Shooting In East End Hospitalizes Two

Stratford Avenue shooting
Stratford Avenue shooting.

Steve Krauchick of Doing It Local reports a shooting on Stratford Avenue early Monday morning outside a Chinese restaurant sent two to Bridgeport Hospital. Police sources confirm the shootings, saying the victims suffered leg wounds.

Just prior to police’s arrival they received a call from Bridgeport Hospital that they had two gunshot victims arrive. Police have a crime scene established at Stratford and Central Avenue. The shots came from a small white or silver car with three people inside. They fled south on Central Avenue after the shooting.



  1. So the city is “safer than ever,” according to Little Bill Finch and Joseph Gaudett. Our city is led by a pathological liar and an incompetent police chief. I feel safer already.

  2. It is possible the shortage of officers did not help in apprehending the shooter(s). It was not too many months ago a police officer was photo’ed rolling around on the sidewalk with a suspect. The officer was on foot patrol on Stratford Ave. Even his walking presence on the Ave would not stop this shooting or others.
    What needs to be done is mandatory high sentences for crimes involving guns, no plea bargain or any other legal crap.

  3. What amazes me is the silence coming from the black community. There are a total of nine dead minorities so far this year; I don’t know how many wounded. It’s not going to stop until the people say enough is enough and the police department gets off its ass and solves some of these murders. The police still have not instituted a system paid for by JML and suggested by Clive Nicholson. The people fill out the information they know about a crime, put it in a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope and send it to the PD. I for one am sick of all this bullshit from Finch and Ganim, both are wrong and both don’t have a clue.

    1. Andy, what is it the black community should do? They have said enough is enough, they have asked the Mayor and the Police Chief for more boots on the ground. Catching criminals in the black neighborhoods is the same as catching criminals in the white neighborhoods. That’s the police department’s job, not the black communities, not the black politicians, not the black ministers’ job, it requires police action. When there is a crime in your neighborhood you don’t expect your neighbors to help catch the criminals.

      Maybe the people who live in the black community should tell the police Johnnie did it even though they know Johnnie is a member of a gang, he just killed or shot someone. If Johnnie goes to jail they know another gang member will exact revenge for telling on him. Can the police or the black politicians or black ministers protect them? Hell, no!

      Don’t ask the black community to do more to catch criminals than the police department is doing or ask them to risk more than you would if you were in a similar situation as them.

      1. Don, as you well know black on black violence is wiping out a large portion of young black males. I agree the police department could do more than they presently are doing. Without help from the black community and people in the black community this will never stop. I pointed out in another post what Clive Nicholson and JML put together. Their proposal would have protected citizens giving the PD information on a crime. The people fill out the information they know about a crime, put it in a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope and send it to the PD.

  4. More shooting injuries. Why? What is wrong with this city?

    I truly hope these latest shootings don’t result in more fatalities during this sad, violent summer in Bridgeport.

    Safer than ever?! Lake Forest never had a home invasion during the “terrible ’90s,” but we had one during this “safest of years in Bridgeport.” And it involved the brutal, near-fatal attack on an elderly woman at 10 AM in one of Bridgeport’s “safest” neighborhoods.

    “Better every day” “Safer than ever.” BULLSHIT! #$@% *&^ Brett, Mayor, Chief! You are all failures and BS artists and need to find new careers. (Maybe start a BS-consulting firm with Dan Malloy.)

  5. Let’s not forget about their total transparency. Why does every single city vehicle have GPS in their vehicles except for the administration? And what about being a “green” mayor? Do those black Chevy Suburbans run on sunlight? The Director of Public Facilities even has emergency lighting just in case he has to get to an emergency meeting so he can feed more BS to the public about the excellent condition of the city roads. And what about the new park on Knowlton St. that has a playground by the edge of the water with no fencing? Yes, Bridgeport is getting better every day; I don’t even think they believe their own BS.

  6. It is primarily Gaudett’s fault for not managing the department as it ought to be managed. It is also Finch’s fault for clamping down on information the public has a right to have.


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