SHU Students Victim Of Home Invasion

From public safety spokesman Michael Giannotti:

Patrol Units were dispatched to 3105 Old town Rd. (Saturday) regarding a home invasion/robbery with gunshot fired. Detective Bureau also responded and investigated. A crime scene was secured and photographed as well as packaging material (plastic bags), and a video surveillance monitor seized while on the scene. One 40 caliber shell casing and one spent bullet fragment was also recovered and later turned into the  property room for future analysis by the D.B./I.D. Unit.

All other evidence was turned into the property room as well. Three male suspects were responsible for forcing the front door of the residence and then assaulting the three male occupants inside the residence (pistol whipping) them and one of the suspects then fired a gunshot from a hand gun downstairs in the finished basement area. The downstairs area was ransacked by the suspects, who were described by the victims as dressed in dark clothing and 2 were wearing black and orange ski masks. The third suspect was described as a light skinned possible hisp. male with long curly hair and had his face covered.

The 3 victims advised that they were Sacred Heart college students and 2 of the victims  identified as Daniel Wrona, DOB- 05/28/95 and Austin Maggiolo,DOB- 04/29/95 were transported to St. Vincent’s hospital E.R. via ambulance, for treatment of head laceration injuries. The third victim identified as Aaron Liebenthal DOB- 10/19/93 sustained minor swelling to his side of head but refused medical attention at this time.

The 2 victims were interviewed at the hospital and the third victim was interviewed at the scene. This Case remains under investigation. The victims’ cell phones, jewelry and watches were reported taken during this home invasion.



  1. *** Another possible student drug house “set up” by someone who’s been there before for their money, drugs and valuables They were very lucky things did not go worse than they did during the house invasion, thank God! ***

    1. No Tom White, you are not alone. Something is absolutely wrong with this picture, dare I say a drug deal gone wrong? Not all, but a good portion of SHU students have been the scourge of residential neighborhoods for years, particularly in the North End of Bridgeport.


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