mr. Silva knew his job might get the way of his public duty, so are we to except his not speaking out because of his job? After his knee surgery Mr. Silva had plenty of time to read up and speak out on issues. I have nothing against Mr. Silva, I am looking forward to see what he will do now to back up his statement but if he does nothing then his words will mean nothing.

  8. Mr. Mackey, you have made several statements that are true. Mr. Silva needs to back up what he has stated and if he doesn’t it will mean nothing, but what I know of this young man and how he handles issues and situations, he will do what’s right for the people. As for his job I would guess it would come first since it pays the bills and he is not like certain council members who work for the city and get special privileges. As to speaking out on this recent issue on these budget moves I believe the councilman has done right. I believe you need to learn more about this council member then praise him or hammer him as you see fit, that is your right.

    1. There you have it, OIB fans: is it the comedy of human errors or the tragedy of self-interest run rampant? Time will tell.

      But it has caused a ‘new’ poster to speak out in support of Councilman Silva and that is for the good. After all, he reports his belief Silva can understand my posting, and that means at some level ginboom has grasped its meaning as well. Now let’s see if the shortcomings in “check and balance” activity or just plain oversight of fiscal matters is addressed in discussion or change. Time will tell.

      In the meantime, I extend the opportunity to Ron Mackey to have a cup of coffee and let’s talk about “stuff.” George Carlin-type humor or Dick Gregory. But comedy focuses on the absurd in contrast, or in surprise of expectation, or on the plain incongruous, or, and this may be the Bridgeport theme, slapstick!!! After all, with Barnum as Mayor of the City, leader of a hospital and other enterprises and Bridgeport as winter home for the circus, is it any wonder we continue to have a significant streak of ‘clowning behavior’ to entertain the public, and keep their minds and eyes away from the serious business of municipal government? Now if the people start to suspect grand drama trumps situation comedy this season, there will be more TALK SHOW activity! And people have precious little humor this year around money issues … out of work … behind on the mortgage … health issues … holidays here … Just think how news about City taxes will play. Time will tell.

  9. I like Carlos Silva and I hope he stays the course in keeping the mayor on track. Carlos, it’s going to be a tough job; as of now I only see my friend Andre Baker willing to stand up. The other 18 lemmings will do nothing to move the city onto firm financial grounds.

  10. Now that City Councilman Carlos Silva has made his statement what does he plan on doing seeing that it slap in the face to city employees who were let go or endured major union concessions? Is this just a feel good statement, if not then what does Mr. Silva plan on doing? Has Mr. Silva made his feelings known to Mayor Finch and City Council President Tom McCarthy and if he did what was there reply?


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