Showcasing The Genius Of Photographer Ed Brinsko

Charlie the bum
An Ed Brinsko 1963 classic of the legendary Charlie “The Bum” DiStasio. Charlie was a kindly beloved figure, a musician, who fell on hard times and took to the streets.

UPDATE: Brinsko images. On Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. an opening reception at McLevy Hall, 202 State Street Downtown, will feature the artistry of the late photographer Ed Brinsko. When I was a young scribe, Brinsko’s craftsmanship often fronted my work. Thanks to Ed, I had a chance of being read. There are amazing genes in his family including his nephew Jay Misencik, a gifted photographer who’s showcasing “An exhibit of Uncle Ed’s photos.” CT Post Editorial Page Editor Michael Daly will be on hand to share insight into the man and his work.

Brinsko reception

When I was a teenager working at the Bridgeport Post-Telegram, predecessor papers to the Connecticut Post, Ed invited me into the darkroom where the magic of his work emerged in those god-awful smelly chemical trays. I hadn’t a clue about his work. It just amazed me to see it come to life. Today you snap a picture and it’s presto bango, all done. Brinsko’s work brought a subject to life from positioning, snap, negative, chemicals, imagery to drying. Brinsko’s work had a way of captivating an audience. We all looked better because of him.

McLevy parade
Brinsko captures Bridgeport’s Socialist Mayor Jasper McLevy, circa 1955, Fairfield Avenue Downtown.
JFK Bpt Train Station, 1960
JFK campaign stop 1960, Bridgeport train station. At right Connecticut Governor Abe Ribicoff who served as a Kennedy cabinet member.


Christmas downtown
Christmas, 1957, Downtown.
Brinsko and scribes
Brinsko, far left, with Bridgeport Post-Telegram staffers, circa 1970s. Check out the manual typewriter.
McKinney rope
A collection of greats and near-greats, as the late radio voice Tiny Markle, left, declared. Strangling Congressman Stewart McKinney is WICC News Director Tim Quinn, Paul Timpanelli, today president of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and Jackie Durrell who served as first selectman of Fairfield. Circa 1985.


  1. The picture of downtown Bridgeport in 1957 reminded me of Thursday nights downtown when cars were cruising up and down Main Street and the cops doing traffic used to holler “one more time,” those were the days. We had a mayor who hated to waste money and people who really cared. Now look what we have.

  2. Like Lennie, I was fortunate to spend time in the Bpt Post darkroom, making notes of techniques Ed Brinsko used. It is a nearly lost art. He used a slow, high-resolution film that required carefully metered available light or flash. He was a master. He photographed my wedding. I’m glad to see his work being exhibited.

  3. I had the pleasure of working with Ed for years at The Bridgeport Post; he was a gentleman and a true pro. He shot my wife’s engagement photos and we spent a lot of time together. He was a great photographer and a great storyteller. Looking forward to this exhibit.

  4. Who could forget his photos! I got a kick out of it once when the Telegram was doing an article about the one dollar egg platters available throughout Bridgeport in the early ’80s, he took a photo of my breakfast at the Barnum Hotel and it made it into the article.


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